Prototype 05

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Prototype 05

Postby Nfinity » Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:54 am

"The other two frames, 03 and 04, have returned with minor damage, sir." "And where is 05?" "It's in the docking bay D2, sir." "Alright. And the pilot?" "He seems fine, but something feels off about him, as usual." "No matter, we'll have to send him out anyways, there are too many enemy vehicles out there, and we can't risk them accidentally blowing up something important. Especially as the Downtown Cronlich area is 48 years old already, so we don't want any major damage to occur." "I'll let him know to suit up, sir!"

The prototype mobile frame made its way to the launch bay. Yes, you heard it, a launch bay. It positioned itself standing upright on the launch platform, as the workers prepared the bay for launch. "Launch in 10...9...8... The launch platform began to tilt...6...5... "Pilot is ready"...4...3..."All systems are go"...2..."Prepare for launch"...1..."Launch!" The platform shot up the bay, acting as the crossbow wherein the mobile frame was the bolt. Prototype 05 sailed through the air and landed on the outskirts of Cronlich. The main array was not up yet, so long-range communications were offline. Cronlich was very far. All the commander could do was wait for the frame to return, as per usual. Their pilots were the most loyal of the bunch. Trust didn't seem to be an issue... But it might have been. Because on that day, Prototype 05 did not return, even though calculations showed that it had enough power to do so.

2 years later, in a skirmish outside Tharishwall, units encountered something strange. It looked like their frame, but it shot at them.
Attempts to communicate or destroy it were futile, and 2 SZ-01 units were lost to the strange frame, later identified as the missing Prototype 05. It is unknown whether the original pilot was killed in action or betrayed the cause, but due to the circumstances, it was renamed "Traitor 5" for easy separation. As the Dawn Wind retreated from Tharishwall, so did Traitor 5. It has yet to be spotted again, although a pilot has reported that he had shot an SSR though its right leg.
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