Creative Constraints for Publishing MFØ Materials

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Creative Constraints for Publishing MFØ Materials

Postby Joshua A.C. Newman » Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:05 pm

Here's the deal, shaken-out, for how to publish MFØ-related material. This counts for fan art, frame companies posted to Twitter, commercially-produced calendar settings, blog posts, or absolutely anything that anyone but you can see on the internet or otherwise in public. The constraint here is on anything that uses any of the identifying material for Mobile Frame Zero. So if you say that it's for Mobile Frame Zero, MFØ, Rapid Attack, Alpha Bandit, or include "mobile frame" or "frame" as a word for a robot, please observe the following creative constraints.

  1. You must own the copyright to the thing you're creating, or, if someone else owns it, you must have non-exclusive rights to publish it. That is, the original creator can do whatever they want with it, including selling it to someone else, who then will also have a non-exclusive license.
  2. All material must either fit within the confines of the Solar Calendar, or you make a clear statement that it exists within a different calendar. In the Solar Calendar, nothing is better than a frame at doing what frames do. Labor frames are the best construction equipment. Racing frames are the fastest, most agile racing machines. And mobile frames fight better than any other technology. Such constraints exist so everyone can be on the same page and participate in the same universe. Warp drives, drones, nanotechnology, and time travel would completely change the nature of the setting, so if you include those in your setting, your solution is to name a new calendar. It can branch from the Solar Calendar, or you can start from scratch.
  3. You must design your setting material in such a way that the signature elements of feudal, authoritarian, totalitarian, communist, corporate/anarcho-capitalist, or democidal political structures that are not true, workable, or morally acceptable in the real world are equally untrue, unworkable, and unacceptable in your setting.

To clarify item 3:
  • No one is destined for greatness or humility any more than any other, even if their circumstances are ennobling or humbling; their greatness or humility is the result of the actions of people — either their own or someone else’s.
  • Strength itself is not a virtue, nor is weakness a failing.
  • Essential qualities like race, gender, sex, nation or religion of birth, or species do not hold a moral value.
  • Every faction must be capable of negotiation. They fight to satisfy finite, material needs. If satisfied, they will end the war.
    Please note that characters may, in fact, believe something contrary to the actual nature of the universe. I encourage you to create characters and setting with complex relationship to the reality of their situation.
  • Because of the particular place that Nazism holds in recent memory and ongoing history, please do not publish in association with the Mobile Frame Zero brand, on the Web or otherwise, frames or setting elements named after WWII Nazi machinery or institutions.
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