Audio file registered "Olmec" file #1-9

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Audio file registered "Olmec" file #1-9

Postby Lysandor8 » Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:06 pm

[forgive the grimness, if it is taken as so]
[constructive criticism welcomed, I hope folks like it]

++audio file begins++
Amazing Atimo: How much? It's not about how much, this is a high tech Holoplate, capable of recording, taking pictures, connecting to the local net, it also has voice recognition software. Its straight from Venus.
Guest: does it auto record like this on purpose?
Amazing Atimo: Ah, uh, yes. It logs them and stores them, you can listen to them later and-
Guest: How much pusher?
Amazing Atimo: My friend, I will ignore your rudeness, but I can sell it to you for two hundred wulong.
Guest: how about a hundred fifty, and I'll give you twenty for the solar charg- wow...
Amazing Atimo: Yes, the beauty that is New Wymore. We're you landing?
Guest: The first light zone, is it true it doesn't rotate, at all?
Amazing Atimo: yup, been on the transit gate for fifteen years, that big ball of dirt doesn't even twitch! Poor planet, one side bakes, the other freezes, the middle is quite nice I hear. If it wasn't in the habitable zone it would just be another stone in the system.
Guest: yeah, dindy well odd planet. Now how do I shut this thing off.
Amazing Atimo: ah, yes, let me see the Holoplate.
Guest: I meant you, here's your wulong.
++audio file ends++

++audio file begins++
(Voices and machinery can be heard in the background, a mans voice breaks through clearly, with a woman responding at what seems to be varying distance)
"Helena look at that sun, it's so hutching purdy"
"Olmec stop gawking you goof, that loader is gonna squish you!"
(Giggling can be heard, along with some loud clanks. Reminiscent of a man striking metal with a wrench.)
Olmec: Damn grashers, think they own the ramp, cause there all metal and four meters tall
Helena: Well they are loading the dropship Olmec, now we're we meeting that friend you talked about.
Olmec: this way, come along, I'll take the bags. Here take the Holoplate.
(Some shuffling can be heard, and machinery noises and jet engines powering up is slowly replaced by marketplace background noise.)
Helena: hey, so do you trust this guy. I know you said he was affiliated with the transit authority, but can we trust him?
Olmec: yeah, of course, he got us the tickets too this dust ball. He also set me up with this dindy fine job.
Helena: okay, I'm ju-
Olmec: there he is, Franco! Franco! Hey there ya muscled juke!
++audio file ends++

++audio file begins++
Olmec: wh- what do you mean it's a temp job? Dindy it all ya grasher, I have a wife to take care of!
Franco: look, I'm sorry, but with pressure from the government I can't keep temps on any mo-
Olmec: you said I had a career you son of a-!
Helena: (in a stern voice)Olmec calm down.
(A sigh is heard, and silence reigns for a few seconds)
Helena: (in a whisper)how did this damn thing turn on again.
++audio file ends++

++audio file begins++
(Music plays faintly in the background, along with noises of a busy intersection.)
Olmec: watch were ya sit!
Neema: oops, sorry. So was that your girl bringing you lunch?
Olmec: mmhmm, now how the chabbing hash did you shred all the muscle cylinders on this leg? (Pause)dindy...
Neema: well, that's easy. Out on the fringes, they got these little sand cats. They attack anything smaller than a dropship. Razor sharp teeth and claws, they jump on ya out of no where and suddenly. (Gnawing noises can be heard)
Olmec: heh, gotcha, well they sure rip up exposed muscle cylinders.
Neema: so about that wife.
Olmec: you mention her again Grasher, and I'll dindy well crack you one.
Neema: what? I'm just trying to get to know my mechanic. He seems like a nice guy, except for threats with a muscle cylinder feeder.
Olmec: yeah, well this is the last time I'm your mechanic. My contract was done two days ago, this was charity from Franco. The UMFL doesn't let uncontracted mechanics work on there frames.
Neema: I'm sorry Olmec. I'd talk to some of the farmers for ya, but with the free colony figh- sorry, not supposed to be calling them that. The Authorities would have my head.
Olmec: thanks for the thought, but I can make my own way Neema. Pass me my Holoplate, I gotta run a diagnostic, also she's reset, your gonna have to run her through the ropes again.
++parental settings in effect for thirty seconds++
++audio file ends++

++audio file begins++
(A thud is heard.)
Olmec: evening Hun.
Helena: hey, how'd it go?
Olmec: Dindy well nothing, the farmers aren't looking for anyone, and the space dock isn't hiring anyone who isn't contracted.
(A sigh fills the silence)
Olmec: look, I'm trying, I even tried some of the grocers, just as a labor job.
Helena: we could of had a life back on Redgate, we both had jobs, we weren't living In a shack at the outskirts of a city.
Olmec: it'll ge-
Helena: don't give me that crap.
(Forty five seconds of silence is removed)
Helena: I wanna go home.
Olmec: we don't have the wulong.
Helena: a- actually we do.
Olmec: Helena, where's your ring?
Helena: (in a whisper)I wanna go home.
Olmec: Dindy it all Helena...
(Sobbing is heard, then a door opens and closes, crashing and slamming, then a thud)
++audio file ends++

++audio file begins++
Neema: why do I keep sitting on this thing?
Olmec: (voice is low and raspy)cause you have a big butt.
Neema: hah, big words coming from a grasher with no lady, and no pride.
Olmec: I swear Neema.
Neema: hey, I says them as I sees'em. Plus, what are you gonna do about it?
Olmec: I'll beat you with a Ghanat Wrench if you keep it up, the hutch do you want?
Neema: I have a job for you.
(Thirty two seconds of silence is removed)
Neema: I know your low, and if it wasn't for the humanitarian folks you'd be dead. So I have a job for you, it's dangerous, and could get you killed, from were I'm standing your on borrowed time any way. So c'mon.
Olmec: Neema, stick your head in a chaff launcher.
(A muffled laugh is heard)
Neema: get your chabbing butt up, I'll handcuff you to my frame if I have too. I'm joining the free colony movement. I need a mechanic. If you don't come along I'll have to shoot you.
Olmec: you dindy well aren't. The hell would you do that for?
Neema: The UMFL is pulling out in two years, this dust ball has been picked clean of any substantial wealth, there leaving behind a militia to enforce the solar Union laws. My whole company is going AWOL. Paints a pretty clear picture don't it.
Guest: (in a whisper) this isn't gonna work.
Neema: Mir be quiet.
Olmec: let me borrow your pistol, and I'll come along.
Neema: I dun-
Olmec: then hutch off.
++audio log auto closes after five minutes of silence++

++audio log begins++
Franco: Olmec? Is that you? You look like five miles of bad road.
Olmec: I found a job.
Franco: really? That's great, I hope things a- are okay between us.
Olmec: you heard my wife left?
Franco: ye-
Olmec: and I've been out of work for months, and I've been living off half rations of rice and carb packets, and I have been doing a lot of thinking of why that's been.
(A metallic click is heard)
Franco: oh hutch man, grash me sideways, h- hey. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
(Multiple gunshots go off until hard metallic clicks repeat themselves, at some point someone begins sobbing)
++audio file ends++

++audio file begins++
Neema: alright, thanks, and empty. I'd ask what you did with the sixteen bullets, but I'd rather not know. Let me introduce you to the squad.
Olmec: look Neema. I don't want to get to know these people, I just want to fix frames.
Neema: Stop. Look Olmec, we are barely friends, these people are scared out of there minds, and they don't know you. We not only need a good mechanic, we need another person. If you can't act like a grashing human, instead of this dindy useless fool. (A series of metallic clicks are heard) I'll shoot you myself.
Olmec: no you won't, you need a mechanic. (A deep breathe is heard, then a sigh) who's that?
Neema: that's Rosa, her husband, and her three kids. She's our shield Frame. That's Mir, Jinn, Deko, and Elroy. All soldier frames, Dekos' frame was the one you kept getting in Franco's shop all torn up cause he'd go all pelmel at whatever was in front of him. That's Sargeant Kite, and that's Entinios' frame. Hey! Sarge, we're is Entinio?
Kite: He couldn't make it. We're moving out in ten, Rosa, can your hubby pilot a mech?
Rosa: He's a florist sarge, my pappi has got soft hands.
Guest: moooom, gross!
Neema: Hey Sergeant, Olmec can pilot!
Olmec: I'd rather not-
Kite: get him in, we gotta get-
(An explosion cuts him off, another louder explosion followed by a rustle and yelling)
++audio file ends++

++audio file begins++
++parental settings in effect for three minutes++
Olmec: Dindy it all. Work damn it!
(Muffled explosions turn into a muted humming. Automatic fire and the whistle of a rocket drowns out all noise until)
++background noise muted too thirty seven percent++
Neema: Olmec! Olmec!
Kite: Neema shut your chabbing mouth! Olmec I need you to pulse the field for threats, and you need to move out. The controls are tough, but I can walk you-
Olmec: it's a dindy high-legs Kite, I could rebuild it blind. As for your pulse... There. Six UMFL marked sixty meters out, artillery frame a hundred fourteen meters out. They're getting closer, but doing it weird.
Rosa: I got eyes, covering advance, no shield frames. It's second squad, that armory rat must of told them. Shuk Frame to the southwest.
Olmec: what the hells a Shuk?
Neema: stealth hunter killer, you won't see it till its on you. Whoa! Sarge!
Kite: Deko move behind Rosa, Neema hit that point Chub with your rifle. Why isn't that truck moving!
Guest(Pappi): I'm going, I'm going! Dios mio!
Jinn: found the Shuk, Olmec is closest.
Neema: chub pinned, got him marked.
Kite: every one pull back with the truck two by two behind Rosa, Olmec hit that Shuk with your one shots.
Olmec: sure, yeah, dindy. Button, target lock. Well that was easy.
Kite: Olmec cut your chatter.
Olmec: shove it Grasher! I'm not one of your grunts, I'll get it. Oh well, I thought he'd look bigger, what's that rod?
Rosa: Lightning cannon, hit your jets!
Olmec: alright, holy-!
++parental settings in effect++
Olmec:(screaming) -ing thing moves! Rockets away! Woo!
Jinn: Shuk pulling back, confirming hit on ECM Suite, Olmec could you confirm.
Olmec: yeah, I see him now, there all stopping, the frames are holding at the city limits proper. Oh, wait I got four more frames appearing along the trucks route.
Kite: that's are rendezvous, free colony guerrillas. Let's get moving before second squad changes its mind. Not out of the bush yet, keep your eyes open. Olmec and Jinn take point with the truck, Rosa rear guard. Let's go.
Olmec: bush? What the dindy is he talking about.
Neema: Old legion saying. Hey Olmec.
Olmec: what?
Neema: Your a dindy bad frame pilot!
++low battery warning++
(Laughter can be heard)
Kite: Alright, cut the chatter. Let's get moving and meet our new friends.
++audio file ends++
++powering down++
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Re: Audio file registered "Olmec" file #1-9

Postby Vitoria » Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:33 am

That was really nice!

The battle in the end is very reminiscing of the actual game, and I liked the log format.
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Re: Audio file registered "Olmec" file #1-9

Postby Lysandor8 » Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:02 pm


I wasn't so sure about the audio file format, but I was satisfied with how it came out.

I really like the idea of using a battle as a basis, then explaining it from the point of view of the soldiers on the ground. I'm working on more but not sure the angle I want to take it,

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