Wing Gundam Buster Rifle

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Wing Gundam Buster Rifle

Postby The Hydromancer » Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:20 pm

So after I built the Chubdam, someone mentioned (on flickr I think) that I would try for a Gundam Fenice. I've got alot of the right colors, so I thought why not. Well the frame itself is still under construction, but I thought I'd show off the buster rifle that comes along with it.

ImageBuster Rifle for MFZ by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

ImageBuster Rifle top by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

ImageChub armed with buster rifle by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

ImageSide view of buster Chub by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

ImageBusted by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

d8Rr d8Rr d8Rr

The rifle houses three energy tanks that power each blast, similar to the way it works in the show. I'm alittle nervous about putting all three SSRs on one frame would make it a huge target, but c'mon it looks good right? I considered maybe a d8Rr d8Rr d8Rr d6Rh d6Rh d6B d6G d8G d6Y configuration for Gundam Fenice/Wing Gundam, but Joshua suggested d8Rr d8Rr d8Rr d6B d6B d6Y d6Y d8G instead. I think keeping the plasma edge in there keeps it thematic (maybe trade the d6G for a second d6B , gundamium alloy baby!), but the more I think about it the wall master config seems more effective in an actual gameplay scenario. Once I actually finish and find someone to play with, I'll have to try both.

The BR model is little heavy, but the standard Chub can hold it just find once you find the right balance. The handle isn't as stable as I'd like but works better now that I did fight the right balance. I'm already envisioning how to use this handle for other weapons. This is perhaps the first ranged weapon I'm actually happy with that I've designed myself!

ImageBR break down by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

ImageBuster Rifle firing by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

Here it is in colors closer to the Wing Gundam, including a break down. Its pretty simple, the hardest part would be finding the pieces you want in the right colors. It might be hard to see in LDD, but the barrel is three blocks long, with the end having the extra stud on the bottom for the yellow guard. For the energy tanks, I replaced the normal round blocks with nozzles to make it that much closer to the original design.


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