BrickHeadz Stormtrooper SSC

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BrickHeadz Stormtrooper SSC

Postby Artasid » Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:27 am

From BrickHeadz Stormtrooper LEGO set 41620

ImageBH Stormtrooper SSC
BHST SSC: 1Kd6 Frame Catapult (With Company) d6B Armored Side Plates, d6Y Scan Tower d6G Frigate Engines

I originally bought this set to be cannibalized for its parts, but after I already removed the pieces I needed from this set, I realized that there were a ton left over. After some fiddling, and experimenting with the left over parts, I bricked this Light Carrier Frigate with a Frame Company. It's a little on the awkward side, but I think it makes a passible SSC. If the set came with some colored or trans colored studs to use to represent systems, this would be a pretty solid choice for beginners in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed and as always, I eagerly await any and all comments you wish to share.
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Re: BrickHeadz Stormtrooper SSC

Postby Vitoria » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:38 pm

Surprisingly nice, Artasid!

The printed tile works really well as ship detail, and the catapult shaping is great!
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