SSC: Kre-O Transformers Street Showdown

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SSC: Kre-O Transformers Street Showdown

Postby Hackjob » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:29 pm

Hey everybody! I still love the Single Set Challenge and do it with every set before the bits go in the pile (well, I do actaully fall in love with a significant potion of them and they become playing pieces). I actually did this way back in '16 but never got around to posting it. I purchased this set at the local dollar store, I think it was $10. Kre-O makes pretty good blocks in my opinion, and it seemed like a good set for MF0 pieces at a good price.

Here is what I came up with and I'm pretty darn pleased with the results. So pleased in fact, that I went and bought another set! (Mostly so I could have 3 Lobstertails in my company) The single set makes 2 Lobstertails, 2 Shrimp, and 2 stations, along with a few exta pieces. I used the extra set to make the second red Lobstertail. This build was heavily inspired by darksyntax's sweet Mercury's Heralds, particularly the 'dozer blades. I get a very twanky vibe from em' with their sorta cartoony shape -particularly the red one with the big cannon on it's back. I imagine they have a feudal society with Samurai zooming about in their 3 wheeled Twanks, while the Squires (who lack both the honor and training to pilot one) plod after them in mere bipeds. Thusly, all the Lobstertails have a movement system, defense, and a full loadout, but the Shrimp have only 3 systems.

Mighty Prawn Command Twank with Commander's coupala, extra armour, laser designator, and command relay node- d6B , d6B , d6Y , d6Y , (free) d8G , d8Rr , d8Rr
Image Image

Standard Lobstertail- d6Rd / d6Ra , d6Y , d6B , d6G
Image Image

Assault Lobstertail- d6Rd d6Rd , d8Rd , d6B , d6G

Brine Shrimp (commander's squire)- d6Rh d6Rh , d6B , d6Y , (free) d8G , d8Rr
Image Image

Standard Shrimp- d6Rd d6Rd , d6Y , d6B


Company Advance!

Overall, I'm a little mixed on this set. When I opened it, I realized many of the pieces were pretty large for making the transformers models and was kinda dissapointed. First, I built the car models to the instructions and I have to say they were pretty cool, they would make great toys for a kid. As a MF0 set, I challenged myself to use the large pieces and I'm pretty happy with what I came up with, the core is a pretty large T with 3 balls sticking off it. Although I think you could use the whole set to make 1 more "standard" frame and for $10, and that's not too bad, I just hated all those extra parts. The empty socket with the slope piece above it is the cockpit, the Lobstertails have manipulatos on their front legs, while the Shrimp have them on retactable arms under the cockpit. The rear of both Shrimp's is the same but the Brine Shrimp has a big yellow turbine to represent the free d8G . Of course I kinda fell for my semi-Twanks and have a playble company of them, so I guess I'm pretty happy :roll: . I might use the extea pieces in the second set to make a red and white bodygaurd for the commander, and add some red and white accents to the other Lobstertails. Also, a while back I'm pretty sure I saw Mantisking come up with a similar solution to using these large rubber ball/socket pieces.

C+C always welcome :)

Here's more: my Flikr
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Re: SSC: Kre-O Transformers Street Showdown

Postby VitorFaria » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:17 am

Some of those have a pretty awesome Mobile Worker vibe to them!
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