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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:02 am
by gusindor
Yikes! "Super-soldier project gone wrong" is a tried and true premise, but you're carrying it with a level of suspense and creepiness that's really making it work.

I'm curious about how Thanatos got the Ijad to cooperate with this project, I can think of several possibilities and all of them are concerning.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:18 am
by NinjaLegendDoom
gusindor wrote:Yikes! "Super-soldier project gone wrong" is a tried and true premise, but you're carrying it with a level of suspense and creepiness that's really making it work.

I'm curious about how Thanatos got the Ijad to cooperate with this project, I can think of several possibilities and all of them are concerning.

Thank you! At first I was hesitant to use the Super-Soldier project (originally it was going to be an alien symbiont; that made it extremely difficult to write without it being a hive mind), however the more I wrote about the setting the better I felt about Thanatos doing some experiments with the Ijad...

And yes, more will come from that story branch in the future.


PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:19 am
by NinjaLegendDoom
Location: Erebus; TEM Bootcamp Foxtrot
Unit: None Assigned (Training Grounds Backup Recording Device)
WARNING!!! Tra...mis... INTER.... Tonight it Ends

Aleksei at first was to shocked to realize he had dropped to the ground. The Conscript had pulled him so quickly from the barracks he was still haunted by his friends. The rain pounded around him, and he realized that what sounded like thunder was actually the sound of battle.

Lightning flashed, and for a couple of seconds Aleksei witnessed TEM training Chubs locked in combat with the older Commissars. What could possibly cause my friends to fight our allies?

The Commissar that was carrying him jerked under a light impact, and the pilot quickly, but gently set Aleksei down. The Commissar motioned with its now free hand towards the armory... Aleksei noticed that twin Commisars were standing guard outside.

It had to be a good one hundred meters to the huddled structure, and every square was covered in Frames... ]And them, he couldn't help thinking. Aleksei knew his chances were slim outside of his melee chub, and without a second thought sprinted forward.

It was the closest to an out of body experience he had had. Flashes of movement caught his eye, lit only by flashes of lighting and glowing vegetation...

A Yellow Commissar used a modified phaseaxe to disarm a camo Chub... Five Imp hardsuits jumped from the edge of the forest and used mining lasers to literally take the legs out of a Landscript...

He still had fifty meters to go...

Ten meters to his side a badly aimed Single Shot Rocket impacted the side of the Communications Center, blowing the roof and an entire wall away... The Black Commissar that had been carrying him aimed carefully and its Caseless Rifle caused a heavily damaged chub to fall...

Aleksei's attention was so split, he almost didn't notice the small figures of crashed pilots retreating from the front lines. One of which stood directly in his path! His reflexes were all that allowed him to dive to the side... As he dove, he saw it was a second year Cadet.

She had been in his classes once, and seemed very shy. He could not recall her name, but remembered she had the most stunning grey eyes. As she turned now, the glow of the forest revealed dark spikes of black on her face, and cold black eyes. Her eyes awoke an unnamed fear inside of Aleksei, causing him to land flat on his face. He lay on the midnight soil, and thought, This is the end.

A second passed... Followed by a minute. Aleksei dared to look up.

She was a statue, staring in his direction... She was a meter away from him, but didn't seem to care he existed. Two meters in the distance he heard a pilot groan. Over the staccato of the battle, Aleksei could hear the static from the man's radio.

"Cap... Captain? We need... to... fall..."

The static seemed to bring her to her senses... She ran in the opposite direction and grabbed the pilot by his tactical harness! In the dull light Aleksei could not see what the Cadet did (but it appeared as if she was bandaging a wound), but the man screamed....

It was a scream he had heard before... the tone was dire, and rose until only animals could hear it. As Aleksei lay shocked, he heard the man gurgle unintelligibly....

Before he shut his eyes in disbelief and fear, Aleksei saw the pilot and Cadet rise... Both set off in the same direction...

Both were heading to the Mining camp!


PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:35 am
by NinjaLegendDoom
Location: Erebus; Nova Moscow Research Center (Thanatos)
Unit: ACE (Illeagal broadcasting Device Detected!!!)
... The End Comes..

The medical facility was impressive, but strange. The Raven had only had to work on willing subjects previously... Thanatos seemed to not care how much discomfort the restraints would cause; nor how much more difficult her job would be using a robot as her hands.

Merely two meters away through a double layer of Bullet proof Clear Steel lay Subject One. She was heavily sedated, and her head was lolling listlessly from side to side. The black mist had followed her into the room when two Thanatos lackeys pulled her in wearing full biohazard suits.

While Raven waited for Concord to give her the last permission to start, Raven pondered what had happened to Subject One... Concord had been very lax when it came to details... and she was not authorized to pull any information from the Eperimental Warfare servers.

The intercom chimed a long forgotten tune from the days of Terra.

"You are go for the procedure," Concord's bass rumble began. "Remember, time is of the essence. If you aren't done in 2 hours we will find a more qualified candidate for your job."

The Raven hadn't signed up for this... her Job was to free Erebus... not continue it's enslavement. She stared at the hographic interface the surrounded her hands, the blue glow seeming to remind her of simpler times... the ones she only had heard of from generations past...

The ones that her grandfather had told her. Living among the blue glow of the trees, and never being drafted into interplanetary conflicts.

The Raven's mind was set.. she clamped her fist shut and the bindings fell away from Subject Two.

"What are you doing Dr.?!?" Concords voice seemed to be pleading.. and quite satisfyingly panicked. "She is dangerous beyond all comprehension!"

The doors behind her were rapidly sliding outwards and she could feel the rough hands of security grasping her. Raven was screaming, clawing to move the robot to the medications tray.

Suddenly, the lights flickered. Security had stopped as though surprised. Raven spared a glance to the medical bay... As if rising from the dead, Subject One slid to a standing position. The Darkness inside seemed to swirl into an enraged Tornado. The Clear Steel seemed to crack..

Raven watched disbelieving as the robot arms that were under her control picked a titanium beam from the roof and speared it repeatedly through the Clear Steel.

Raven ran to the door as both security officers opened fire. She could hear the projectiles impacting metal, but never finding flesh. She turned once out the door to make sure she wasn't being pursued.

It was walking towards her... those pure black eyes so alien and cold.. every source of illumination behind Subject One blew outward in a horrifyingly beautiful shower of sparks, and for a split second it seemed it was bathing in them...

Raven lost all her courage.. as she sprinted down the hallway, she could hear the security officers' screams, that quickly rose into unhearable ranges...

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:39 am
by NinjaLegendDoom
Hey all, first I wanted to say sorry for no updates for almost a year. It has been far too long since I entered the wonderful setting of Mobile Frame Zero.

A whole year has passed since my last chapter... Can you all believe it! I really want to thank you for your patience and for everyone who has stopped to read from this. More will follow as time permits, but you all are great!

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 6:44 am
by Vitoria
NinjaLegendDoom wrote:Hey all, first I wanted to say sorry for no updates for almost a year. It has been far too long since I entered the wonderful setting of Mobile Frame Zero.

A whole year has passed since my last chapter... Can you all believe it! I really want to thank you for your patience and for everyone who has stopped to read from this. More will follow as time permits, but you all are great!

Worry not!

One of the beauties of traditional web forums like over newer social media is that is fairly straightforward to pick up where you left. I too have a fanfic that I'll probably take years to finish, and that's ok. This is a game - This is fun - All your posts should reflect this.

Re: Last Transmission

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:35 am
by NinjaLegendDoom
Worry not!

One of the beauties of traditional web forums like over newer social media is that is fairly straightforward to pick up where you left. I too have a fanfic that I'll probably take years to finish, and that's ok. This is a game - This is fun - All your posts should reflect this.

Thank you Vitor! I definitely feel that's the way it should be. I just hate To Be Continued.. :lol:


PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 3:59 am
by NinjaLegendDoom
Location: Extrapolated, Recording on Erebus: Area Unknown
Unit: Remnant of Erebus First and Only (Suit recording device suspected Corruption)
Freedom Has Come. Tonight we Rise

Dmitri wasn't sure when the dream started. All he could see around him was haze and shadows. The darkness stretched out into eternity, and the void only served to give him a headache. He knew he was still in the cockpit and could feel the rain beating on exposed skin... Yet he could not feel pain.

The hair on the back of his neck raised, and he could feel goosebumps covering his exposed skin. What happened to my suit, his mind dully attempted to wake him, to bring awareness of his outside conditions. However, his body was heavy and far to weary to awaken fully.

He could feel almost a pinprick of pain through the haze, and witness a dull outline through his cracked visor.

Ahead the haze parted, and a woman wearing ranked fatigues of the TEMs. Her irises were black, contrasting with the whiteness of the rest of her eyes and she was covered in midnight tattoos.

He shifted uncomfortably as the pain somehow seeped through his painkillers, digging deeply into his very soul. He wanted to scream, but his voice never escaped. He could hear her speaking, driving pain into his mind, but no words formed from her mouth.

"You have been chosen," the woman wasn't shouting but her words echoed.

Even in his dream state, Sadowski's body was curling reflexively in pain... he looked to his arms that were bare as he hunched...

White spikes were appearing where no tattoos were before... It was almost crawling beastlike through his veins.

The pain kept increasing.

The woman had closed the distance in supernatural speed. She was supporting him as her mental conversation continued.

"We were made as servants... To wage constant unending war. You will be our Herald, our only natural voice."

Images began to tumble through Dmitri's mind... He was... Downloading? Things he had never seen before.

He witnessed a small colony of Ijad. Four companies of Frames advanced weapons ready, painted in the tan and white of Thanatos Corp. Two Ijad elders attached to Ganat advanced, one even carrying a white flag. The image seemed to flicker to static, but stabilized to show a burning village. An oversized transport with a cage, and the remnants imprisoned inside.

The pain was intensifying. Dmitri couldn't stand and was only kept upright by the supporting shoulder of the woman.

"Tonight, Thanatos will pay... We may not survive." The woman's drone quavered for a moment. "You must survive. You are our herald, and we will make sure you can tell all."

Sadowski was crying in mental and physical anguish. The SU would never go to such lengths.

More images entered his head, some of the Ijad being dissected in labs. Others of Ijad being indoctrinated and forcibly bonded to humans. He also saw the next generation of Ijad, and a group of kidnapped pilots used to further Thanatos' reach. But the last images scarred him most.

He saw a woman, the very same who was standing in front of him. One man in a lab coat was swabbing her neck, and another carried a tray of syringes. Attached to her back a mature Ijad rested. The scientist loaded a syringe with pure black liquid and swiftly injected it below her jaw.

He could see her anguish, screaming until blood came from her mouth... The scientists rushed to hold her down and injected another liquid, causing her to go unconscious. As she fell on her face, Dmitri could just make out the antenna of the Ijad, shriveled and blackened.

Dmitri turned his head as best he could, the pain still breaking through all painkillers. For a moment her visage was broken. Tears flowed freely from her eyes and mental pain oozed through him.

"We are a new species." She was almost drowned out by the pain. "You are the only one who will save us."

In his dream Sadowski finally hit the ground, pain overwhelming him.

He snapped awake! The sleeve of his unbroken arm was ripped open and over him stood a different woman. Her eyes were the same black of the Grim Angel. She was gently wrapping his arm in a bandage.

We mean you no harm

The thought wasn't his. He almost felt helpless in his own skin. The pain was threatening to put him back unconscious.

We must get to Nova Moscow. She looked him in the eyes. Thanatos has called in their last countermeasure. You must survive to speak for us.

She pried off his harness and lifted him with a little difficulty. Outside another young man was waiting. His eyes were the same, and his face bore black spikes on his cheeks. Together they lifted him into a simple mining truck.

He tried to speak, or even think. However, the pain mixed with the sedative made him slow to react. Black edged his vision.

Before Sadowski completely fell into comfortable oblivion, he could see his reflection in what was left of his visor.

His Green eyes had changed to white... As he slumped forwards, he could see between the bandages.

White spikes now rode his skin. He would never awaken from this nightmare.


Six months have passed already? Man how time flies!!!

This was probably the hardest chapter for me to write. Of course in MF0 all sides have their own point of view, but I could never see Thanatos Corp as anything but a profit making heartless corporation. I guess we all can blame that on my personal love of the Alien franchise.

Also I knew the time would have to come when the story would take at least a partially dark turn. But this one seems darker than I originally planned. RL has thrown me a lot of Challenges over the past six months, and has tested me to my limits. Writing this has really helped me though. And my love for MF0 grows every time I get a chance to write more on the Lore for my campaign.

Thank you all for reading so far, more will come as I have time.


PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:23 am
by NinjaLegendDoom
Location: Erebus; Nova Moscow Research Center (Thanatos)
Unit: ACE (Illegal broadcasting Device Detected!!!)
System Cleansed

The Raven looked over her shoulders and only saw darkness. Only five minutes had passed since the Subject's escape, five minutes of pure darkness and fear. While the Subject had only been walking towards the Raven when she escaped her surgical theater, it was impossible to tell if she was currently ahead of Raven.

The seconds stretched to millennium, and the minutes seemed an eternity. Raven could hear footsteps racing and trooping throughout the facility, but any illumination was quickly blackened, giving the distinct impression the Subject was moments from overtaking her. The noise was the worst. At times she could hear voices panicking and screaming past. At others she heard blood curling screams of those unfortunate enough to meet the Subject. Raven's footsteps were the only sounds she could trust... All else seemed determined to confuse her.


"HUTCH," Raven attempted to swear silently, and was surprised to hear her own voice in a hissed whisper.

Raven ricocheted off a solid surface, and realized she had to stop. The Experimental Warfare department was not what she was used to; she would be lost forever unless she could use some of her medical gear. Sliding to the floor against the object, seeking to hide a bit from the Subject, Raven dug through her lab coat.

After two long minutes she felt what she was seeking, a rolled up film-like apparatus. Unravelling it slowly over her eyes, she was treated to seeing the world in complete black and white. The Ultrasound film was normally used in her medical ward to seek blockages in human bodies, or to help comfort a pregnant mother. At least Concord let her keep her old smock.

She found she was up against a desk, in the sea of servers... This would normally have caused her to celebrate; all that knowledge to drive off the Corporation! Raven knew that the Subject had somehow taken all the power from the building.

The Raven kept her head low; the contrast allowed her to make out the floor and objects in the room, but she had yet to see another human...

The breath was stolen from her lungs; the glasses allowed her to only see a silhouette around the corner from her! It was overshadowed by darting pixel thin objects. Raven carefully crawled forward. The Subject might not have noticed her, but she knew that would not last long. The blob like objects blurred beside her as Raven focused on moving to the Janitor-Bot (glorified vacuum it was) in front of her. As she approached, she heard it's automated voice, "Where are you Doctor?"

Chills ran down her spine as Raven tried to remain calm. The Subject could connect with any electronics.... She could use them as easily as Raven could use her hands.

"I've found you."


It's been a while since I've been actively updating this story. It has been weighing on my mind how to procede with the Story. I have at least three more chapters left in this portion of setting up Erebus for current Solar Calendar year. A big thank you to everyone who has read and continued to read this story, I hope this chapter was worth the wait... I certainly had fun writing it!

Out Running the Apocalypse

PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:23 pm
by NinjaLegendDoom
Location: Erebus; TEM Bootcamp Foxtrot
Unit: None Assigned (Redundant Exterior Backup Device)
WARNING!!! Evacuation Procedures in Effect!

Aleksei peered past the clump of grass he considered "camouflage". Over the course of the last hour he had crawled five meters, and thankfully had not run into any more "Prizrak" (they seemed to fit the description Aleksei's parents used for those ghosts). The other pilots had long since either evacuated the field or were currently rushing to get to the last remaining training frames. The Hail mixed with the downpour made it almost impossible to focus on the pilots; only the frames were obvious to the naked eye.

The battle had taken fully half of the UMFL frames out of action, and of those remaining the Black Commissar alone was untouched. The eerie light off the forest penetrated through the remaining frames, giving them an almost ethereal ghastly glow. Aleksei knew he had to run the last five meters, the UMFL could pull back at any moment for much needed repairs.

Aleksei stood to sprint, when he noticed an abandoned Imp. It must have been from the Prizrak! He slowly walked around the hardsuit, looking for anything out of place. Unlike most of the swarming suits, this Imp was equipped with a heavy rock laser and an advanced communications suite. It must have been used by a mining foreman in the past. Nothing seemed out of place.

Alekei flipped the entry switch; the front of the hardsuit folded outward, making the machine appear to be missing its front half. Aleksei braced his feet against the bottom plate, and pulled his arms into the suit's arms. Volkov's head entered the helmet and he chinned the close controls. The Imp closed and Alkesei felt as though he could not move; he was stuck standing, but at least he had a few centimeters of precious armor.

The radio crackled to life, as did his motion dectector.

"-Xiang those silent bastards are coming up on your six!"

"Weber, command just sent more-"

"Unless that sentence ends in reinforcements, I don't care."

Aleksei could hear the panic in the soldier's voices. He idly wondered if any of the recruits were fighting with the UMFL, but an explosion near the fuel depot brought him back to reality.

"Shadow company, this is Private Volkov I am two mikes from your position," Aleksei's voice sounded so young compared to the vets, "I have comandeered a Hardsuit, please watch for friendly fire."

Even as he spoke, Aleksei knew it would be impossible to make him out versus the anthill of hardsuits still on the field. Even as he finished his transmission the Yellow Commissar (now down to only its phase axe and white exoskeleton) stomped an Imp while pinning another to a glowing tree with the nub of an arm.

"Volkov, this is PFC Weber, where are you?" Asked the fimiliar voice. Before Aleksei could answer, his radio was overridden by the planetary emergency broadcast system.

"Attention Citizens and Soldiers of Erebus, due to planetary emergency it is asked that everyone retreat to the Nova Moscow Spaceport, or other shelter. For the Soldiers in the field, switch to Military band for more information."

The Imp's heads-up display tracked Aleksei's eye movements, pulling up radio frequencies. Aleksei found the proper frequency and spoke the corresponding password, "Mike, Alpha, Romeo, Kilo."

"-Has been approved. Please seek shelter at the nearest ECM reinforced building. The Thanatos Corporation has approved planet-wide EMP, in order to put down the planet-sized revolt. Pulse will start at 0600. To protect your frame's precious electronic components all Military personell are to retreat to the EMP shielded Spaceport. Repeat, EMP has been approved. Pease seek shelter-"

Volkov paled. The nearest shelter to camp foxtrot was Sixty Kilometers through the rainforest; they had three hours, and an unknown amount of revolutionaries to fight.

It was going to be a long night.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:00 am
by spacemonkey
Ooh, the intensity keeps ratcheting up! I'm glad to see you diving back into this story, NinjaLegendDoom!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:08 pm
by NinjaLegendDoom
spacemonkey wrote:Ooh, the intensity keeps ratcheting up! I'm glad to see you diving back into this story, NinjaLegendDoom!

Thank you spacemonkey, I am glad you and the others have been so patient waiting for the story to continue!


PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:41 pm
by NinjaLegendDoom
Location: Erebus; Nova Moscow Research Center (Thanatos)
Unit: ACE (Illegal broadcasting Device Detected!!!)
WARNING!!! Seek Shelter Immediately!!!

The Raven was frozen in fear.... The white contrast on her Ultrasound film could hardly make out the Subject's silhouette. The footsteps seemed to echo in her mind and she knew that soon she would be prey. In the darkness she had not seen what happened to the Subject's victims, only that it included copious amounts of screaming and, more than likely, pain.

Time slowed to a standstill. Raven feared her sacrifice attempting to free Erebus would be in vain... She had freed its destruction! She felt tears of frustration escaping underneath the film. No, she mentally screamed, This is NOT the end.

A growl brought her back to reality. At first she assumed it was her own determination to survive, but the pitch of the growl was too low for her. Seeing as if for the first time through the film, she watched in silent horror as Subject One picked up Dr. Concord and smashed him on the cieling. The cloud surrounding the Suject turned into an angry swarm, making the sound seem much further from the Raven.

"Your anger will not save you, you B-," began Concord in his low rumble, the end of his sentence broken off by a punch that threw his body through a desk.

Pain edged his voice, "Was this your plan to make Erebus freaks? YOU KNOW WHAT OUR POLICY IS FOR THIS SITUATION!"

Raven could not help but wince at the pain and desperation in Concord's voice. She could see the Subject using her close combat training, not even answering his goads. She kicked him against a wall.

Raven was considering her options, knowing she could escape when she noticed a message written in her film... The font the same from their first meeting, "Your precious EMP will only hide your sins for a short while."

EMP? The Raven thought back to her own orientation in the medical center... The Head of Medicine had warned them of wondering off in the facility. He was a jolly man who cracked jokes at inappropriate times, so she had thought nothing of the warning he gave; "The Experimental warfare department you should especially avoid. We wouldn't want you sending Erebus back to the Stone Age on accident."

Rage shot through Raven, the adrenaline driving her to her feet. She was screaming, her normally calm demeanor replaced by cold fury.


In the film Concord turned, just as Subject one backhanded him cratering the wall behind. Subject One glanced back, realizing she was not alone for her vengeance, the Subject caused the Monitors in the room to burst, the sparks confusing the Raven's vision. By the time the film cleared the Subject had vanished.

Dim light filtered below the film and Raven threw it off. Two lights functioned in the server farm showing the spindly Concord who had slid to the ground. Raven advanced furiously towards the scientist, but paused as she saw a small red puddle spreading outwards from between his legs.

He was smugly smiling, "...I.. should have known... the.. d..aughter of Van Hhhh... Huesen would betray me..."

Raven was taken aback, her father was currently an activist on Terra, petitioning the SU to free Erebus from outside influence. He had known. As she was about to question him further, she realized what he was doing.

"How many people are you going to hurt? How many carry these Nanobots?"

Concord smiled, showing red on his teeth. "My d...ear 'Klaus'... I ex...pect a good..... ninety will be in.... a coma.. like S...S...Subject... Two."

He pointed a shaky hand towards the last functioning monitor... On the horizon she saw a blue flash.

The Race

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:52 am
by NinjaLegendDoom
Location: Erebus; TEM Bootcamp Foxtrot, Outskirts
Unit: Mixed Unassigned and UMFL Shadow Company
WARNING!!! Planetary Shelter Protocol is in Effect!!! Find Shelter Immediately!

Sixty Kilometers to go. Inside his head, ALeksei already had a silent countdown ticking off the seconds until he would be caught outside. HIs new Imp would die, and most of his viewscreens would throw shrapnel into his unhelmeted head... Definitely not ideal.

After the electronic message had finished, the enemy hardsuits scattered, the opposite direction from the bunker. Aleksei was sceptical; they had seemed so eager to finish what they had started with their rebellion. Unfortunately, the enemy frames used the distraction to mulch a Grey Commissar's sensor array.

"We're going to have some friends on our trip." quipped Weber. "Volkov, show us the way through this Damned forest; I would prefer not to replace all my computers."

Aleksei activated the boosters on the Hardsuit's feet, it was the only way he would outrun the oversized enemy frames. He activated the Imp's advanced broadcasting system, pinging his location on their radar. "Try to keep up!"

As soon as his imp bolted he knew he was in trouble. Three SSRs cratered where he was idling, and the Imp's primitive motion tracker (definitely only made to detect rock-slides) showed two frames approaching his six.

The downpour impeded his vision; he had to swerve to avoid the glowing undergrowth and trees on several occassions.

Over the radio, the UMFL soldiers reported regularly about the growing enemy presence behind them.

"We really stirred up the Wasp's nest."

"Xiang, this is no time to look back."

"Contact, CONTACT! They're coming out of the trees."

The glow of the forest was interrupted as three Hardsuits landed around Aleksei; two of them armed with power picks and one sporting a Caseless "Frame-stunner" Spike rifle. The mining Imps jumped into action, attempting to slash open his Hardsuit.

At the bootcamp, Aleksei was considered the worst shot with most conventional weapons; sizing up the current situation, Volkov double tapped his thursters... The first thrust sidestepped the first melee attack, the second carried him back to his first attacker, allowing him to smash the hardsuit with his heavy mining laser.

The first Imp crumpled to the ground, the second's weapon was jammed in the ground, centimeters from Volkov. A Needle punctured through his laser, stopping just short the Imp's visor.

Aleksie thinking quickly threw the heavy weapon on the second Imp, pinning it's legs for a precious second; enough time to scoop up a power pick as Aleksei skated forward.

The last Imp fired continuously, one of it's wild shots sheering a precious centimeter of armor covering his torso. On an impulse Volkov used his thrusters to jump, he flipped the harduit Head over heels. The last Imp shot three more spikes, that went whirred into the forest, before Aleksei's Imp landed a full headbutt .

Alekei's view screen cracked as he rolled off the back of his opponent. The enemy attempted to turn, and was met by the backswing of a power pick.

Volkov had no time to admire his handy work... 50 Kilometers to go.

His Imp burst into a grotto, the natural Erebus glow throwing refracted light at all angles next to the waterfall, and Volkov was thankful to see three of the four Frames still following his lead. He paled as two Chubs jumped from the top of the cliff.

"Keep moving, Lads," an unfimiliar feminin voice stated.

The Black Conscript, missing its arm, but still balancing its shoulder mounted cannon fired coring one Chub. In response its twin unleashed three SSRs and charged. Volkov skated over the forest floor, doing a slight spin he was able to embed his power pick into the Chub's kee joint.

Aleksei's luck ran out.

The Chub rotated its arm which swiped his Imp through the air; breaking off the thrusters on his Imp's left foot. Aleksei was spiralling through the air, right towards the waterfall. He could not see the yellow Commissar burst from the forest, sacrificing itself by takling the Chub into the grotto's river.

Aleksei did the best he could to prepare his body for impact, but did not expect the cavern behind the cascade of water. Still locked in a dizzying spiral his Hardsuit descended rapidly eventually hitting the ground. The Imps feet sheered off on a boulder, and his hardsuit came to a rough stop.

Volkov took a deep steadying breath, before the pain traveled up his shin to his brain. Stuck in a standing position, his sprained or broken ankle was pure agony. His chin managed to find the internal release for the suit, and Volkov was uncerimoniously dumped in a heap on the ground.

From above he heard the sound of jumpjets and was grateful to see the last three frames in a controlled descent. Once at the bottom of the shaft the Black Commissar's pilot disembarked. He was tall and broader than Volkov, with close cropped black hair and strong features.

"You're lucky to be alive," smiled PFC Weber.

The remaining UMFL forces and Aleksei could not see the blue flash on the horizon, but there was audible electricity in the air followed by the sound of zapping discharge.

Those Bastards set the device off two hours early, Volkov noted. He could only pray they were far enough underground not to be affected.

Operational Failure

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 6:06 am
by NinjaLegendDoom
Location: Erebus Orbital Plane
Unit: Unknown (Various Recording Devices Detected)
Data Moved to File [REDACTED]; Uploaded to Mainframe.

The surface was pristine; the downpour endless. Nova Moscow, the largest city on the surface seemed to be glowing like a gem in an Onyx mine. The vistas afforded from the recordings displayed the raw beauty of Erebus. The glowing Erebus Rain Forest providing a stark contrast to the pitch black Thanatos Corporation Research Center, the Mining camp and TEM Bootcamp Foxtrot. Erebus at it's height.

On the third monitor the last image showed the EMP was starting to become visible. Thanatos had embedded the generators around the Spaceport to ensure even Nova Moscow could be shut down. The streets of Nova Moscow were shrouded in mist, and completely empty. Every few moments flashes from frame based weaponry showed the struggle the TEMs and UMFL were holding back, if barely.

The electric blue glow grew to blinding; even the recording devices unable make out the Space Port. The image seemed to still for two seconds, followed by the glow radiating in all directions. The recording device captured one Hardsuit attempting to outrun the blast, and getting consumed by electric fire. Static was increasing on the image as the blue flash seemed to envelope all traces of Nova Moscow. The camera froze on a final image of a frame pilot, alone in the street, mesmerized by the beauty of the light.

The Second monitor was counting down the moments until the EMP would affect the recording device. It displayed a group of pilots in the mines, looking up about twelve Kilometers. The nightvision of their recording devices showing not each individual, but a greenlit darkened image, keeping all the pilot's faces obscured. What appeared at first to be a flash of lightning at the top of the mine resolved into the EMP pulse, which rushed towards the waiting frames and pilots. The night vision was fried completely, not allowing the monitor to continue survey the mines.

The last scene showed the interior of a research facility. The lights were out except for one flickering in the corner. A lovely woman straightened her glasses as she watched a monitor. The room was on the interior of the building, no glow was seen racing towards the woman. Instead she was seen typing on a keyboard to the monitor, as if trying to hack into the failsafe systems. An electrical pulse caused the monitor to explode outwards, followed by impenetrable darkness.

The three monitors were being watched intently by a wiry man. He appeared to be a passenger save for the fact he was already wearing a fram pilot's suit. His face looked familiar, as did his trademarked old-fashioned mirrored sunglasses. He had been a reporter for the SU News Network (There's always SUNN on Terra!) for the better part of his short life. The SU decided to give him an oportunity of a lifetime, to travel the stars, report to the SU about the shady dealings of the Thanatos Corporation and expose Thanatos for what it really was.

He had been studying the last footage of the "Great Loss" of Erebus for twelve terran days, hoping to glean anything to help his investigation. The first ten days were standard fair; average citizens recording evacuations, Military Units finding their way to shelter from the EMP, people huddling together in the Space port. The last two were when the tapes mysteriously appeared on his desk.

He knew he had a story then, after all 75% of a planet do not disappear overnight.

The intercom chimed, "Jansen Bjorn, please report to shuttle bay."

Bjorn smirked as he slipped his pilot helmet over his slicked back hair. Erebus at last. Before his departure, Jansen looked out the bay doors. Erebus had a navy blue hue, almost making it invisible to the naked eye. He was ready to learn about Erebus...

Unbeknownst to him, Erebus was to be his new home.


It has been an honor to continue writing for you all. This is the final chapter for this story. I have plans already to start another on Erebus, but I think it will be styled more like an interview, with our intrepid host Jansen Bjorn. Still to come are two Epilogues, and some of these characters will be seen in the future.

How did you all enjoy it?

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