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Postby Hackjob » Mon Jan 27, 2020 1:26 pm

In SC 2025, the S.U. military saw the writing on the wall. They realized that the Union was headed towards a period of increased strife and unrest, and knew they needed to do something proactive about it. Being the military, they obviously settled on force as the answer. Turning to their top scientists and greatest thinkers, they commissioned "the greatest ship of our times". This ship was intended to travel across all the known Galaxy, to even the most far-flung and remote colonies, and impress upon them the amazing technology and military might of the S.U. (see "gunboat diplomacy").

This ship -christened the Global after a famous hero of early space exploration, would receive the most cutting edge technology and weapons. It's main armament was two massive turrets. Both fitted with two enormous Ion cannons ( d6Rd d6Rd , d8Rd ), each cannon was large enough that a single one was the main armament of a Lineman class frigate. More frightening to many was the huge laser cannon ( d6Ra d6Ra ) fitted beneath the bow. Designated "God's Finger" it was designed for precise surface strikes from orbit, and was at the time the largest laser weapon ever built. The Global also carried numerous anti-frame batteries and intermediate guns ( d6Rh d6Rh ). In addition the Global had an extremely sophisticated sensor system for the era ( d6Y ). And a dedicated space attack frame squadron ( d6blk ), which was considered quite novel during that period. The frames were of a new type, also highly classified and superior to other contemporary designs. The ship was so huge, and had such a large crew that the main quarters were designed to look like a small town, complete with "paved" streets, storefronts, and holographic skies. This was meant to help the crew's comfort (and sanity) over the intended extremely long deployment times between refits.

While the Global had incredible size, weaponry, and technology; the most amazing feature of this great ship was the inclusion of the Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive. In top secret labs, Kearny and Fuchida developed a Jump Gate generator that was small enough to be installed on a ship! (Albeit a massive one) Although the Global was incredibly well armed, this was it's most powerful weapon.
Enabling it and a small Support squadron to appear at any Colony without prior notice. In addition the K-F Drive created a "Warp Bubble" around the ship when active, disrupting incoming fire, and making the Global difficult to target ( d6B )Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive was it's increased accuracy over conventional jumps. No longer was it necessary to jump from one Gate to another. The K-F Drive allowed the Global to jump into a system with a reasonable expectation of survival. Gates still acted as beacons, and the closer the jump was to a Gate, the safer it was. But no longer could a receiving gate have prior warning and prevent or prepare for the arrival of unknown vessels. The S.U. could now exert it's influence anywhere, anytime, without warning...

In 2037 the Global was launched to much propaganda and media hype. Many of the S.U.'s most prominent politicians and top brass were in attendance. No less than 7 major media outlets broadcasted live coverage. Captaining the ship was the dynamic young hero Gunzo Shinatose. Gunzo was a graduate of the S.U. naval academy and had proven himself extremely talented tactically, defeating superior forces in several battles. The crew was intentionally diverse, with many Ijad and Colonists recruited to serve, in an attempt to show the unity of the S.U. The Global left orbit with a small support fleet to publicly demonstrate for the first time the amazing K-F Hyperdrive. The fleet was surrounded by a blinding orb of light and snapped out of normal space - the crowd was in awe! But... The Global never appeared at its destination- the fleet had disappeared!!! No one knew where it went, the S.U. brass was just as baffled as everyone else. After over a year of fruitless searching all over known space, the Global and escort fleet was declared lost. The Kearny-Fuchida hyperdrive was blamed, declared a failed project (after all, the only functional unit was gone), and ultimately abandoned.

Then, in 2045, rumors began to circulate of a "Ghost Fleet" that would appear as if from nowhere and attack, then disappear again as mysteriously as it had arrived. No one knew the motivation of this "Ghost Fleet" since it seemed to aid Free Colony rebels, Ijad radicals, and S.U. forces on separate occasions. Descriptions were eerily similar to the lost fleet of the Global though...


Bow view of Main Armaments and "Catfish" sensor array

Stern view of main engines and Point Defense weaponry

Kearney-Fuchida Hyperdrive System

Soooo... This build originally started as the bridge and went from there. Then I found the big black "wing" piece (that I believe is the base for an old space shuttle model) which happens to be exactly 16 studs long. I figured "Now there is no way I'll go oversize and have to worry about size creep!" Lololol, well here I am...

The fluff is heavily influenced by the Macross/Robotech Anime, perhaps you noticed some inferences in there. Also because I have a frame design that is inspired by the Veritech fighters from the same series, I figure they are the frame squadron attached to the Global. The Captain is dynamic young chap, beautifully androgynous, with a cape over one shoulder and wild anime hair. He was loyal to the S.U. and excited to help bring order to the chaotic universe. However, right before the launch of the Global, he learned some harsh truths from a Free Colonies agent. Realizing that the S.U. was as much of a problem as the other actors in the political arena, he sent the fleet to unknown coordinates far from the reach of the S.U. His charismatic personality enabled him to easily convince the crew of his righteous actions. He has since bonded with an Ijad, now named named Tsurana Shinatose, they have gained a further broadening of perspective. Now the fleet secretly jumps from system to system, lending a hand to the downtrodden and needy, attempting to balance the scales.

Of course it is waaaaaayyyy oversize, measuring approximately 26 studs long. As such I would (If i ever get a chance to play with it) give it 6 systems to represent it's mega-ship aspects. I'd actually like to make the "God's Finger" laser cannon a double system as well, but I thought that might make it too over-powered (Ha!). If I ever find an opponent gracious enough to allow me to use it in a game, I figure it would count as 2 Tactical Assets, and perhaps I would automatically have to be the primary attacker.

Here's more: my Flikr
Even more... my Imgur
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