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Re: Trolling for fun and profit

Postby Ced23Ric » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:24 pm

David Artman wrote:
Joshua A.C. Newman wrote:I've had yellow dice that were command flags. For two, you give the guy a telescope.
Other old-timey communications methods: conchs and horns, couriers, big fans, drummers, a map that you used to pre-plan the battle.

Hmmm... so spot really is more generalized than, say, making it easier to hit a target situationally. That is to say, I'm having trouble visualizing how some flag waving by a commanding general would help my archer do more damage to a target behind cover.
May I recommend the comic "St. Crecy" for that topic? The English Longbow Archers were extremely precise on ranging. They would shoot ballistically, often crossing over shield lines, or hit more vulnerable targets behind other units, generating killings fields by beign able to strike at various distances, effectively herding their enemies. If your commander tells you to shoot for 250 yards, and you pull it of properly, you may just cross that dirt brim your enemy is hiding behind. ;)
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Re: Trolling for fun and profit

Postby randolph » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:29 pm

Even though they're called "spot" dice, mechanically, they make targets easier to hit and damage, without doing damage (or at least, not enough to ever destroy a unit, regardless of time). In a fantasy/low-tech setting, I can imagine lots of things filling that role; I don't see why a bag of spiders wouldn't count, for example :D
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Re: Trolling for fun and profit

Postby Carda » Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:09 am

Wow, didn't realize I was going to set off a major discussion over here! ^_^

To be honest, I don't think I'm looking at a "total conversion", necessarily, just utilizing what I've got to craft a unique army for demos. Which is a whole heckuva lot of pre-Kingdoms Castle stuff. Not to mention the Heroica board games. All four, to be exact. I figure if Privateer Press can put giant beasts and steampunk robots in the same game and have it work (beautifully, I might add), I can pit indigenous orcs and trolls against invading colonists without breaking a sweat. ^_^

I just ransacked the box I've been storing all my Heroica stuff in and grabbed several orcish microfigs (since that's close to the "proper" scale for MFZ, I believe?), popped them onto a baseplate, along with a couple of other things. A helmet on one microfig to indicate a defense system, a leader-ish one to spot, and two minifig-sized weapons to abstractly indicate melee and ranged weapons. For each hit, I can pop off one weapon or microfig, even for when the frame takes damage.

So if anyone wants to make some solid medieval infantry, I'd recommend picking up the Heroica line.

Oh, and that big-ol' troll minifig I mentioned in the OP? He's currently got a d6Rd pulse rifle mounted on his back and manned by another orc microfig. X3

EDIT: Having actually read all the way through the thread (merely skimmed it last night) I have to say that these are all excellent ideas. The pirate ship-to-ship one in particular was intriguing, and I now find myself wanting to pick up quite a few more Lego board games primarily for the microfigs.
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