Overview: Omega Prime

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Overview: Omega Prime

Postby morganm » Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:08 am

Planet: Omega Prime
Distance from Sol: 1 Transit Gate Hop (TGH)
Primary Exports:
    Rendered Food Products: Processed crops & rendered livestock.
    Processed Momentium: An exotic, energy rich, gaseous element Omega Prime produces large quantities of. This gas is tapped out of the ground, processed into hydrate crystals (called momentium pellets) for easy transportation, and exported. It’s also exploited for most domestic energy sources.
Capitol City:
    Population: 6.21 mil.
    Notes: Primary shipping depot to the orbiting transit gate. Terran Transit Authority (TTA) and United Mars Foreign Legion (UMFL) headquartered within city limits. Interstellar Transportation Corporation and Lambda Heavy Industries both have their global headquarters in Tresica.
Population Centers:
    Population: 1.33 mil.
    Notes: The mega agricultural company Prime-Ag has their global headquarters here. Many other smaller agricultural and food processing companies are based out of Agrul. Population density of Agrul is very low outside of its epicenter. This sprawling community is mostly comprised of large farms which consume huge amounts of land.
    Population: 2.59 mil.
    Notes: Largest Free Colony Rebel stronghold and constant source of frustration for TTA and UMFL. Economically diverse and produces many of its own power sources, food supplies, and even a significant amount of exportable products. Given its population and estimated militia capabilities the civilian casualties and UMFL casualties would be too great to justify direct hostile actions. The simple fact that the TTA and UMFl do not want to be accused of committing genocide this free colony not only strands but is even allowed to trade on the market and use the transit gate. This is how they keep up with resupplying through imports; even if they are unfairly "taxed" more heavily than TTA allies on the planet. The TTA has had to back off with direct military force and instead quadrupaled it's psychological operations and propaganda outlets directed at Indius citizens.
    Population: .82 mil.
    Notes: Worth noting despite its relatively small population. Full Throttle Inc. is based here and essentially a city has built up around its momentium fields. Almost all citizens here work for Full Throttle, other smaller momentium extraction companies, or momentium pellet processors. Other goods and services are produced here but largely only supply the local population; the only notable exportation from this population center are momentium pellets and momentium based power sources.

Ecological Synopsis: Rich with biota and energy the planet is lacking in large quantities of basic raw materials used in making most metal alloys and exotic composites. The atmospheric composition is similar to Earth. Biota looks distinctly different than Earth but fundamentally are similar in what they require to survive. Plants require CO2, water, and sun. Animals require water and range from vegetarian to carnivorous to omniveriouse. No sentient life forms have been identified yet. Ijad are not native to this planet or system and their population is less than 1 percent of the total. Several creatures are in the process of being domesticated and already being used to process food products. Lumber produced on Omega Prime is a prized commodity as well and considered a hard wood. Many plants have been analyzed and identified as safe for human or animal consumption; these are currently being domesticated and harvested for the processing of food products.
Total Human Population: 15.32 mil.
Land:Water Ratio: 42 : 58
Gravity: 8.870 m/s2 (Earth 9.806 m/s2)
Day: -2.018 Earth days (retrograde to Earth)
Year: 0.615 Earth years
Equatorial Circumference: 38,024.6 km (Earth 40,075.017 km)


Recognized Authority:
    Spades : A division of the United Mars Foreign Legion (UMFL) stationed on Omega Prime. Their primary directive is to guard the Terran Transit Authority (TTA) planet-side personnel and their facilities. Secondary objectives are to provide support to local police and company security.
    Terran Transit Authority (TTA): Bureaucracy of the Solar Union (SU) which owns and operates the Transit Gate orbiting Omega Prime. They regulate domestic trade, interstellar trade, and customs on imports and exports. All imports and exports are ferried to and from the transit gate by the TTA. Import & export companies pick up their goods from the TTA depots after clearing customs inspections. The only exception to this is the Interstellar Transportation Corporation due special agreements and the ITC’s exemplary compliance with the TTA regulations.
    Terran Trade Marines (TTM): Stationed at the Transit Gate orbiting the planet. Their only directive is to guard the Transit Gate. They provide security escorts for shipping to and from the gate.
Companies of Interest:
    Interstellar Transportation Corporation: ITC is the premiere import and export company based out of the capitol. They have shipping routes across the planet to all major population centers and many smaller cities as well as their own suffice-to-space shipping depot. Working intimately with the TTA they have ships receive cargo directly from the transit gate. Customs are handled by TTA personnel stationed on campus at the ITC global headquarters. Security is covered by company security forces in most cases but they receive direct support from the UMFL when necessary due to their allegiances to the Solar Union, UMFL, and TTA.
    Full Throttle Inc.: Largest extractor of momentium and producer of momentium pellets. ITC is their top customer by all measures and Full Throttle makes up 72% of the total exported momentium from the planet. However they also sell to local processing and manufacturing companies which process the pellets and sell ready to use consumable energy products for domestic use. Almost all (92%) domestic power sources are powered by materials Full Throttle Mining produces. While they do engineer and produce their own series of power cores and energy cells they are largely used for smaller and cheaper applications. They've found it very hard to complete with 'the Green Machine'.
    Green Machine: Through shrewd business tactics and clever marketing this corporation has become the biggest player in power core design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution for all large machinery. They've landed lucrative contracts across Omega Prime but namely with the UMFL and TTM for their battle frames. Their power cores and systems energy cells have a distinct, translucent, green color. It was a natural result of their patented momentium compression techniques but they leverage that fact in their marketing. Anyone who's anybody has a Green Machine power core (or usually refereed to as simply a 'green machine'). This enhanced compression method allows up to 57% more momentium-watts to be stored into the same physical space as inferior power cores and energy cells. Obviously this makes these units a prize for battle field scavengers and black market entrepreneurs.
    Lambda Heavy Industries (LHI): A big player in mobile frame construction, replacement part manufacturing, and innovation. They have also diversified their product portfolio through the acquisition of a few smaller vehicle manufacturing companies. They now produce all kinds of vehicles and mobile frames for labor, security, and military purposes.
    Prime Agricultural (Prime-Ag): One of the mega agricultural companies on Omega Prime. They own and operate hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland which they grow, harvest, and sell crops from. Crops are rendered and sold ready for interstellar trade and mostly sold to ITC who actually exports them. Prime-Ag also sells un-rendered crop harvests to domestic food product manufacturers who produce the worlds domestic food supply.
Criminal Organizations:
    Vultures: The most organized and powerful crime consortium. They are syndicated with other cells and organizations across the planet as a means to put together a global black market; however they are based in the capital city. This organization is extremely well armed, superbly equipped (comparable to UMFL forces), and considered extremely dangerous. If ambushed, caught off guard, or otherwise overpowered by the Vultures then private security and military forces are advised to withdraw immediately. UMFL is advised to only engage if Vultures are at a significant tactical disadvantage or if key TTA assets are under attack.
    Scabs: A loose federation of scattered criminal cells. They operate out of most populations centers and in some larger rural communities. These cells are on average fairly well armed, running above average equipement, and considered dangerous. Private security forces are advised to only engage if Scabs are at a tactical disadvantage and to request UMFL support to deal with them. UMFL forces are advised to engage any Scab threats.
    Free Colony Rebels: These militias are on average well armed, utilizing above average equipment, and considered significantly dangerous. Private security forces are advised not to engage Free Colony Rebels and to request UMFL support to deal with them. UMFL forces are advised to engage any Free Colony Rebel threats outside the jurisdiction of Indius. However UMFL is under strict orders not to enter Indius metropolitan area or even outlying suburbs... for now.

Socioeconomic Synopsis: While rich with biota and energy the planet is lacking in basic raw materials used in making metal alloys and exotic composites. This means they have plenty of goods to export and are still trading well on the interstellar market but replacement parts, construction materials, and new machinery are mostly be shipped in. Very little is produced from native materials and given the rarity of such raw materials this means domestically produced parts or machinery are just as expensive as imports. Production and maintenance costs are high so despite making good money on their exports the companies spend a significant percentage of revenue on imports just to maintain current production and export levels. There are worries amongst the boards of directors for domestic companies that if exports were to dip, production negatively impacted, or a drop in the price of exports they would quickly find themselves operating at a loss. Soon after that they wouldn’t have the funds to purchase replacement parts or new machinery which would further drive down production and exports. They projected a rapid breakdown in harvesting of raw materials and interstellar trade in a worst case scenario which would ignite a deep economic recession.

The Terran Transit Authority (TTA) has sanctioned the sales or distribution of high-powered weapon systems to any non-UMFL or non-TTA organization on Omega Prime due to the strife between Free Colonies and the UMFL’s local authority; the Spades. Some Free Colony militias, non-UMFL security forces, and criminal organizations obtained weapons legally prior to these restrictions however ammunition and replacement parts are no longer available on the open market. The TTA did not, and frankly couldn’t enforce, completely outlawing the ownership of high-powered weapons so they had hoped that eventually these weapons would disappear through attrition. Low-powered weapons are still legal to be bought because they are useful in dealing with native, hostile, fauna and most police situations while being no significant threat to UMFL forces.

The prevalence of high-powered weapons in the hands of non-UMFL organizations has dropped considerably but it’s been several years since the sanctions were in place and forces opposed to the UMFL & TTA are still well equipped. This is because such weapons can still be bought on the black market from organized crime cells; most notably the Vultures. Non-UMFL organizations hide behind the excuse that they only have pre-sanctioned weapon systems but it’s a thin guise. The TTA has petabytes of data and analyzed how many high-powered weapon systems & ammunition were sold on the open market prior to the sanctions. Then compared it against data from UMFL engagements against opposing forces to figure out how much ammunition was consumed or weapons systems destroyed. The TTA calculated the ammunition should have ran out 1.3 years ago. Plus the Spades have reported in After Action Reports that they found weapon systems with serial numbers dating them after the sanctions as well as finding weapons that weren’t even in production prior to the sanctions.

Criminal elements frequently attack shipping depots, raid UMFL armories, and swoop in on skirmishes between the Spades and Free Colonists to salvage high-powered weapons systems and ammunition. They typically do not openly attack Free Colonies, company security, or other UMFL opposing forces because they are “customers” to the Vultures. Some Free Colony militias are not happy about relinquishing to the Vultures their weapons and ammunition from a damaged frame on the battlefield only to have to buy them back from the Vultures the next day... but it’s better than showing up to a fight with the Spades wielding a small caliber SMG. So while the Vultures and their “customers” aren’t on friendly terms they certainly do engage in trade.

The Vultures maintain their hubris because they were already well equipped prior to the sanctions but since then have kept the best spoils of their raids for themselves. It’s also rumored they have infiltrated the UMFL and TTA with spies. They wouldn't be so successful through brute force alone; knowledge is power and this espionage is a boon to their success. One of their toughest, on-going, problems is maintaining a low profile. They must not make the mistake of their enemies by being infiltrated and they must remain in the shadows. Other criminal organizations have tried to rise to the Vultures success and they’ve all been crushed. It’s believed these other consortiums became too high profile and brazen as their strength and influence grew which ultimately lead to their demise.
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Re: Overview: Omega Prime

Postby morganm » Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:24 am

Made some slight tweaks to make this more compatible with the default setting.

Added the Terran Trade Marines (TTM) who protect the orbiting transit gate and provide security escorts to TTA shipping to & from the gate.

UMFL now only protects TTA interests planet-side. I had originally stated they protected the transit gate as well but since learned about the TTM.
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Re: Overview: Omega Prime

Postby Joshua A.C. Newman » Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:01 pm

ITC probably owns the transit gate, too. The TTA is a trade organization/government body, not the actual shipping organization. They'd get the ITC their TTMs though. Those TTMs could function planetside, too, if you wanted. They'd be in charge of the Tresica spaceport.
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Re: Overview: Omega Prime

Postby morganm » Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:14 pm

OK Cool thanks for checking this out!
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Re: Overview: Omega Prime

Postby morganm » Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:32 pm

Fixed some spelling and grammatical errors. Added in some more fluffy details here and there. Another noteworthy addition was more on Indius specifically why the UMFL doesn't just crush the rebels and how the rebels are able to trade through the transit gate. Biggest addition was a new recognized company called "Green Machine". This blends in with my use of translucent green 1x1 cylinders and studs for most of my power sources on TTM and UMFL companies I build. Just another fun way to marry up my fan fiction with my actual builds. I've also built companeis for the Vultures, Spades, and TTM =^.^=
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