Ymaran Buffalo and LH-01

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Ymaran Buffalo and LH-01

Postby soriansj » Tue Apr 19, 2016 5:18 pm

When the first human settlers arrived on Ymara, one of their first interests lay in domesticating what is now known as the Ymaran Buffalo (sometimes known as Ymaran Bison or just Bison). Ebensar, one of the first to arrive on Ymara, was quoted saying "This Bison is the most beautiful of bison I have seen across 4 systems". The typical Ymaran Bison stands at a whopping range of 6'1" and 6'6" at the shoulders (cows are usually in the lower end while bulls are in the higher). Cows can weigh up to 3100 lbs while bulls can reach upwards of 3500 lbs. The bison have a very large profile with bulls featuring noticeably engorged shoulder muscle bulges. Both cows and bulls feature horns (bull horns are larger than cow horns). Also, their hide can vary in color between brown, red, and black and have a thin layer of fur. Along the spine of both bulls and cows is an anomaly among cattle; protruding bony plates. It was later learned that these plates not only offer protection but also serves as heat syncs, especially during the extreme summer months. To date, the only known natural predators of the Ymaran Bison are the Defigo Hounds, Ymaran Magnum Cat, and the king of all Ymaran predators, Sea Dragons.

Initially, prospect for domestication, beef, and leather production seemed very promising and, above all, profiting.

This Bison, however, as many settlers found out the hard way, is an extremely tough, territorial, and aggressive creature (even the cows, but, especially the bulls). They have a tough and durable hide, able to withstand the extreme weather conditions and attacks by would-be predators. A single Bull was noted to fend off a pack of Defigo hounds (whom are usually efficient hunters). Isolating and capturing targeted herds is a deadly business venture. Moreover, breeding and domestication is nearly impossible as their tough hides proved too durable for cattle prods, sedatives, and tranquilizers to be able to extract reproductive fluids from the bulls. Penetrating the hide requires such force that it could render the beast severely injured or dead. So, for the next few years, the human settlers have, for the most part, left the bison alone.

Everything changed when the first Ijad settlers arrived on Ymara (mostly via stowaway). Most of the Ijad had to settle in outskirts of already established communities, due to tensions between them and the human settlers. This situation turned into a mixed blessing as this forced many Ijad to roam the plains of Ymara where some of them crossed paths with the bison. The Ijad closely observed the herds of the plains, noting how the bulls did everything they could to protect their own and their territory. Their natural character and tenacity, tough hide, and orderly hierarchy made them the ideal candidate for bonding. The issue was getting through the hide.

And then it happened. An older and wise Ijad named Abimehih spent a day, pondering the herds that travelled by during daylight. Nightfall came and several herds rested near the tree where Abimehih perched to observe. In the dead and silent of night, Abimehih made his way down from the tree and slowly approached what looked like behemoths next to him. The deep breaths and low grumbling the alpha bull made while it slept actually brought about a certain peace and calm to the soul. It was like a calling for Abimehih. He slowly slithered up the side of the bison... the beast apprarently wasn't disturbed at all. Abimehih perched on top of the foremost bony plate on the beast's spine, taking in the gentle rocking of the animal's breathing. That's when Abimehih noticed a soft spot in between each plate along the spine. This is what the animal would expose to the air in order to vent body heat. It was also the right fit for an Ijad.

The news spread very quickly among the Ijad. Before that year ended, the majority of the Ijad on Ymara made their bonds with an Ymaran Bison. Making the Ymaran plains a home became common place and the Ijad thrived because of that.

It was a good Era but an Era short lived. A rich, young, and ambitious Terran named Perime exploited an opportunity he found in a young unbonded Ijad. This Ijad’s name is Uguamhih but all Ymaran Ijad will forever know him as “Traitor Ug” (Ūgh), “Uguamh the cannibal”, or “Ug, Fallen from Grace”. Perime had tickled the “ears” of Ug with the promise of fortune and power. The proposition was greedy enough; use Ug to bond with a bull to ease domestication of the cows. The plan, however, was even more sinister. As it turns out, Abimehih’s bond was not only the alpha male of its herd; it was king of all herds in the region. In order to reach the highest number of domesticated animals, Abimehih and his bond, per Perime, needed to be removed.

Ug, though hesitant, agreed with Perime’s plan. He bonded with a promising young bull which was later named Little Red. For the next 2 years, Ug trained Red and ate plenty until the bull was fully grown. Red grew very large, even by Bison standards. Indeed, Perime and Ug had chosen an Alpha candidate. The time came when Ug and Red “assimilated” into Abimehih’s herd (more like infiltrated). For the next few months, Ug pretended to be submitted under Abimehih’s authority, waiting for the right opportunity. Opportunity came when a petty “argument” broke out between Abimehih and Ug. Ug challenged Abimehih. Abimehih reluctantly accepted and the first Ymaran “Bull Fight” took place. Abimehih’s bull was huge and strong and its instinct served it well up until this point. The bull’s wild instinct, however, did not prepare for Red’s speed, agility, and training. Abimehih was overcome and both he and his bond were killed that day.

The truth also came to light on that day when Ug and Red urged the majority of the unbounded cows and young bulls away from the herds for miles and miles straight into Perime’s lands. Ug didn’t stop there. Every week, Ug herded more cows and young bulls by the 100s, killing any competition or other alpha bulls. By the end of that year, Perime had numbered well over 10,000 cows and their young. With Ug and Red dominating over the herds, Perime was able to breed selectively. Within a few short years, Perime had built a monopoly in Bison beef, leather, and milk production. Production only increased as every new generation became tamer and tamer through selective breeding. Selected bulls can be slaughtered early on for beef, leather, and reproduction fluids while their hides were still in development. Selected cows were used for breeding and milk production.

A few young Ijad, seeing the prospect of prosperity, jumped on the bandwagon and began to work for Perime and Ug.

Over the next few years, a small number among the Ijad community (especially those that were among the Bison community) have collaborated to disrupt Perime’s operations. In addition, would be Terran competitors have also made attempts to sabotage operations and steal Bison. These activities were becoming more than a nuisance as the months and years progressed. A new operation began with Ug leading the way: Mobile Frames.

Up until this point, Perime had made great use of labor frames and even outfitted some for security. However, Ug and a select few among the Ijad working for Perime, began working with engineers, and brainstormed the idea that would later come to fruition: The LH-01 Series of mobile frames. The LH-01 is a dedicated combat mobile frame, despite its appearance as a beast of burden. In essence, it was designed to look like a large metallic version of the Bison, capable of ramming in close quarters, and hauling short and long range weapons. Both human and bonded Ijads (depending on the bond) are capable of operating the LH-01. Ug, bonded to Red, is unable to pilot but still oversees security operations. Red is a tough bull and can dish it up anyways.

Unfortunately, as in the case of all arms races, this one didn’t stop there. Competitors and other Ijad have also upped the ante. Time will tell what will happen in the end but one thing is for sure… the sun sets on every empire.

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