Audio file registered “Olmec” file #10-12

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Audio file registered “Olmec” file #10-12

Postby Lysandor8 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:49 pm

Sorry, but I’ve been meaning to post more of this, but my muse was all swirly and wierd. Then suddenly, I wanted to do a battle, and sat down and wrote this, hope you like it. :D

[forgive the grimness, if it is taken as so]

Audio file #10-12

++audio file begins++
++low battery warning++
Olmec: Dindy it all. Where's that canteen... Huh, forgot I brought that.
Kite: we can still hear you Olmec.
Olmec: sorry, sorry.
(A click, followed by rustling)
Olmec: There you are! Didn't know you were at such a low battery.
>>WT-04fs designation high legs... Syncing<<
>>scanning... equipment detected; AMS hi-leg pattern jumpjets; AMS “pulsar” detection device; satellite uplink detected; mk.2 Reactive armor, Single shot rocket tubes(expended) x3 detected, frame currently locked into marching pattern through local infonet... Patching into command net<<
>>firewall detected<<
Kite: Olmec what are you doing?
Olmec: uhm, what?
Kite: what the hell are you doing on the command net? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ACTIVATING YOUR SATELLITE UPLINK!?
Olmec: wha-
Neema: Olme-
Deko: sarge, he nee-
(Multiple voices are heard yelling, indecipherable.)
Kite: command net override: lance-omega-alpha, order 6.

~~lance protocol in effect~~

++low battery warning++
++infonet connection lost++
++restarting frame++
~~lance protocol in effect~~
++restart denied++
Olmec: oh hutch, oh hutch, oh hutch, what the hutch did I do?
(Hiss of cockpit hatch opening)
Neema: Olmec! What the hutch you think your doing!?
Olmec: Neema put the gun down man, dindy, your freaking me out! I dunno what happened! I swear!
Kite: (voice is distant and grows closer, boots on metal heard as well, assumed he is climbing high legs) Neema stow your sidearm, we know Olmec is clean. *grunts* it’s probably Entinio’s frame. Then again, Olmec what’s this?
Olmec: that’s my holoplate.
++files being accessed+
Kite: did you know it had a UMFL C&C infonet uplink, and an Adjutant V.I.?
Olmec: uhm, no? I use it for frame calibrations, and other stuff.
Neema, Mir, Deko: porn.
++standby mode activated++
Kite: there, fixed. Olmec can I talk to you over here?
Olmec: sure.
Neema: I’ll get everyone mounted up sarge.
(Twenty-two seconds of bootsteps)
++low battery warning++
Kite: I don’t believe I introduced myself, I’m Deren Kite. You can call me sarge or kite.
Olmec: Olmec Leeman, I guess I’m your mechanic, sorry abou-
Kite: yes and I’m grateful for you doing this, we really need a mechanic, Neema and Deko speak highly of your skills, but I need you to know what we’re gonna be doing. I nee-
Olmec: Kite, look. I’m sure your a fine speaker, but dindy it all I’m not in the mood. I’m not gonna be some drunk, and wallow in myself, I’m not gonna be one of your soldiers and march around. I just need to get away, even if it could get me killed. It’s obvious the T.A. Doesn’t give a hutch about me. Just let me help, and leave me be.
Kite: (pause) here is your holoplate, if it does that again, I’ll shoot you. If you put my men in harms way, I’ll shoot you. When a fight starts stay in the back and listen to my orders, get used to Entinios frame, you’ll pilot it till I get a replacement. Clear?
Olmec: yeah.
++low battery warning++
Kite: alright when you get back have Rosa help you reload your SSR’s
Olmec: the rockets?
Kite: yeah, just... get. *sigh*
++low battery warning++
++powering down++

++audio file begins++
Olmec: oh no you don’t.
##can I be of assistance?##
Olmec: no, shut off.
##powering down##
Neema: that should do it, should run off voice command now.
Olmec: gre-
++audio file ends++
++power off++

++powering on++
++WT-04fs entering combat state++
++connecting to command net++
++4th squad command net++
++Roger “Neema” Nimitz; ST-07 chub, sniper variant++
++Srgt. Deren Kite; ST-06 chub, C&C variant++
++Rosa Cotilla; ST-03a commissar, shield variant++
++Pelham Mir; ST-07 chub, soldier variant++
++Aziz Jinn; ST-07 chub, soldier variant++
++Roy Deko; ST-07 conscrIpt, CQC Variant++
++Mesa Elroy; St-07 chub, heavy soldier variant++
++Jorrin Entinio, WT-04fs high-legs, sensor variant++

++audio file begins++
Kite: Neema put that grasher down now, Deko finish off that Shuk and get back to the truck, Olmec has eyes on another and we can’t let it see the kids. Olmec I need you at those drop pods.
Neema: negative on kill, I keep skipping off the rocks.
Kite: Jinn, Mir blast those rocks on full auto, expose captain Jenkowski.
Mir: heard.
Jinn: copy.
Olmec: (quietly) Dindy, they know those grashers.
Kite: chatter Olmec.
Olmec: right.
##taken care of sir, would you like a sit rep?##
Olmec: uhm, oh yeah. Sure. Dindy, were’re those pods?
##to the north northwest sir. I count four forces, a small group of stealth hunter killers deploying from the drop pods with UMFL naval markings, a disorganized group to the west engaging them with little effect. Another group coming up the road from the southeast, matching 2nd squads markings, the same group that attacked you at the cities periphery. Your squad seems scattered, following bombardment protocol I see?##
Olmec: oh, well thanks. I need you to pulse the field and mark targets, I can pilot this thing, and shooting the rockets is easy, but I have no clue how this scanner works.
##of course##
++pulse scan set to pulse at five second intervals++
++ground sonar rods deployed++
++markerlight on nearest s.h.k. Frame++
Kite: good job Olmec, launching LRM.
Olmec: oh wow, I can see everything now. Hitting jump jets.
##sir, I’ve highlighted an incoming fast mover, please deploy your rocket##
Olmec: Dindy, fast moving is right, alright, (muted rocket wash over the cockpit) there now-
(An explosion, followed by a loud screech of static, and the humming as emergency systems kick on)
++parental settings in effect for eight seconds++
++logged rocket miss++
Neema: Olmec, Olmec you okay?!
Olmec: (cough) yeah, Dindy fine! What was that?!
Deko: I got eyes, was one of the free colony fighters.
Kite: friendly fire, I repeat that is a friendly!
Guest: (guest has an echo, as though two people are speaking as one) Hi-legs back off or we’ll put you down, we got too many Shuks over here!
Olmec: Dindy woman! I’m on your side
##permission to access her comm net sir##
Olmec: yeah sure, (a loud whoosh of jet engines is heard, followed by an explosion and cannon fire)
Rosa: (screams) ++muted++
Jinn: fast movers coming around, I count two, one hit jenkowski, hutch, there is nothing left.
Mir: Rosa is down! Moving to assist.
Kite: no, Mir, Jinn mark those fast movers and keep pressure on second squad, Neema bring down those fast movers, Elroy make for Rosa. Olmec how long till you get to those pods?
Olmec: hutch, maybe another jump but my reactive armor is expended.
Kite: your still in a frame, you’ll be fine.
##sir, patching in to the frame that shot you##
Olmec: what do you want me to say!?
Guest(scrambler pilot): who is this!
Olmec: This is Olmec, who are you?
Guest(scrambler pilot): this is Mohiam and her bond Mellanie.
Olmec: okay grasher, you shoot at me again and I’ll hit you with an rpg! Get your hutchin’ head on straight and do something useful! (Comms muted) pull her and those other idiots into our network, and mark that Shuk that’s doing a terrible job hiding in the trees.
##of course##
++patching in free colony squad++
++change designation, s.h.k. To “shuk”
++markerlight on Shuk, painting stress fracture on MX-s.2 plasma “lightning” lance++
Neema: WOO! Fast mover down, can I shoot or what, the other is peeling off!
##warning, your landing caused a fracture in your left legs actuator, further jumps can cause permanent damage##
Olmec: naw, that’s just a high legs for you, she has another hundred jumps in her before that leg gives, big girl just likes to complain. Alright kite, I’m at the pods.
Kite: alright, I need you to connect to there system, and see if this was an H-K team or a vanguard force.
Olmec: you got that buddy?
##i assume your referring to me, sir. Affirmative, I began as soon as we landed.##
Olmec: looks like that is spooking them, the shuks are falling back, well not all of’em, those free colony grashers are hitting them with everything they got left.
Neema: confirm 2nd squad is pulling back, didn’t seem as enthusiastic as those chabbin’ shuks
Kite: we all know 2nd squad, there a defensive squad while we’ve always been more aggressive. Everyone pull back to the truck, grab any salvage you can, I have a feeling we will need it, Elroy how is Rosa?
Elroy: she’ll live boss, her frame is a mess though.
Olmec: well that’s what I’m here for.
Kite: alright, live now, celebrate later, everyone go into low power mode, and radio silence. Let’s get to that hidden base of our free colony friends.
Neema: you mean the ones that shot us?
Mir: yeah someone should tell them neema’s mouth does enough shooting for the lot of them, eh Olmec?
Olmec: yeah, someone should get a suppressor for Neema.
Jinn: I’m sure you could find one on some of those shuks?
Neema: alright, I get the hint ya chabbers! Going silent.
##sir, I’ve silenced us, would you like to listen to some music?##
Olmec: sure, is that okay on lower power mode?
##its well within perimeters##
Olmec: well why not then.
++scramblers sensor pod directed at high legs for twelve seconds, logged++
++audio file ends++
++battery charge:full++
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Re: Audio file registered “Olmec” file #10-12

Postby Vitoria » Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:04 pm

The holoplate thing was a bit hard to understand on a first read but was a nice touch!
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