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The Eternium Kingdom

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:33 am
by KungFujiApple
A Short History:

A planet made up of floating islands. All of these islands are united under one Kingdom called Eternium. Eternium is a participating member of the Union. However due to its complicated past they are allowed to operate as their own independent "kingdom". The ruling power heralding from the crowned capital of Skuldor, the largest and most prominate of the floating islands.

The founding members of the kingdom carefully researched earths history and found a brief period of time that they considered to have the best balance of commercialism, diplomacy, and imagination. This period of time was known as "The 1980's". Therefore the planets economy and culture is heavily influenced by that time.

Eternium is also the founding planet of 8-Bit industries, an up and coming top frame manufacturer. Their exclusive frames are the: Hell Dweller, Goblin, Terminator, Predator, and their signature frame the Alien. 8-Bit also manufactures its line of unmanned craft called the Facehugger. And has made redesigns and modifications to the Gaiden, and Living Ghoul frame.

Frame units within the kingdom are well organized and structured.
The main units are:

Labor frames: Frame models generally used for Police, Fire Rescue, and Mining and Gathering on the surface of the planets exposed core.

The Eternium Brood: A frame unit that acts as the planets Marines.

The Arcade Warriors: This unit consists of the main fighting frames. Are used primarily as the army.

The Protectors of Skuldor: This unit initially was the elite royal guard of The capital Skuldor. But since have come to encompass an elite group throughout Eternium who are vigorously ready to guard and protect it from any invading threat. When needed they are also utilized on the battlefield.

The Blue Goblins: A unit made up entirely of Goblin frames (Goblin frames are primarily used as Police, or Fire rescue). Because of the frames smaller size, this unit has proven to be very effective in dense terrain, and quick strike operations.

The people are well protected and generally happy. Freedom of expression and the rights of intellectual life are allocated to each citizen, visitor, and even in certain cases to prisoners.

Eternium has been very diplomatic and assistive to those in need. Often at times helping out other planets, whether in aid or protection from invaders, usually independently at their own cost. Most in the Union view Eternium as a highly desirable place to live and visit (although neither is easy to do). However there are some who wish its demise, and out there in the darkness, they plan.


This is part of a larger connective storyline and frame designs that I have been tooling around with for a little over a year. lol, with that being said, it's not much but hope you enjoy. :D