Inexpensive source of colored D6 and D8's

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Re: Inexpensive source of colored D6 and D8's

Postby Vitoria » Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:43 pm

That might be useful for beginners, thanks for the tip!
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Re: Inexpensive source of colored D6 and D8's

Postby MechaBuster » Mon Jul 01, 2019 5:57 pm

The dice are balanced as far as I can tell, nothing is rolling consistently high or low. (Edit: the 8 siders were all manufactured well, but I did have 4 out of 130 14 mm 6 siders with small bubbles inside and one had a misprint of the pips, I wanted to give fair warning the 14 mm aren't all perfect.)

If you get them on sale, the 8 siders are only about .25 cents each USD. You can use Rakuten to get anywhere from 1% to 5% off the total as well, depending on what promotions are running. Rakuten is always offering at least 1% back on purchases at AliExpress. If you time it right you can get these for around 18 cents a die including shipping. AliExpress runs sales pretty frequently,too, so if it's not on sale just wait a week or two and check back.

(Edit: I don't work for not benefit from either of these companies other than the stated referral payment of $25, I just like free dice/bricks.)If you don't have Rakuten, use this link to sign up and I'll paypal you half of what I get for the sign up bonus, which is $12.50 USD each. You have to make $25 in purchases first, but then they send me $25, and they give you 10$ as well. You tell me your paypal account, I send you $12.50. Then we both get more dice. Everybody wins.

Here are the terms, it's a legit company, I've been paid several times already through PayPal for making purchases through Rakuten.
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