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Star Wars Frames

Postby Artasid » Sat May 11, 2019 4:53 pm

With LEGO celebrating it's 20th year anniversary of Star Wars sets, I've been doing a lot of Star Wars builds due to nostalgia (Some of my first LEGOs ever were Star Wars). Recently, SamSam was asking about using Star Wars machines for games. I have bricked several walkers and droids from the Star Wars universe into Chub scale for anyone who might be interested in fielding an army of the Droid Federation, or the Imperial Army.
Just to save some space, I took a pic with them all together with a Chub for size comparisons. The Droideka (or Destroyer Droid) is more of a P4 scale, but still usable.

ImageStar Wars Frames
LEFT & RIGHT REAR: At-St (with alternate leg builds)

I know there are plenty of other types of droid/walker builds for the Star Wars universe, however, I cannot recall them all. Feel free to add to this post if you wish.

As an added bonus, here are LDD's for each of the builds here (minus the Chub)

AT-ST (with Alternate leg build) At-St with Alt LDD


Droideka (Destroyer Droid) Droideka LDD

I hope this helps and I really do hope that you all enjoyed.
As always, I eagerly await any and all comments you wish to share.
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Re: Star Wars Frames

Postby SamSam » Tue May 14, 2019 4:14 pm

Thaxs for posting. itll help a good deal when I mke my Imperail and Trade Fed armies.
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