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Boot-Legos: Age of Ultron

Postby Riptor25 » Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:08 pm

As my backlog of Boot-Lego sets grows, I continue down the neverending path of discovery; new companies and sets of off-brand bricks keep cropping up, and I keep buying them. Our newest addition to the horde is Ultron Armor by Panlos Bricks. While there were a total of six Ultron Armor sets, I figured I'd buy one to review,the aptly named Black Ultron: Black Belt Virus, and we'll see about the others. Welcome to Boot-Legos, fellow automatons!


Arriving in the mail, the box for this guy was...big. Like easily the same size box as a 20-25 dollar Lego set. The contents, however...did not match the box size.


In terms of parts, however, we have a ton of modern style Lego clips, tiles, cheese pieces, 1x1 points, travis bricks and lampholders, and a good number of pneumatic T's. Plenty here to make your own frame with.


Fully assembled, our little Black Ultron Armor looks pretty great! Lots of articulation, comes with a nice gun, and with just a bit of modding and shortening, this could easily fit within MF0 size limits. Plenty of parts that can count as ranged, armor, mobility, artillery, or even SSR's on various attachment points.


Now onto the overview! Looking at brick quality, I have to commend Panlos Bricks. I've never heard of them before this review, so I had no idea what to expect, but my first impression is a good one. Brick quality is strong. While there was the odd cheese wedge that was just a tad bit more loose than the others, the important parts; lampholders, pneuma-T's, taps, travis bricks, etc. were all top notch. It holds together much better than, say, Enlighten or older Hsanhe sets. I'd say they're about on-par with COGO for quality, and that's high praise for Boot-Legos.

If I had to pick a weak spot for this set, it would be the price. Now, I will start things off with several factors that differed from most of my Boot-Lego purchases. First, this one came in the box, and it was a large, sturdy cardboard box. Second, while it came from China, it was not free shipping, and therefore got here MUCH faster than the average Boot-Lego set. I waited about ten days for Black Ultron Armor, whereas I normally wait upwards of 2 months for smaller and cheaper sets. Because of this, I'll give two breakdowns of price; one including the shipping cost, and one without. The set had 140 pieces according to the box, however my final count came to 146 (there were a handful of extras left over when fully built). With the base price of $4.99 USD, and the shipping cost of $3.49 USD, the total Price Per Piece comes to a middling 5 cents per piece. This is a bit on the higher end for Boot-Lego sets (which usually sit around 2-4 cents per piece), and the official Lego average of 10 cents per piece. Now, if you're able to find it with free shipping while still at the $4.99 price tag, that drops tremendously to a MUCH more appealing 3 cents per piece.

Do I recommend this set? If you're on a budget that's too low for Lego, but want a slightly higher quality brick, I'd say go for it. These sets have lots of useful parts, and really paying 9 USD for a full customizable frame isn't all that expensive. Looking at the other sets in the series, I'm only more convinced that these are great options for the discerning frame forger.

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