A few rule clarifications

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A few rule clarifications

Postby Blorf » Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:38 am

A few weeks ago, I played my first game. I had some follow-up questions and tried to get access here so I could ask them. Since that completely failed for about 3 weeks, I asked Joshua directly via e-mail. I thought it made sense to share these with everyone.

Answers are paraphrased from our conversation.

Q: During setup, if the defensive player can place a unit in cover near an opponent's station, can they seize it before the first round even begins?
A: Yes! (but... good luck with that...)

Q: If two players tie for score in the middle of a game, how is tactical order affected? I think the book might only cover ties at setup, (p130,) but not during play. (If it does, I still can't find it.)
A: Roll off. I often forget who won the roll-off, but I like to alternate; that is, let's say you, me, and Hanbandit are playing. You and I are tied for second. When Hanbandit goes (let's say she passes), we roll to see who goes first, you or me. Let's say it's you. You go, and we resolve all the combat initiative stuff, and then it returns to Hanbandit, who then passes again. This time, it's to me. It's a deliciously awkward moment that I've seen come up only once or twice. I believe the rules just say, "Roll off" though, which you could do each time. If the manual doesn't cover this specifically, it's an omission.

Q: How is it handled when a unit has enough movement to get within h2h range of a unit behind cover—but not beside or behind it—but that would put it where it cannot stand (the cover does not physically allow it, such as a pointy tree) AND the only legal position in front of the cover is not within h2h range? We were NOT playing with the extended elevation rules (which is where the book discussed climbing).
A: Then they can't reach it! You can only get on top of cover if you have a green die. If you have a green die, you can put your frame right up in the tree! If you can't physically stand your model up there, get creative for a moment. Even without elevation rules, a frame with a green die can stand on top of stuff.

Q: Is it ever legal to voluntarily jettison a system? (One tactical reason could be dropping a ranged weapon to gain the green d8.) If so, when?
A: It's a popular house rule. We've never found a good reason other than the one you mention.

Thanks for you the responses, Joshua! Hope this helps someone else.
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Re: A few rule clarifications

Postby Joshua A.C. Newman » Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:37 pm

I hope so, too!
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