Dance Date

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Dance Date

Postby Artasid » Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:19 am

ImageSwamp Skite 'Pirouette'
Pirouette: d6Rh d6Rh Katana, d6Ra d6Ra Long Range Swarmers, d6Y Radar Transceiver, d6G Hover Pod

In the swampy bayou, a single Chub trudged through, knees deep in mucky waters and brackish sludge. The pilot, Legionnaire Kend Argos, was panicking. He was part of a squad that was dispatched to this particular area to locate and terminate a hostile frame that had been harassing and periodically pillaging the nearby population center.
The target was code named 'Pirouette' because despite the marsh, the frame; a Swamp Skite, was equipped with hover locomotion that allowed it to almost dance above the water. Such a system gave it unmatched mobility in the current terrain. The squad of Legionnaires had thought that their numbers and combined firepower would be enough to subdue the renegade.
They were gravely mistaken.

Kend Argos was, as far as he was aware, the sole survivor from the squad. He recalled hours earlier how the Swamp Skite seemed to have flown between their frames. With each pass it made, one of the squads Chubs either lost a limb, or collapsed into the murky bog. Pirouette's hit and run tactics insured panic in the ranks and during the squads disarray, it struck. Kend barely managed to catch a glimpse of it. The Swamp Skite had struck so swiftly and suddenly, it was like a predator, or perhaps more like a vengeful ghost. Whatever the case, Kend panicked and instead of remaining with the group, he pushed his Chub to retreat. The need of self perseverance overrode his code of duty to stay with his squad mates.

Now his mind was completely disordered, and his Chub was still knee deep in swamp water.

Piloting carefully, Kend leaned the Chub up against a standing tree, its moss branches reaching down around the machine like skeleton fingers ready to choke it, or maybe like gentle hands cocooning the frame in some bizarre protective embrace. Taking this chance to catch his breath, he did a systems check. The ammo in his combat rifle was down to 30%. His scanner seemed to be in perfect working order, and the overall armor of the Chub was in fairly decent condition, though he had received slight collateral damage when one of his squad mate Chubs next to him exploded shrapnel over him. And his Combat Knife was still sheathed on the Chubs hip. Kend relaxed slightly into the command chair, feeling as though he had somehow escaped the nightmare he had witnessed.
“I should send word to Command.”
He told himself, pondering his choice of possible options now available to him. He keyed in the command codes on his scanner.
“Bayou Unit 3 to Command. Kend Argos to Command. Please respond, over.”
He was expecting a reply from the Command Dispatcher, but instead, he received a transmission that was both sensual and dangerous at the same time.
“You boys certainly know how to entertain a girl.”
The feminine voice spoke over his speakers.
“Come on out so we can continue our date.”
Kend nervously began to sweat, paranoia creeping into his mind. Out of sheer terror, he pushed his Chub away from the tree he was resting against, raised his rifle and spun constantly in multiple directions, desperately scanning for the Swamp Skite Pirouette.
Hovering towards him, like an apparition, a Swamp Skite painted in White and spots of Magenta approached. The coloration of the machine made it look feminine, and its hover skirt appeared like the hem of a metallic ballroom gown. However, Kend was certain this frame was not approaching him in order to ask him to the prom.

Reflexively, Kend aimed his weapon and fired. Several rounds of anti-frame shells actually struck at the Swamp Skites shoulder mounted missile box. Enraged, Pirouette charged forward, its Frame Katana gripped at the ready. In a heartbeat, Kend thought he saw his life flash before him as Pirouette brought its blade down in a slicing arc.
Less than the span of a breath later, Kends Chub landed on its rump in the bog. His Chubs right arm, the one that held the rifle, was missing from just above the elbow. The limb and the weapon laid submerged somewhere nearby in the swamp. Hovering over him, its Katana aimed squarely at the Chubs armored chest, Pirouette waited. Kend trembled, knowing full well that the blade held against him could easily slice through the armor and rend his own body in half.
“Thanks for the date.”
The female voice said, almost in amusement thru Kends radio. Completely unexpectedly, however, Pirouette withdrew its blade, sheathed it to the small of its back, and like a robotic ballet dancer, hovered away in a show of grace and elegance. Kend Argos' condition, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of grace and elegance. Especially his now soiled trousers.
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Re: Dance Date

Postby Mantisking » Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:09 am

Fun story. It'd be cool to see a squad of Swamp Skites done up in the Pirouette colors on the table.
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