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Re: newbee question - nexo knights

Postby Blorf » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:19 pm

Kayje wrote:I'm not a fan to put everything on one module, but heck, where's the fun if you don't take any risk :lol:

Actually, it can be an okay strategic choice. For example, a d6W d6W d6Y d6B d8G d8Rr d8Rr d8Rr frame loses almost no capabilities over the standard soldier frame ( d6W d6W d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G )—but underbids it by two systems!

Shades_Corvid wrote: d6W d6W Is your frame's raw abilities and your pilot's skill. With no other systems a d6W can be used to defend, move but not through cover, attack in hand to hand range or spot within 8 units a frame out of cover.

I found that statement a bit confusing, so just to clarify, the whites can:
- always be assigned to defense
- always be assigned to move (but does not automatically grant the ability to move through cover)
- be assigned to an attack that another system has made possible
- be assigned to hand-to-hand attack if declared at the beginning of a turn, regardless of the presence of hand-to-hand systems
- be assigned to spot if an opponent's frame is within 1 ruler and is out of cover

With NO other systems, the frame would be eligible for the free d8G , which does add the ability to move through cover.
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Re: newbee question - nexo knights

Postby Shades_Corvid » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:58 pm

Blorf wrote:- be assigned to an attack that another system has made possible

I would say can replace the result of another system's die roll.
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