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Solar Sailer HVA

Postby The Hydromancer » Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:26 am

The Astara Borealis was a solar sailer probe launched to the Noheh system for advance scouting of the system's resources and composition. The probe was only able to transmit minimum data, most of which only confirmed what deep space observation already suggested, before contact mysteriously ended. Researchers were never able to determine the reason for lost contact, but the confirmation of an abundance of previously suspected resources was enough to launch the initial transit gate project.

ImageSolar Sail by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

ImageAstara Borealis port by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

When first Dramstellar and later the Krewstara Consortium established footholds in the binary system, interested observers were able to detect the probe and were surprised to note it was continuing its long preprogrammed trip between worlds. The probe steadily refused to answer the hails of any who tried to reach it as it continued its long track through the outer reaches of the system. It was unfortunately never considered cost effective by either megacorp to send a crew to contact the probe manually, and so for the entire existence of the colonies around Noheh A and Noheh B the solar sailer has quietly continued to gather data, selfishly guarding its secrets.

ImageAstara Borealis by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

ImageTeaser by The Hydromancer, on Flickr

Now however events are aligning to bring the Astara Borealis to the center of a dangerous contest. The probe, still following its initial flight path, is traveling starward of Noheh B. Soon it will be within viable reach of both Dramstellar and the Consortium. Who knows what secrets the probe holds? Who is willing to expend the resources to grasp it, and dare they let someone else reach it first?
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