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Re: Frame Trader

Postby NoX » Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:19 am

Aww yeah they're gone. Darn.
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Re: Frame Trader

Postby mraichelson » Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:24 pm

Yeah, sorry, the Azure Lance have moved on to a new home already. :)
I put together frame building kits (and links to folks selling companies) at
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Re: Frame Trader

Postby charonlarp » Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:27 pm

Anyone out there willing to take requests for a commission?

I'm looking to have an IO fleet built.
My skills at building are... lacking. My collection of Lego parts is also lacking. (Hence the request.)
I've got some of moc's in a story driven game (the players are using them), but I would like to have an enemy fleet for the player to fight against.

EDIT: I'm looking for an Ijad fleet. Or rather... A mesh of the styles between Ijad, Protoss (From Starcraft), Eldar (from WH40k), and The Advent (From Sins of a Solar Empire) They're all somewhat similar in styling.

Budget: 200-300
Fleet size: 2 to 4 fast, close range fighter types (Frigate size or smaller). 2 long range arty/missile types (Frigate), maybe with spot. 2 heavily armored, close range heavy hitters (slightly oversize frigates?). 1 massive wreck your face flagship battlecruiser (Oversized Battleship.) So... 7-9 ships altogether.
Colors? I've always been fond of the white and gray Ijad ships. I do like the idea of black and white with little splashes of color. Though, I am not too picky on the colors... I am open to the lego artist's suggestion. (So long as they're not red... moc's that the players are piloting are red/black/gray.)(Also, no pink or pastel colors.)
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Re: Frame Trader

Postby personzz~ » Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:26 pm

sad to see this so dead, but if anyone has something to sell, i might be willing to buy.
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Re: Frame Trader

Postby soriansj » Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:36 pm


ImageMFZ:IO Fleet for Sale by SAMS Technological and Industrial Solutions Inc, on Flickr

ImageMFZ:IO Fleet for Sale by SAMS Technological and Industrial Solutions Inc, on Flickr

ImageMFZ:IO Fleet for Sale by SAMS Technological and Industrial Solutions Inc, on Flickr

Hi folks.

These are for sale. Its a full fleet for use in "Mobile Frame Zero 2: Intercept Orbit" consisting of the following:

-2 Capital Ships
Assault Carrier - 2 Launch Bays, 1 Point Defense, 1 Spot
Battleship - 2 Support Range Lasers, 2 Spots
-2 Frigates
Assault Vessel - 1 Launch Bay, 1 Spot, 1 Point Defense
Defense Vessel - 2 Defense, 1 Assault
-3 Mobile Frame Companies
-3 High Value Assets

Includes everything you see here.

+ I'll send instructions.

I'm asking for $105 which includes shipping and handling. I'll ship anywhere in the US only. Send me a comment or private message. I also use Paypal. Let me know, please. Enjoy the pics.
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