Discussion: Weight Classes.

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Re: Discussion: Weight Classes.

Postby VitorFaria » Fri May 12, 2017 11:55 am

CmdrRook wrote:Mfz is a game of objectives rather than attrition, and your flexibility in strategy as well as force capability plays an immense role in the outcome.

Great quote here.
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Re: Discussion: Weight Classes.

Postby vonKobra » Fri May 12, 2017 12:56 pm

xTornOxysx wrote:I'd simply like to interject and say that this would make a 4 too likely I think. Fully 3 of the 6 possible results, result on a 4. How about if higher than 4, subtract 4. Or divide by two, round down. Or something similar.

Remember that a medium has the same 1/2 chance of rolling a 4 or better, just a higher cap, and given the math involved in attacking and moving in the game, a 6 is far better than a 4. I also think it makes sense thematically. A heavy mech can't dash but it can still trundle around fairly consistently, and a light has removed some level of outer plating for weight reduction, but it is still largely made of bullet resistant metal.

I don't necessarily think that level of consistency is bad. I think lowering the cap that a unit is capable of provides enough of a detriment to make up for gaining a d8. The other method I thought would work is 5s and 6s are rolled down two pips, still providing an upward consistency but providing additional player choices and pressure. After this the detrimental stat is 1/3 chance of a 3 and 1/3 chance of a four.

Finally I think there may be a need to split this off into a second thread. I love the discussion of weight classes we're having, but I think the battletech version of this is a different and more complex problem. I think they are two separate sets of fan rules and putting some of the earlier more complex attempts from this thread in the opening post of a second weight class thread where we can simply accept complexity as inevitable would be best. I would be happy to do create the second thread if anyone else would be interested in it.
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