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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:15 pm
by Vitoria

Maria looked upwards to the red and black mobile frame. It was similar in size and proportions to a Chub and shared a similar cockpit, yet most of their likeness ended there, a pair of antler-like antennas adorned a face dominated by a single round pink sensor. It carried a bigger shoulder armor plate on it's left side, and a rifle on it's right manipulator.

"-Well, that's your Boxy Boy. It may seem a little unspectacular, but it can pack a punch and sure can keep you alive." Said a wide and tall technician, just beside her. His imposing stature was neatly balanced by his calm and laid-back voice.

"-I'm not sure if I can really get this running smooth in a week." Said Maria.

"-Oh, don't worry. I heard you're used to an ST series frame right? The OS is pretty similar, you can't really fix what isn't broken. Ol' Sargent know what he is doing. Go inside and try to start it up!"

Under closer inspection the interior of the cockpit was different from everything that she had ever seen, not that she had been inside many frames to begin with. A brief, beaten manual sat at her seat. The starting up controls were fairly intuitive.

As the electric actuators started to hum, she felt a deep shudder, like she knew exactly how many times she would hear that sound again.

"-It's starting alright, I guess." She said through the intercom.

"-Great! Try to switch the maintenance transport mode and give it a test drive!" Said the technician.

As she pushed the control stick forward, the frame advanced it's left foot with a smooth pre-programmed step.
"That might not be all that hard after all!" She though.

Maria drove through the hangar with little issue and was already trying to switch the mo-cap mode on. "-How's she doing, Bob?" Said a short, funny looking old man to the technician. "-Heh, stop calling me that, Sargent." They shared a smile. "She will do fine, I'm happy to see some fresh faces around here." He assumed a more serious tone. "All preparations are on schedule, you will be able to sort on the beginning of the month, Sir!" The old man nodded, as a metal arm waved just above them.

To be continued.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:20 am
by Vitoria
"-Remember, we need to secure those energy sources at point Gamma. We probably won't be facing bogers today, but report any unusual sight immediately." Screamed Sargent through his frame Intercom, interrupted only by the noise of the drop-ship shaking.

"-What are those 'energy sources' anyway? Oil? Wind turbines?" Asked private Yokogawa, from inside her cockpit.

"-That's none of our business, we will secure a perimeter around the nav point and that's it" Replied Sargent.

Maria felt the heavy shaking as the ship finally dropped their forces. Her first official mission as a member of the Crimson Legion. A mix of excitement and anxiety flowed through her head.


Four frames were dropped on those dull beige plains, with nothing but a few old abandoned buildings on the horizon. Private Gibson dropped in a BM-05 Boxy Boy identical to Maria's. Sargent crawled on a four-legged SM-03 Reclusive Spider, sporting a big artillery cannon on it's right torso. Yokogawa run a chicken-like RM-04 Rahonavis, with vicious looking claws on it's feet.

"-Why couldn't the ship drop us closer to the nav point?"

"-Quit those hutching questions, Yoko! Remember, you go scout first, I'll stay behind, Boxy Boy units steadily on the middle, lets go!" Replied Sargent starting to look more nervous than he should.

Two hours passed by as they got closer to the nav point. Yoko had already spotted the building they were supposed to protect. Maria saw what seemed to be a wind turbine, but something wasn't right about it, sickly green crystals glowed ominously around it's base.

"-What the hutch is that?" Maria thought to herself.

"-They're here! They're here, hutch'dammit!" Yoko screamed as green plasma flew through the skies in her direction. She could avoid the fire, but just barely.

"-Who's here?" Thought Maria. As she saw a vision she would never forget.

Three frames approached the installations from behind. They seemed to be Chubs, but instead of the usual cockpit armor plating, their chest sported a complicated pattern, with an artifact on the upper left glowing the same sickly green color of the crystals she saw earlier.

"-Neon Knights!" Screamed Sargent through the intercom.

To be continued

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:47 pm
by Vitoria
"-Yoko, retreat! All units, give her support!" Ordered Sargent.


All three of the visible enemy units closed on Yoko's frame. Two of them carried plasma rifles and fired continuously from a safe distance. The third, carried a white shield on it's right shoulder, instead of the standard black. "-Ace unit!" Yoko thought, as the enemy frame charged right next to her, igniting a bright green fusion edge plasma blade in her direction.

"-Yoko, run!" Maria screamed through the intercom, firing her own plasma rifle at the closing enemy. All of her shots grazed ground, missing her target by a few meters.

"-Hutch, that's how those guys actually fight, heh?" Whispered Sargent as he activated his crawling frame's special sensors and targeting systems.

Maria's HUD shone bright yellow, as her crosshair fixed automatically on the enemy's frame. "Thanks, Sargent!" She thought. Her next shot connected dead on target, tainting the white shield grey and stopping the enemy frame charge.

"-Thanks, hutch bunny!" Said Yoko through the intercom, as she forced her frame, full throttle, out of the enemy's direct-fire range.

Maria didn't have time to even smile, as Gibson's frame burned white hot. "-Artillery shells!" She could see Gibson jumping from his cockpit, both of his frames legs were busted, but she was happy to see he was fine, at least for now.

"-I can do that too, hutching slags!" Said Sargent as he fired his cannon, a heavy artillery shell punched right through one of the Chubs shoulder, forcing it to drop it's plasma rifle.

To be continued

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:43 pm
by Vitoria
"-They got Huggin's arm of?" Whispered a tall and slender woman from inside her modified ST-07 Chub.

"-It was a lucky shot, don't worry, they will resume their withdrawal." Answered the Ijad hanging on her neck.

"-Do you think they know about the mines?" She questioned.

"-Whoever is paying them knows."

"-Will they come back?"



Maria and Yoko could already see Sargent's spider on the horizon. Dust and sand flew as their Mobile Frames dashed through the plains.

"-Will Gibson be ok?" Maria couldn't take the image of his Boxy Boy legs falling apart.

"-Don't worry, hutch bunny. He should have enough rations to spend the night out, but he will probably meet us in alpha before dawn." Answered Yoko.

"-Those guys, who are they?"

"-Ask Sargent, I have no idea. They're certainly no grashers."

"-We will discuss this back home while you both hand me your reports." Shouted Sargent through the intercom, he could hear their conversation the entire time.

To be continued

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:06 pm
by Vitoria
Two days have passed since the plains encounter. Gibson was able to get back safely, which helped Maria cope better with the situation. Their reports didn't amount to anything special, but were still vastly more detailed than Sargent's official final report.

It was quiet afternoon in the Hangar, as the technicians took their time to do regular maintnence while the rest of the crew dealt with cargo and other menial tasks. Maria and Yoko took a small break between loads.

"-Neon Knights?"

"-Yup, hutch bunny!" Answered Yoko, sitting lazily in a small cargo container. "-I'm pretty sure that's what I've overheard from Sargent."

"-Why won't him tell us anything about that?" Maria still couldn't stop asking that question.

"-You know what they say. We're mercenaries. We got paid to shoot'em not know'em!" Shrugged Yoko.

"-We are not mercenaries!" Shouted Bob from behind, as he finished to remove a molten circuit from an old RM frame. "-We are private military contractors!"

"-Just fancy words, Bob!" Yoko had enough of that talk already.

Maria knew they were pretty much always contracted by the SU, which gave the Legion the aura of an official military, but she already knew that this facade could fade at any moment.

"-Well, don't get scared, ladies! Your frames are pretty much 100% now! I'm sure you can beat those neon slags to shreds!" Bob had just inserted fresh circuits in the vacant slot. "-Next deployment they won't see what hit them!"

"-Assuming they weren't some random pirates and that we gonna see them again!"

Maria knew deep down they would.

To be continued

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:00 pm
by Vitoria
After almost two months without a deployment, Maria started to feel the toil of the everyday life in the Legion. Infinite drills and maintenance and cleaning, on the bright side, she was already very comfortable with the Boxy Boy.

She felt somewhat guilty with relief as rumors of a new mission spread.


"-It's just a small warehouse." Reinforced Sargent. Their plan was really simple, Maria and Yoko would secure the area just long enough for Gibson and Lieutenant Chen extract some confidential cargo in the area. All Boxy Boys, except Yoko and her trusty custom Rahonavis. Maria begun to wonder how crazy were that girl for piloting that hutching thing, claws in the foot pads? That made no sense!

Sargent would be a nav point behind with a full company ready to support them. That didn't feel nice. If whatever they may face needed that much man-power, she was certainly in a risky role.

Once again, the dropship left her squad a few kilometers away from the main objective. The area was slightly more urbanized, a small gas station could be seen in the horizon, with a few warehouses, both new and old, around it. Yet, all seemed eerily desert.

Yoko reached the objective with no incident. No green plasma flying around this time! The Boxy Boys followed shortly.

"-Everything clear. Area secured." Informed Maria through the intercom.

Gibson and Chen quickly opened the warehouse door, Maria marveled at their use of a Boxy Boy manipulators. "Those are some macros, for sure!" She thought. They grabbed the door and forced it open with the very bare minimal damage to the locks, something she would need to study how to do.

Yet, what lied behind the doors made Maria forget whatever manipulator practice she was mustering. As a very familiar sickly green glow invaded her eyes once again.

To be continued