CK Industries CK-06 Aries Weapons & Systems

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CK Industries CK-06 Aries Weapons & Systems

Postby Cake » Wed Oct 28, 2015 6:51 pm

Nothing too elaborate here, except the defensive system, that's a bit more complex as a result of having to get it to fit on to both the Strider and the Stalker

Front View
ImageCK-06 Aries weapons 1
  • SSR
    Rear (from left):
  • Energised Ballistic Shield (Defence)
  • Lance (Melee)
  • Autocannon (Direct)
  • Greande Launcher (Artillery)
  • Comms systems (2 types)
  • Movement system (2)

Rear View
ImageCK-06 Aries weapons 2
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