Journal of a foot soldier

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Journal of a foot soldier

Postby TheSiegeHowitzer » Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:26 pm

In orbit above Tarius 5
Day 7 in the service of the Cluster Federation
Yet another war of The Fringe Planets Federation

OK, where to begin...

Probably should introduce myself.

My name is Dave Thompson, and I am waiting for orders at a way station. Heck, I am not part of any particular squad in the military. I was conscripted on my home planet of, well, it is a new(ish) colony (it is about forty years old) and it has no official name yet, but I call it Green because of the immense amount of green vegetation. Which is a surprise because it is located at the outer edge of the Outer Rim, where technology is hard to come by.

After being rushed through basic training me and a lot of other recruits were placed on a transport and taken to this station. After we arrived we were given standard issue gear but no weapons. From time to time a person would come by and call names. They would then be taken to who knows where and receive more advanced training. Of what, I have some idea: Frames, air force, navy, army, the list goes on and on. Well it looks like my name is called, so I have to cut it short.
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Re: Journal of a foot soldier

Postby TheSiegeHowitzer » Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:33 pm

On planet Tarius 5
Day 10 in the service of the Cluster Federation.

After the shaky reentry into atmosphere onboard the transport (despite the crew chief saying it is safe. And I am sure some important part fell off) we landed and were rushed to trucks which took us to a Pioneer training facility. The Pioneers have a motto: "First on the ground, Last off the planet!" Which means we are the first ones into combat to blaze a path for the main force, and we are expected to be the rearguard. I am not proud of this, as the Pioneers are supposed to have a high casualty rate. Hopefully I will see through my first deployment.

Day 30

The training has been a blur. Weapons, explosives, frame training, physical training, map reading, everything was thrown at us and crammed into our minds. Now we are on yet another transport to another planet to fight for the "greater cause" of the Cluster Federation. I have been assigned to a squad, but because of the "reputation" we did not learn each others backgrounds, only our first names. John, Timmy, Skran(strange name), and our squad leader Og. Our squad is part of the first platoon of the third company of the Fifth Pioneer Battalion, the Fighting Fifth.

Day 40
On planet Apricot, of the Fruit System.

Our battalion landed in an area that has already been secured beforehand, and we saw the remains of the battle, and what was left of another Pioneer battalion being rotated off planet. We went to an assembly area and told to wait, which was a bit difficult because Apricot is a bit too close to its parent star, and is mostly a desert planet. Except at the poles, which there are vast seas and small continents. (Apricot is about three times the size of a planet called earth, but with about the same gravitational force.)

Looks like the trucks have arrived, and we are being ordered onto them. Its going to be a long few days.
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