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the Rise of the ISU

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 9:11 pm
by gergeryD
I am here to announce the beggin of a new campaign background named The rise of the ISU or for the french version l’ascension de la ISU. i warned you , the official documents of the campaign setting are all in french.... be sure that you ill'be able to translate it ! and i use google translator to translate the text down bellow
Discovery System
SC 0256, TTA and the SU building a new transit gate, to 4000 km of the atmosphere of the planet Ira or Ishkalak for farm ijad local cities. In the same system, the moon of the planet Nukhal, clan isha't preparing a transit gate for the colonization of neighboring system.
The start is run and ijad settlers arrives on a planet unknown. Meanwhile, the TEMs the Pole colony, passed by the new gate transit SU. Here is an excerpt from the diary of Captain chris Arisson:
'' Our mission was to explore the planets of this system, and then build mining colonies on several planets. Our first exploration was on the planet we named nova Europa aircraft. This planet was populated by strange life form. Our biologist Dr. Alexey poulskiav, had the idea of ​​all our discovery recorded in a book '' .
The TTA named this system, Ishtar and ijad had Manakiss named. The Ishtar system is a strange system. This system is composed of 9 planet, separated by an asteroid belt, which was named the belt Kazal, the name of the person who discovered; the system has two sun. Here is the list of planet names, the nearest to the farthest suns: Triva, Karsk, Elmo, Nova Europa, Shalar, Carthagia, Prinir,Mitrâre and Namourabi. A 650 km Shalar, a black cloud floating material. According to the scans of the Mira I probe, the cloud appeared there would be 400 years and continues to grow, the prediction of this is that by SC 0278, the cloud has already reached Carthagia. Researchers are currently studying in the colonies this matter very closely. As a black hole would have done appearance, 200 years before the appearance of the cloud, depression named Ishtar. Several theories let believe that the cloud would have appeared following the closure of the black hole. The planets have an atmosphere all except Elmo and Prinir. Many astronomers are observing an orange stain that quickly move on Carthagia. The system has 9 planets and at least one hundred natural satellite.

Primitive form of life of the Ishtar system
To their discovery, the ijads first discovered, a form of intelligent life. This first contact took place on the planet Shalar. Here is a short excerpt from the book written by Arassd'aji (citation was translated ijads of dialects, for a better understanding of the readers)
'' We were in unknown territory, on board our many mobile frames. Our transit gate had led us to areas of thick jungle, we decided to market in order to get out of this horrible jungle. But sensor detected strange form of life that followed us, yet we do not see them, they would be frightened by our frame. When suddenly, our road was blocked by a local indigenous group, weapon army hitherto unknown '
The group discovered, many other parties made life form groups detected in the system. Of the 45 discovery (Shalar on the planet), only 15 are considered partly evolve (on the social, technological and political). The SU were less fortunate because they met all end up fighting because settlers and troops from the TEMs was more terrifying. Here's a report coming of Sergeant Robert Greenfield, the 9th Company patrol the body:
'' We were in a routine patrol on the Ita moon (the moon Carthagia 3rd), when suddenly a rider's troupe Gwork attacked us. They were very hostile, but we managed to push the man after losing 2 of our compagnon '
All his report excerpt, book or documentation have a direct link, the Ishtar system was populated primitive civilization. The main primitive civilizations is on Carthagia, Nova Europa, Shalar, Prinir and Triva.

Re: (!WARNING french text !) the Rise of the ISU

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2015 9:14 am
by gergeryD
if you want to download the Adeptus Solarium , send me a private msg with your email adress and i will send it to you,)

bot , i warned you , ill make update

Re: (!WARNING french text !) the Rise of the ISU

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 7:37 pm
by gergeryD
this is a add . and please , i really need of your feedback to contunue this thing :) and i want to see if poeple like it.
Geography and other information on the planets.
Shalar and it's surroundings.
Shalar is a planet located at 9905 km of the first sun and has 3350 km of the second. This planet is develop an atmosphere rich in oxygen, nitrogen and carbon, which makes it a planet suitable for the development of life forms, however, are climate is tropical and humid. The planet is composed of 3 continents floating on a huge ocean of water rich in ferrous material.
The overall global temperature is 16 ° Celsius, and it takes 75 hours to rotate on itself and one year equals 560 days. View the number of hours of light per day, the vegetation of the planet grows extremely quickly and their size may exaggerate things. The planet has two moons named Kazalhe and Tachk. Another important factor of this planet, is the proximity of depression Ishtar, this black cloud of material that continues to take increasingly important.
Shalar is a planet that has a huge amount of plant and mineral resource necessary for feeding ijads farms, or even beings use to create new series of worker frame or mobile frame!

The fauna and flora of Shalar.

Shalar is a planet that has a wide variety of animal and plant species. When the first archaeologists began their research on the past of the planet they find fossils and bones keep very well. But one thing that science was not ready to think that all this is form of animal life have a common gene, as if it were all of the same species but divided into subspecies. Botanists found the same phenomenon in plants in the world.
The ijad scientists, we classify animal species according to their method of travel, their diet. Here's family:
- Terateh: herbivore, which moves at 2 or 4 paws
- Carnateh: biovore, varied methods of movement
- Taratcarneh: omnivorous, which moves at 2 or 4 paws
- Faerateh: Intariavore, which flies and hovers

The plants they were classified in a less complex and more traditional method, there are the trees, flower and other types of vegetable .Another very unusual thing is the presence of animal species that feed on biomass (fiber plant that during the decomposition phase is gasified and took his appearance this green cloud, sometimes toxic) that fleet has certain place on the planet.

The dunes of Karsk.

Karsk is a planet which is 400 km from the first sunshine and 200 km of the second, but despite the fact that the planet is very close to the sun, the heat of the planet is very low, or 14 ° Celsius. However the result of beings so close to the sun that the planet is covered with a huge orange yellow desert sand, and huge water court.
The question scientists are asking how is it possible that these oases and living beings could survive in an inhospitable environment. The answer came soon enough, as the geologist Nimarhatih Ecktaliek made the discovery of a strange rock form, this is how she describes this strange discovery << we were about to descend into a hole, which was illuminated by a strange light green. After several minutes of descent we emerged into a room, and in the middle stood a huge green crystal that levitating! He exuded an intense green light. For another thing against occurs, the crystal began to generate a huge amount of biomass. >>
His strange crystals (because after this discovery we found several) would infact the only reason why there is life on this planet, because these crystals are not of stone, but a billion colony of microorganisms (which operates in the same way as the coral). This rather strange discovery astonished the leaders of the TTA who quickly view the potential benefits of exploiting its crystals as a fertilizer fields.

The strange fauna of the orange planet.

Karsk have a great variety of plants, but what distinguishes it most from other planets, its his very strange wildlife (because everything is really strange on this planet).
The fauna is characterized by a plant gene traces in their DNA, which is very unusual for animals .... This vegetable discomfort trace is that life emerged through pounded life (green crystals, which we mentioned above in the text). It is pounded are 50% vegetable and 50% animal, which even more unusual! Another thing that characterizes the species Karsk, is that they are almost all giants or strange humanoid insects. (A chapter will be dedicated to the flora and fauna of the system).

Carthagia, the territory of the hive

Carthagia is the largest planet in the system, having an equatorial diameter of 8500 km and an inclination of 6 °. This planet is surrounded by 6 moons. The global temperature is 15.5 ° Celsius and sea temperature 6 ° Celsius. This planet is perfect for the development of life. Carthagia is a planet composed of 4 continents. Each continent has its own climate and type of biome, which is not very different from the earth, before the SC.
Despite this, the planet is highly coveted by executives of mining and forestry business because this planet is rich in forests and minerals. After the cut forests, fertile soil used in the agriculture industry because the Solar Union needs food to colonize new systems, but the planet is also coveted by ijads, who discovered traces of ancient writing resembling those already discovered in ancient temple of Celiel their home planet.
this is the end of the planet description . the next part will be about the ishtar civilisation :D please , comments and let me know if you like my work or if you have question

Re: the Rise of the ISU

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 7:12 pm
by gergeryD
T he civilizations of the Ishtar system.
The Ishtar system was populated by tribal people to the arrival of the TEMS and Ijads settlers. They were changed very little, but his people are assimilating technologies settlers for their own purpose and there his born the modern civilizations of Ishtar. In this paper we explain the discovery of Ijins, of Gwork's and the Ravem's, then we will give you more detail on the history of the colonization of the system by the settlers of the Solar Union and the Alliance of Ijads to Ijins .

                                             The first meeting
It was Kashalih and are Ghanatih who discovered for the first time, a tribal people in the thick of Shalar jungle. Here is the story of their first meeting.

We were three, when this little people came to see us with their spears and their bows. They were frightened by my Ghanatih. Strangely they looked like us can, when men arrived for the first time on our home planet, Celiel. We landed our tack to reduce the hostility of that foreign people, when they saw me, they lowered their weapons. They led us to their village, and has this precise moments I knew that this meeting would change our lives on this new planet.
After a day among them, I learned their language, their lifestyle, their culture and beliefs. I became enamored of this people, and when our brother arrived, we decided that we would defend these people human, and we named the Ijins or 'brother from another world.' '

Further along Nova Europa, SU makes the meeting with a premeditated hostile tribal people and appointed the Gwork's (Gwork's because the pronunciation used by the people, but the term seems to be true Works). This first meeting was postponed by Sergeant Philipe Gergus the 9th company scout TEM, and this part of his report;

We were sent on patrol dimension of mine Thibérium, when we were attacked by a group of local indigenous heavily armed, instantly we opened fire on the attackers, but they came more and more, some army the weapon used by settlers. After many losses, we repliâmes us in the walls of a nearby settlement.
Against all odds, they attacked the colony with great ingenuity, but they withdrew after the arrival of reinforcements. One of my officers pointed out to me something, indigenous salvaged metal and pieces of frames fall in battle! ....

The reason for the attack is going to remain unknown for several months. During this period, the attack to the people, which was eventually named gwork, became more numerous and more violent. The reason for the attack is was clear the gwork's considered the presence of the settlers as enemies and potential competitors for the territory.

Re: the Rise of the ISU

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:02 am
by gergeryD
Hi guy , actualie i need of feedback to contunued this project. What would help me is to know what you like , what you would add and maybe send me new idea !

The more i received idea , the more the background will be fun and riche in detail.

Re: the Rise of the ISU

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:04 pm
by gergeryD
The Ijins.
The people of the jungle.
The Ijins received their names ijads, who see them as their '' little brother '. The aboriginal people, progress rapidly and be developed quickly empire, unlike ijads. The Ijins, or Khanaeris (Shara'sk in the language) is one species to look half-human, half insect. Their society, their culture and their history is very rewarding and exciting.

History Ijins people.
From the birth of the arrival of SKani Khanaeriés.
The ijads historians have had difficulty deciphering the scrolls ijins because ijins dialects are a mixture of ijad language and an unknown language. But the researcher successfully translated several hundred parchemin.il découvrient a compendium that was written there 10 billion years! This compendium is to name the ashar IstaSkani, or mother world and creation. All information that you read will come from this album.

The SKani.
The Skani or mother world, is the time when the universe was created and that were born Ijens Ijens or Khanaeriae are gone without a trace, leaving behind the ijins). This moment was dark because Skani was exhausting work she had done, to create the universe. During his rest, any light shining and a strange people arrived in the galaxy, came from another world, that time is called Slavery. In his wake, Skani banished the new arriving and it was during this battle that the Works were born (according ijins). The second day of this age is the birth of Khanaeris, age is named Ashar Khanaeris.
10,000 later Skani slept in eternal sleep and began the age of depression. During this age Ijens disappeared, leaving behind their original Ijins the brother.


Re: the Rise of the ISU

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:05 am
by DSMK2
Here are my notes and comments from what I skimmed through. The ideas are there, but there’s a bunch of inconstancies like... Gwroks on Ita (a moon?) and Nova Europa (a planet?). It seems like you’re focused on Shalar, where the Ijins live; I’d suggest to lightly describe each planet in the system. The “Black Material” between Shalar and Carthagia feels very out of place. I’d also say to reveal detailed features of each planet as the campaign progresses.

Focus on Shalar and the Ijins.

Also avoid being too specific… Better pseudo-science reasoning is fine too.

Ishtar/Manakiss (Binary Star System)
Comment: I’m under the assumption that the planets orbit around these two stars, as if the two stars are acting as one gravity well.

[Primitive civilization]
Comment: Really, really, close to the sun. I highly doubt civilization can survive here, unless they're underground entities.

[Desert, seas (lakes?), relatively cool]
Comment: The planet must be very reflective to be relatively cool. Took a glance at how Venus would be terraformed for how a planet like this could work. But then why would there be a desert for such a cool planet, and oases? And plants? Are these surface plants or subterranean plants?

The colony organism suggests a mainly subterranean ecosystem, was that intended?

[No atmosphere]

Nova Europa
[Primitive civilization]
Primary Inhabitant(s): Gworks

[Primitive civilization, Earthlike]
Primary Inhabitant(s): Ijin (looks similar to Ijad)
Moon(s): Kazalhe, Tachk
Comment: There’s nothing particularly unusual about animal life coming from a common gene. I’m also not exactly sure what you meant by “presence of animal species that feed on biomass”, as flora/fauna of Earth eat biomass to survive, generally meat and or plants.

"Black Material"
Appeared 400 years ago, predicted to take 22(?) years to reach Carthagia. Formed from a black hole’s appearance.
Comment: What is this material? Is it remnants of the gas and materials that made up the black hole’s accretion disc? Wouldn’t a presence of a black hole in system seriously screw with planet orbits, and also destroy planets? Compared to the scale of stellar history, this black material is an extremely young, extremely fast, growing mass of… Something.

[Orange stain that moves, primitive civilization, Earthlike]
Moons(s): Ita [3rd moon of 6]
Primary Inhabitant(s): Gworks
Comment: What about that orange stain you mentioned earlier? Gworks also exist on Ita? Nova Europa?

[No atmosphere, primitive civilization]
- Anaerobic lifeforms?



[Asteroid Belt]
Comment: Where is this asteroid belt located?