Overview: Falasine

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Overview: Falasine

Postby Rasann » Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:48 pm

Falasine is the setting for my MFZ campaign, which is still in the works (still working on frames to outfit my factions, etc...)

Yes I like the formatting that Morganm did in his post, so I appropriated it for mine - thanks!

All things written here are subject to be changed/updated

Solar System & Falasine
The solar system Eximus' most productive planet Falasine and it's orbiting moons, is the most hospitable of the system's planets. roughly about 60% water, 40% land, and the planet is mineral-rich. though not the first colony to be established, though it is the most successful. Falasine's moons, Kalas & Dalas, have colonies in the early stage of development.

Kalas & Dalas are named of twins in ancient Falasian mythology, Kalas being the bigger of the two. Both moons have suitable biospheres and atmospheres of their own, and unlike Falasine, they are more jungle and rain forest habitats, rather than fields and mountain ranges. Both moons have mountains, and very little ranges, but are very wet and humid.

Though the main export is minerals, Falasine's climate is somewhat suitable for agriculture, and a few small agricultural companies have taken root, providing a small percentage of foodstuffs(9%) required for local consumption. The majority of foodstuffs(91%) are shipped in from off-world.

Falasine has 3 main continents with several smaller islands, Western, Central(Main), and Eastern Continents respectively. Natives called the Falasians inhabit the majority of the planet. The colossal mountains and mountain ranges occupy the northern part of the Central continent, the central part of the Eastern continent, and the southern part of the Western continent. Most of the agricultural areas are mostly in the Central and Eastern continents. Valleys and fields occupy the rest of the world, mainly the Western continent.
Most of the 'fur-less' aliens occupy the central continent, where the Falasian Capitol City, Mothalla, resides.

The local natives, the Falasians, have love/hate relationship with the colonists, loving the uplifting of their people from barbarism, along with the scientific, technological, sociological 'upgrades' that has come with the colonists, but hating them for exploiting their world for their own agendas.

When the SU put out bid for this world, several mining corporations heatedly bid for the world, but Kellus Bright Industries won the bid and immediately sent out colonists and a small security detail with them. When they landed they found the Falasians, a bipedal, feline race that were in the Industrial Age - contact with them was tentative at best, but opportunistic Falasians (mostly businessmen) saw the profit to deal with the "fur-less aliens", and made alliances with the colonists. Not all Falasians were happy with the intrusion of the colonists, and some rebelled against their supposed 'ambassadors'. Those who wanted a free Falasine formed the Falasian Confederacy, a terrorist group dedicated to the liberation of Falasine from the 'fur-less tyrants'. They begin to raid armories and production centers, stealing frames, weapons, and supplies.

In response to this group KBI sent in its premiere security unit; the Kasra Subjugators (Officially the 5th Security Force) they were sent to 'pacify' the local insurgence. Over a decade of fighting the Falasian Confederacy fought a losing battle, as the KS along with KBI's security forces steadily pushed them back. It was at this point the Confederacy conjured up a bold plan: Kill the leader of the Subjugators, and halt the advance for 'fur-less tyrants' - They lured the Kasra Subjugators' leader, Jonas Kasra, into a large canyon, chasing the 'Rebel Leader' - When he had entered half-way into the canyon, several Confederate frames ambushed and destroyed Jonas' frame.

Thus halted the advance and prevented the annihilation of the Falasian Confederacy, and they were able to retreat to a more distant part of the planet, before Kellus Bright Industries' could recover. The Falasian Confederacy was forced to team up with the native criminal organizations to provide for the maintenance and acquisition of technology and supplies.

After this embarrassing defeat by the hands of 'savages', KBI decides to put a new face, for the subservient local population, and to their colonists. KBI erects a 'puppet' government, named the Kasrite Combine, in which they allowed both natives and the colonists to take office, but with Kellus Bright Industries as the backer. KBI also decides to acquire a subsidiary company that is more sympathetic to the local populace, They buy out the largest native company, Falas Industries, and becomes their largest subsidiary company to date.

The TTA currently guards the transit gate, and has a garrison of TTM on-site on the world, as well as a small security force at the transit gate. the UMFL maintains a garrison planet-side to aid in the protection of TTA's personnel and Facilities, as well as aiding local police and company security forces.

    Mithrilite : A natural forming ore that is in abundance in the mid-upper portions of the colossal mountain ranges, the raw ore is a almost-black gold coloration with silver-gold specks. Refined Mithrilite ore ingots has a gold-silver coloration. It is used mostly for composite armoring and melee-type weaponry, and even used in frame chassis. it is hailed as the lightest natural-occurring metal there is on the planet.
    Obsidinite : An unusual silicate, this is usually found near lava 'streams' and lava beds, and is most commonly used in heat-based weaponry. It has a natural ability to emit thermal energy, and if properly focused and sustained, can give a melee weapon a 'heat' edge, allowing it to burn through military-grade armor.
    Native Falasians used it for melee and ranged based weaponry, enabling their weapons to burn, sear, or to melt through armor. Modern-day application allows it be used in composite armor, enabling it to be extremely heat-resistant. The Falasian method was improved and modern application allows an entire blade of thermal energy to be made, as well as thermal beams and pulses for ranged weaponry. Weaponry based on this typically overheat while being used extensively, due to the amount of heat produced. A favorite combination is to combine thermal energy with projectile (usually a crystalline alloy) to give that extra kinetic punch.
    Aurlium : A crystalline mineral that acts as an amplifier, but also causes extreme levels of heat, which enables to super heat refined deuterium gas, to produce plasma, which in turn is used to produce electricity to power frames. It is currently mined and used in energy source experiments. It is found in the mid-lower portions of the mountain ranges.
    Deuterium Gas : Found to be most plentiful in the north eastern ocean (off of the central continent), discovered to provide more energy, and lasts longer than the more common Helium-3, and is used in combination with Aurlium to produce longer-lasting energy packs.
    Helium-3 : The standard for most standard frame energy systems, it is primarily collected on Hilas(The Gas Giant nearest to Falasine), secondary and tertiary collection sites are on Kalas & Dalas. It is refined on both Kalas & Dalas

Capitol City:
    Population: 10.2 Million
    Notations: Planetary Capitol and shipping outpost to Transit Gate. Holds the largest native and colonial population on the planet. The Combine's capitol is also situated here. Falas Industries maintains a planetary headquarters here. TTA & UMFL maintain HQ here as well. Kalas R&D maintain a secondary office here. Capitol is located on the equator near the center of the main continent.
Population Centers:

    Situated at the base of Falasine's largest mountain ranges, at the base of Mt. Colossae (Tu'rom in the native Falasian tongue) a colossal mountain near the northern part of the main continent.One of the richest mineral veins on the planet, Falas Industries maintains a regional office within city limits.
    The Falasian Confederacy's capitol city, located in the eastern part of the western continent, situated in a large valley surrounded by mountain ranges, reconnaissance reports state that the mix of military civilian population would warrant too many civilian casualties to demand a formal invasion. Terrain demands either an air drop, or to traverse one of the few passageways through the mountain ranges. Confederacy has both avenues guarded.

    Major agricultural center on the southern part of the continent, surrounded by fields and meadows, and sprawling forests, 1st Foods Limited(1-FL) makes its headquarters here. They provide the majority of foodstuffs for local consumption.


Governments and Companies
    Kasrite Combine (KC) : Puppet Government set up by Kellus Bright Industries to attempt to put a more sympathetic face on the 'fur-less aliens', it allows but colonial and natives to be members in administration of the government.
    Falas Industries (FI) : The largest world-based company, frame construction, maintenance and innovation, mining, agriculture, and regular manufacturing. The primary subsidiary company of Kellus Bright Industries.
    Kalas R&D (KRD) : Kalas' largest research and development firm on the largest of Falasine's moon. Lead research firm in Frame weapons & equipment, KRD works closely with FI in researching new frame energy sources. Also a subsidiary of Kellus Bright Industries.
    Falasia Trading Company (FTC) : Primary import/export company backed by Kellus Bright Industries, works closely with TTA,and at times receive support when the need arises from the UMFL, but usually handled by company security forces. Mostly employs native Falasians.
    1st Foods Limited (1-FL) : The largest agricultural company planet-side that handles the majority of all local agricultural needs. Primarily deals with the FTC when exporting exotic delicacies. Has a mixture of native Falasian and Colonist employees.
    Terran Transit Authority (TTA) : Primary trade organization of Falasine, they handle the export/import of commodities and resources, handle custom inspections and other relating shipping business.
    Terran Transit Marines (TTM) : They are stationed at the Transit Gate, as well as at the starport. They provide escort to and from the Transit Gate and the Starport.
    United Mars Foreign Legion (UMFL) : Primarily stationed at Mothalla, the UMFL garrison regularly patrol through most of the major cities, aiding the local PD of each city.

Criminal Organizations
    Falasian Confederacy : A Terrorist Government established by renegade politicians, businessmen, freedom fighters, workers, soldiers, and civilians. Committed to the ideal of a "Free Falasine", where none of the 'fur-less aliens and tyrants' exist on their world. Allied with the Jackals. Military and Security forces are advised to engage only when in tactical, militarily and numerical superiority. It is rumored that Free Colony Rebels are using this organization to gain a foothold on the world.
    Jackals/Jackal Mafia : The most organized and powerful criminal organization on the planet, The Jackals consider themselves in most respects a "Mafia" and some members refer to the group as the "Jackal Mafia"; Appears that they are the core of the black market trade for the Falasians, and therefore also the hardest to root out. Armed extremely well. Investigations detailed that they have an oversight over the smaller criminal organizations, but allow them to operate quite freely, as long as they pay their dues. UMFL advised to engage only when have tactical superiority. All other forces are to retreat and call for UMFL support.
    The Fleas : A loose collection of small criminal cells that operate anywhere that has population, whether it be villages, or large cities. Intelligence reports that they report mostly to the Jackals. Moderately armed. In medium-large(4-8) groups they are considered dangerous. Private security forces & local law enforcement are advised to only engage if they are in small groups(2-3), and request UMFL support if encountered in medium-large groups. UMFL advised to engage all Flea forces.
    Free Colony Rebels :Suspected to be planet-side, though no official encounters have been reported. Suspected to be hiding within the Falasian Confederacy, operating with/through the terrorist organization and other criminal elements. they are well armed, using above average equipment. If FCR appears, Private Security forces & local law enforcement are not to engage and to request UMFL support. UMFL are advised to engage FCR forces.

Update Log
08.29.2012 - updated Governments & Companies, Population Centers, Criminal Organizations and Solar System & Falasine
09.04.2012 - Changed Jackal Description, added more fluff to The Fleas and some grammatical correction
09.28.2012 - Added in resources, and changed Falim Industries to Kellus Bright Industries
08.16.2013 - Shortened repeated Kellus Bright Industries to "KBI"
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Kasrite Combine - Ruling Faction of the world of Falasine
Falas Industries - Manufacturing Juggernaut of Falasine
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Companies and Notable Personages

Postby Rasann » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:49 pm

Falas Industries' Security Division:
    55th Security Force :

    History :
    The 55th was one of the more older, prestigious units, one of the few that existed when the Kasra Subjugators were still in existence. They have since been the elite unit to quell uprisings, engage FC (Falasian Confederacy) forces, criminal forces, and are the unit to test the newest frames to come out of development. Majority of pilots in the 55th were once engineers, mechanics, and frame specialists.

    Important Personages :

    Tomoni Kasra :
    (Human Colonist) An off-shoot descendant of the infamous Jonas Kasra, she dedicated herself in designing and piloting frames, and eventually appeared at the top of her class in both primary and trade schools, Falas Industries immediately 'hired' (more on the lines of conscripted) her into their research division, then it led into test piloting new frames, eventually leading to her re-designing the A2 Harpy into the A2b Angelus. Eventually, FI allowed her to enlist into one of their security divisions.

    Rhys Illahe :
    (Falasian Native) An accomplished pilot and engineer, he was part of the team that designed the MEF3 "Levianthus", He was present from the beginning of development to its completion, he knows the frame as well as the back of his hand. He personally test piloted the frame in all of its hazardous environment excursions. FI had granted him the prototype for his dedication and devotion to the project.

    Soya Baker :
    (Human Colonist) A legendary Frame mechanic within Falas Industries, she is a tough, mean, persistent woman, she shoved her way into the 55th, using her skill, and undeniable logic to get herself placed on the roster, always threatening to leave the company forever if they ever removed her. Down to this day FI could not get a plausible excuse to keep her solely in the garage. She is the team's defacto "bulldog" - but she is quite protective of what she calls as "her own", and treats them with a kindness unheard of, though a little gruff. She pilots a ST-07 Assault Chub she continually modifies.

    Jameson Graff :
    (Human Colonist) A frame specialist, he pilots an old Commissar, and up to now refuses to change to one of the newer models. He heavily modified the commissar to act as a veritable walking shield. Though he looks slow and vulnerable, he is able to make the old frame dance. He is one of the oldest members of the 55th. Truly an 'old-school' pilot, he has a tendency to lecture the younger pilots on their reckless behavior. Always listens to oldies music while piloting.

    Kava Illahe :
    (Falasian Native) Rhys' loving and dedicated wife, she excels in frame system designs & piloting. She solely designed the MEF3's All environment systems. When Rhys was hired by FI, it made a controversy with some of the locals, some were more vocal, and physical, with their disagreements - to help quell the discontent, she followed her husband to show that his "house" is in order. She subsequently offered her skill to FI, on the condition that she stays with her husband. She once commanded the A2 Harpy, but recently acquired the A3 Dark Icarus for final field tests before it goes in production.

    Albear Deschutes :
    (Human Colonist) The youngest and newest to the squad, Albear is a hothead, and in training though he preferred melee oriented frames, his true talents were in long-ranged artillery weaponry. It turned out to be his salvation, for the simple fact that being a hothead, along with his temper, being put far away from his enemies kept him from getting captured or killed in engagements. A talented Artillery Frame Specialist, he is the finishing touch for the completion of the 55th.

    Activities :
    Their current activities include testing new prototype frames before going into mass or limited production, their current standing orders are to patrol the outlying mining communities, searching for dissidents and other disturbances, rumors have been spreading that they are also looking for a troublesome Flea company that has been causing havoc in the area.

    Unit Composition :
    Composed of 6 units, most of which are prototypes going into last stages of field testing -

    FI-A2b "Angelus" by Rasann on Flickr
    Personal Name: 青空悪魔ブリーダー "Blue Sky Devil Bleeder"
    Pilot: Tomoni Kasra
    d6Rd d6Rd - Thermal Crystalline Projector Rifle
    d6B - Mithrilite Composite Armor
    d6G d6G - Ram-jet propulsion pack

    FI/KRD MEF3 "Levianthus" by Rasann on Flickr
    Personal Name: "Silent Death"
    Pilot: Rhys Illahe
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd Mounted Twin Pulse Crystalline-Plasma Projectors (2 systems)
    d6B Military grade Mithrilite Composite Armor
    d6G KRD "Serpentis" Anti-gravity/propulsion Drive

    ST-07 Assault Chub (Modified) by Rasann on Flickr
    Personal Name: "Blue Steel"
    Pilot: Soya Baker
    d6Rd d6Rd - Crystalline Dart Rifle
    d6Y - Sensor Package
    d6B - Mithrilite Composite Armor

    Modified Commissar by Rasann on Flickr
    Personal Name: "Dummy"
    Pilot: Jameson Graff
    d6Rd d6Rd - Thermal Crystalline Projector Rifle
    d6B d6B - Mithrilite Composite Armor & Energy Shield
    d6G - Jet Boosters

    FI-A3 "Dark Icarus" by Rasann on Flickr
    Personal Name: "Matriarch"
    Pilot: Kava Illahe
    d6Rh d6Rh - Nuetronium-Obsidinite Greatsword
    d6G d6G - Icaride Flight System
    d6B - Mithrilite Composite Armor

    FI-A2b "Angelus" Type 2 by Rasann on Flickr
    Personal Name: "Vindicator"
    Pilot: Albear Deschutes
    d6Ra d6Ra d8Ra - Magma Mortars
    d6G - Reinforced Leggings
    d6B - Mithrilite Composite Armor

    Whesti 23rd Precinct & Whesti SWAT
    The 23rd Precinct & SWAT are like most Local PD in most Falasian cities, but they have been recently "gifted" with FI's latest drone units, to better aid them in the patrol and peacekeeping of the local mining communities that are based around, on, and in Mt. Colossae. Though they do not have actual police frames, as they do have at Mothalla, they make do with vehicles and drones, which have proved effective so far.

    Important Personages

    Commander James "Jim" Manasseh :
    (Human Colonist) Born on Falasine, he grew up with Falasians as well as the human colonists, he is the undisputed leader of the company - his easy-going nature and fairness has earned the respect and admiration of both Falasians and colonists - a feat unto itself, as both sides are usually on 'cool' terms with each other. An astute student of tactics and strategy, he has been able to keep most of the original members of both Whesti 23rd & SWAT, with minimal casualties kept to a bare minimum. An close adherent to the"No one gets left behind" principle. Head of both the 23rd & SWAT teams. He commands the heavily modified F35 Crawlix APC

    Sergeant Quenis "Feather-Leaf" Sonea & Sergeant Quena "Thorn-Claw" Sonea :
    (Native Falasians) Siblings, both pilot the modified F1-P1 "Gyr", Quenis pilots the vehicle, and Quena operates the weapons, both are quite adept at aerial combat, more so than most colonial pilots, which has caused more than a few "ruffled" feathers amongst the more prejudiced colonial locals. 'Partners in crime', these two are almost inseparable, both of them going from one unit to the next, as they tend to cause more problems than most units are capable of handling. Ever since being assigned to the 23rd, they have found their 'niche' in the mixed company of the precinct.

    Captain Rei "Seeress" Sunabari :
    (Human Colonist) The "Overseer" of the newly-acquired drone units, she has an uncanny ability to predict the actions of others, and even sometimes events, which makes her an excellent strategist, and serves as an strategic advisor to Manasseh. This has earned her the name/title "Seeress" among the Falasians - a hardcore officer, she takes her job, at times, overly serious, and multiple times had to be 'chastised' on her harshness while enforcing the law. On the job she is a hard-nosed law enforcement officer that shows little mercy in her duties, she has gone through more partners than any in the history of the precinct. When she was paired with Commander Manasseh, she began to slowly mellow. It was decided that being assigned to a tactical unit was best for her. she commands the drones in the F35 Crawlix.

    Lieutenant Faros "Fire-breather" Syit :
    (Native Falasian) Addicted to seeing and causing explosions, especially large ones, he was dishonorably discharged from the military for his.....compulsion to blow things up, which ended up destroying a portion of the base's armory, and the unrelenting unrepentant attitude eventually earned him that discharge. Whesti PD was not exactly happy when Manasseh recruited him to be his Artillery Support, but his skill in explosives, and his aptitude for artillery and siege vehicles and frames was undeniable. Ironically an extremely gentle and kind person, he is a favorite among the female Falasians. He pilots the FI-MSS and provides both air and ground artillery support.

    Sergeant Voie Wyrh :
    (Native Falasian) A temperamental woman, she is often at odds with the higher-ups of the 23rd, she was about to be discharged from the precinct, until Manasseh 'snatched' her up before the brass could get rid of her. Very aggressive and straight-forward, she finds herself in fights against human colonists on a regular basis, as she believes that most of her world's problems are caused by humans, she will work with humans begrudgingly, though it seems she has a soft spot for the Commander. She commands the FI-ASU, providing precise artillery support.

    Officer Kale Sundis :
    (Human Colonist) The lead of the 6-man trooper squad that is stationed in the F35 Crawlix, he is an even-tempered, calculating man. A tactical savant, he is crucial to the company's tight-quarters infantry combat, which makes him a prime advisor to Manasseh for tactical situations. His life revolves around work, when he is not working.....he's working. He unwavering dedication and devotion to the precinct and the company has made him a favorite amongst the human population.

    Corporal Janis Ellindas :
    (Human Colonist) The pilot of the F35 Crawlix - she is an adrenaline junkie, almost always charging into the most dangerous part of combat and speeding right back out of it. An unmistakably talented driver, with a knack with piloting multi-wheeled APCs, she was a natural fit into Manasseh's company, witty, charming, and with natural good looks, she is the most sociable member besides the Commander.

    Activities :
    They are currently aiding FI's 55th Security Division in searching for the rampant Flea company, FI's 55th taking the northern portion of the region and the 23rd taking the south to maximize coverage of the region, in addition to their usual duties to maintain the peace, as well as law enforcement.

    Unit Composition :
    A company of 7 units, this enables the 23rd to effective patrol multiple areas at once, and to combine when the need arises

    WPD-1 "Skeeter" (Pyrgita Interceptor Drone) d6G d6G d6Rd d6Rd
    WPD-2 "Preybird" (Vocifer Combat Drone) d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6B
    WPD-3 "Orion" (Radiata Sensor Drone) d6Y d6Y d6G d8G d6B
    23rd Precinct Team "カペラ (Capella) (F1-P1 Gyr) d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6G d6B
    SWAT Team "シリウス (Sirius)" (F35 Crawlix) d6B d6B d6Rd d6Rd d6Ra
    SWAT Team "ポラリス(Polaris)" (FI-MSS)(SAM Launcher) d6Ra d6Ra d8Ra d6B d6G
    SWAT Team "レグルス(Regulus)" (FI-ASU)(Artillery Support Unit) d6Ra d6Ra d8Ra d6B d6B

    [more to be added later]
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Kasrite Combine - Ruling Faction of the world of Falasine
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Architecture & Faction Profiles

Postby Rasann » Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:36 am

Falasian & Human Architecture
Falasian architecture is mostly built underground with the "atrium" only built on the surface, most of the living space, dining places and even some garages are built underground. More of the wealthier natives will have large surface dwellings in addition to their already expansive subterranean homes. This interestingly enough allows the populace to be relatively safe when combat ensues, provided that they are underground when combat begins. Most modern Falasian building styles still stay to 'pre-uplift' styles, though now human styles are starting to infiltrate into Falasian styles.

Human Architecture are starting to adopt the subterranean style of the Falasians, realizing that survivability of their buildings increase about 40% when critical areas are located underground, with only minimal space used for the entrance to the facilities. Government buildings usually have more than one entrance for contingency purposes. Those who can afford to do so add in at least a 'back door' into their buildings for the possibility of their main entrance being demolished by combat.

Faction Profiles

Kasrite Combine
The Kasrite Combine, a puppet government erected by Kellus Bright Industries to soften the face of the Falasians, and the government retains native culture and traditions. Most of the those in the government are Falasian, a minority of the staff are colonists.

The Combine rules in traditional Falasian custom - strong rule, imperial, though with a corporate core. It takes sedition and separatism with deadly seriousness. One of its main directives is to permanently stamp out all current resistance, in its entirety. Though it is thought by the most of the Falasian & Colonist population that the Combine be the ruling power, and supported only monetarily by a outside conglomerate entity.

The combine uses the most commonly-used mobile frames, new and old, it also uses modified labor frames (cheaper than purchasing new combat frames) but more readily relies on the Conglomerate's security forces. The Combine has recently been trying to establish a real mobile frame fighting force, as the Conglomerate's companies are more and more occupied with the separatist's activities.

Falas Industries
The largest corporation on Falasine, it started as a mining company, but when Kellus Bright Industries bought up the corporation, they turned the company into a corporation, the entity handling not only mining, but also manufacturing, refining, construction, and excavation.

Falas Industries has its own dedicated security forces, the 55th being the most famous. Though most of the higher echelon of the Corporation is Falasian, much of the rank and file are mixed of Human & Falasian. Though in propaganda, the Corporation is 'committed to the improvement of the colony and the taming of the world', rumors amongst the population has said that its purpose is of a much darker intent.

Kalas Research & Development
The top research and mobile frame manufacturing firm, it spearheads the development and manufacturing of new mobile frame technologies and producing them. They employ very cruel and deadly means to contain their secrets within their facility until time to release. They maintain a secret militia to deal with any leaks and traitors.

The "CEO" (Emperor as called by sarcastic employees) maintains a iron grip on his firm, and rules it like an empire.

Falasian Confederacy
A rival government, though labeled as a 'terrorist' organisation, their main goal is to eject all aliens and establish true control of their world. Though their activities have been labeled as 'terrorist' by propaganda agents. They traditionally accept Falasians into their organization, though they have accepted colonials, after a intensive trial period to prove that they aren't double agents. The Confederacy has stolen many military frames and even made use of the Black Market to acquire mobile frames, equipment and technology, if they are not able to 'liberate' the items themselves.

The Fleas
A criminal organization that is quite virulent in the local population. It is composed of both native and colonial members. Quite brutal and unusually efficient. their territory is usually over the many hamlets, small villages and townships. they especially hold tight control of those in the deep country and in the mountains.

The Jackals/ The Jackal Mafia
The largest criminal organization on the planet, they themselves manage the Black Market on the world, and are the most ruthless group to be found. It is mostly made up of Falasians, with very few colonials, and most of them are on the bottom-most ranks. They maintain (in Falasian-like manner) a strong grip on their empire, and levy heavy 'fines' on those who break their contract. Those who fight or rebel are 'fined' more heavily...

United Mars Foreign Legion
The UMFL garrison here are more cavalier than others. In the recruitment of both colonial and native soldiers, they image has been aimed towards being "Knights in shining armor" in part of a Public Relations project, which is an effort to engender a feeling of 'goodwill' towards the Solar Union.

[More to be added later]
Kasrite Combine - Ruling Faction of the world of Falasine
Falas Industries - Manufacturing Juggernaut of Falasine
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