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Overview: Vesopia

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:19 pm
by Ced23Ric
Welcome to Vesopia.

Table of Contents:
  1. The Starsystem & Vesopia Prime.
  2. Overview & History.
  3. Orbital Imagery.
  4. Planetary Data.
  5. Ijad Conclave of the Risen Moon & the Lunar Wolves.
  6. The Independence & The Salvation Corps, and Sliver.
  7. Solar Union Tithe Bureau & Peacekeepers, and the Serpent Legionaires of the Rattlesnakes
  8. Theater Overview - Battle Reports.
  9. Vesopia Mechworks & Subsidiaries, and the VMC Combat Groups.

1. The Starsystem & Vesopia Prime:
The Vesopia System is in the Mid Rim, not yet in the wild Outer Rim, but already a fair distance away from Sol. To get to Vesopia, two gate jumps are necessary. Being a twin sun system, Vesopia's 13 planets are hot close to the center, and only the two outer most planetoids are permafrozen, close to and around -200°C. The system's 8th planet, Vesopia Prime, is inhabitable without terraforming, atmospheric converters or hydroponic facilities.

Covered with 65% land and 35% water, of which only 5% are permanently frozen at the polar caps, Vesopia Prime is the systems primary colony. It's two neighboring planets, Vesopia Sec and Vesopia Tert are not inhabitable without support systems, but already support excavating and harvesting facilities. The entire system consists of planets rich with raw metals, including the unusual inverted gravity metal. IGM is the reason for Vesopia Prime's floating forests, a sight truly to behold. On Vesopia Sec, the IGM allows for floating excavating sites that are propelled hollowed-out rocks, carrying the equipment and base from site to site as needed. On Vesopia Tert, the IGM allows for efficient gas harvesting, as some IGM rocks float over massive "lakes" of useable gas fields that are heavier than the thin atmosphere of that planet.

Vesopia Prime has two moons, each of the other two planets has one moon. While Vesopia Prime's moon Rikor is home to the holiest place of the Ijad, the Chapel of Deliverance, the secondary moon Leira is the naval base and ferry port, providing steady exchange with other two planets and their respective naval bases on their own moons. Interplanetary transit is always high, as VSec and VTert feed the massive industry on VPrime.

2. Overview & History:
Vesopia Prime is the only unassistedly inhabitable planet in the Vesopia system, although there are some colonies on it's moons. The planet is usually lush and of moderately climate, due to the two suns of the star system. The planet was colonized and quickly grew many decades ago, due to massive amounts of easily accessible raw metals and accomodating climate. Population numbers exploded, but the industry simply expanded with the growth, able to support the numbers many times over. Being the system's center of population, Vesopia Prime was and is an important site for the Solar Union, providing massive amounts of raw materials - and due to the large industry, also huge tithe payments.

Due to these tithe payments and the extraction of resources, a local civilian movement of colonists emerged, calling themselves The Independence. They stand in direct conflict with the Solar Union Tithe Bureau, which has a permanent seat near the largest surface-bound starport. While the colonists and the Solar Union representatives had little more than protests and small-scale skirmishes between each other, an Ijad group from Vesopia Prime's largest moon, Rikor, took in more and more people, and then started to spread as a peaceful and wholesome movement of it's own on Vesopia Prime.

Eventually, both factions were outnumbered by people who joined the Conclave of the Risen Moon, and as Vesopia Prime has, despite it's internal struggles, a very deeply rooted democratic sense of government, the Ijad seized the majority of Vesopia's control. The Solar Union responded with armed conflict, denying Stargate access through naval blockade and attempted to muscle their way back into control. The Ijad responded with peaceful resistance, basically ignoring the Solar Union. As Vesopia Prime is not dependant on external sources for any of it's resources, the cut-off from the Stargate was merely seen as a symbolic act.

As the SU representatives realized the inefficiency of their trade restrictions, they resorted to military solutions, proclaiming the Ijad as aggressors and invaders that need to be fought off. The Conclave responded with the creation of the Lunar Wolves, a cadre of former SU and local 'Frame pilots. The Lunar Wolves now patrol Virran, Vesopia's capital, and the Ijad have presences on all colonies and digsites across the system. The colonists not part of the Conclave, resented the military presence of their perceived overlords and joined the fight, allied with none, disagreeing with both. In their eyes, the Ijad were just a differently coloured tyranny.

As a result of the developments, a splinter group of The Independence formed - the Salvation Corps. Consisting of labor workers that stole equipment, fanatical freedom fighters and other more determined elements, this losely-knit organization is basically a group of decentralized terrorist cells, hitting targets of both SU and Ijad interest. Their goal is the liberation of Vesopia, getting rid of both of the Union and the parasites. Currently, there are many places where either of these three factions and their armed forces are in conflict, sometimes even all three of them together. Regardless, VPrime's industry is buzzing without any forseeable end.

3. Orbital Imagery:

4. Planetary Data:

Orbital Properties:
Great half-axis: 1.9AE (284.24 million km)
Perihel/Aphel: 1.872 – 1.927 AE
Eccentricity: 0.0035
Angle of Orbital Plane: 0.7°
Siderian Rotation Time: 712.32 d
Mean Orbital Velocity: 49,31 km/s

Physical Properties:
Diameter Equator/Poles: 11,342.17 – 11,312.79 km
Mass: 53.18 · 10²³ kg
Mean Density: 5.931 g/cm³
Acceleration of Gravity: 10.02665 m/s²
Escape Velocity: 10,492 km/s
Rotation period: 27h 58min 3.2s
Angle of Rotation Axis: 27.39°
Geometrical Albedo: 0.378

Atmospherical Properties:
Pressure: 13.053psi
Min./Mean/Max.: 214.15K (−32 °C) 293.5K (+20°C) 337.1K (+64 °C)
  • Nitrogen: 69.31 %
  • Oxygen: 29.77 %
  • Argon: 0.87 %
  • CO²: 0.047 %
  • Neon: 0.0025 %

Will be updated periodically.

The Symbionts. "We are here to enlighten the blind."

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:19 pm
by Ced23Ric
5. The Ijad Conclave of the Risen Moon & Lunar Wolves.


The Conclave, as it's called for short, was founded when one of the first colonists carried an Ijad parasite with him. The parasite fell in love with the moon, as legend has it. Considering the small population of the moon colony during it's founding, the community was always tightly-knit, and from one carrier grew a line of carriers, ever-expanding by peaceful integration of new carriers. Eventually, the Ijad spread was so far and wide that the moon Rikor proclaimed itself as an Ijadee group, the Conclave of the Risen Moon. As time progressed and the exchange with Vesopia Prime was broadened more and more, the Conclave also got a foothold on the surface, again integrating people with simple, yet effective explanations and reasons to join. The Ijad of Vesopia, seperated from their origin, developed a strong sense of pride, not to the extent of vanity, but local ties that ran deep in their belief systems. They embody the feeling of being a part of Vesopia, much like the IGM, or the rich metals that Vesopia takes the energy of it's growth from.

Eventually, the Ijad presence became so strong, that they reached government status and took over from the former Solar Union representatives, as more and more people felt and shared the sentiment that Vesopia is Vesopia first, and a colony of some far-distant empire far lower down the list. This pseudo-local patriotic sense of belonging is what ties the Conclave together, where constant exchange of thoughts, emotions and goals has been woven into the rulings and governings of the group as a whole. The Ijad parasites offer their assistance in technology and dampen internal social conflicts, in return for bonding with the humans and reproducing their kind. These days, about 6 out of 10 people carry an Ijad parasite in the Vesopia system, with about 8 out of 10 on Rikor, VPrime's larger moon. The goals of the Conclave are ever-changing, but usually involve growth, prosperty and safety for all, strengthening Vesopia to remain independant. Violence is met with stalwart defense, and if need-be, proactive counterattacks. In general, the Ijad of Vesopia remain calm and largely peaceful, though.

Persons of Significance:

Lenka Korsakova
While she is not the leader of the Ijad (which is the Council of a Hundred Voices), Lenka is the Ijads poster figure. She is the face and voice of the movement, being praised as the moons child. Her pale complexion, white hair and jade-green eyes help to portray these properties, although it appears that she is simply a variant of the Albino phenotype. Regardless, she is held in high regard by the Ijad, but the adversaries think of her as a propaganda figure that intends to seduce the people of Vesopia to fall or the Ijad deceptions. At any rate, Lenka is an influential person that has formed a deep bond with her parasite, and with her charisma, she is more than able to explain and make the Ijad agenda sound just right. Rumor has it, she is also the reason Vesopia Mechworks finally joined the Ijad.

Ruben Benar
Mr. Benar is the rough-around-the-edges leader of the Lunar Wolves. A former SU commander himself, he lost a bit of his strictness due to his Ijad parasite, but he hasn't forgotten yet what it means to be a soldier. Considered widely a traitor by his enemies, he is perceived as an enlightened being by his comrades, who see him as the living proof that even the staunchest enemy can be turned and brought into the community. In all actuality, Ruben is a disenchanted warrior, who lost his belief in the SU agenda when he was ordered to round up civilians that turned away from the SU. Instead of doing as he was told, he and a handful other members of his company stood before the civilians and protected them from the SU enforcers. The fight has now scarred his soul, as he constantly remembers the confusion and blind rage his turning caused. According to whispered words on the street, he buried a part of himself when he fought, bested and killed his former second-in-command (and maybe, love) Erica Wernheimer during that conflict. Ever since, Benar has remained by himself, although he cares about "his pack" like a father.

Elliott Farscamp
Being the lead scientist for Vesopia Mechworks was something Elliott was pretty much born to do. Early on in school he exceeded all expectations, pretty much ran through the curriculum like it was boring to him, and soon found hire with VMW, only to go further and further up the ladder in the research department. Normally, that would have been good enough, but when VMW decided to respond to the Ijad presence on VPrime by breaking with the SU and commiting to the Ijad, the company had the problem that the offered technological advances were hard to grasp for them. Elliott made the daring move to subject himself to parasite-bonding without prior rites of communication, as his thirst for knowledge far exceeded, if not canceled out his sense of personality. Being obsessed with knowledge and solutions to any and all problems, his parasite allowed him to envision even more sophisticated projects, leading up to the prototype of subcutaneous communication plugins in the current VMX-04 series.

Trinity Of-The-Many
The person is more of a vessel, less of a being him- or herself. Trinity Of-The-Many is host to six Ijad parasites at once, giving up herself in the process, as the parasites occupy her skull. With her vital functions controlled by remnants of the former owner, Trinity is something akin to an Elder Brain, a figure of extreme religious importance. Devout people with mental diseases or people that suffer great sadness offer themselves to the Elders, in hopes of becoming the next Trinity. The names stems from the idea that two Ijad together form a bond, three bonds form the Many, and the Many live in one vessel. In religious terms, the Trinity is an advisor and an example. Every vessel's name is written down in the Book of Sacrifices, at the Ijads most holy place, the Chapel of Deliverance, on the moon Rikor. Enemies of the Ijad see the Trinity as an abomination that has lost all humanity, and many a times when the Trinity speaks before the flock, assassins attempt to harm her. So far, three of such attempts succeeded, but a new Trinitity is formed shortly after. Just like the humans sacrifice one of theirs, the Ijad sacrifice six of theirs. In an unknown procedure, six symbionts of them are chosen and leave their former hosts body, which causes immense emotional stress for the Ijad parasites, and as soon as they are joined in the vessel, they lose portions of themselves in the fusing process. Little is known as to where this comes from, but the wisdom and total bonding of a Trinity is a known factor.

Current Activities:
The Conclave has goals to assume control over the stargate, but needless to say, the SU is anything but willing to just hand it over. Attempts to pay for the expenses and offer technology in return for control over the gate has been rejected by the SU, who know just aswell that the Stargate is the only reason they can still mount a considerable presence in the Vesopia system. Furthermore, the Conclave seeks to integrate The Independence into their community, something TI actively and violently resent. The terrorist acts by the Salvation Corps lead the Conclave to hire mercenaries and local law enforcement to protect their sites of interest, but as the attacks continue, a cluster of Ijad is starting to debate on being more aggressive towards the transgressors.

Military Capabilities:


The Ijad have their Lunar Wolves, a regiment with it's primary base and training facilities on Rikor. The Wolves are split into two battalions, the Paws and the Teeth. The Paws provided patrols, security presence and guard objectives, whereas the Teeth are rapid-deploy fast-response teams. By nature, Paws are fielded in larger amounts than Teeth, anywhere from eight to sixteen 'Frames, whereas the Teeth usually operate in strike teams anywhere from three to eight 'frames at max. Both of these, while having different tasks, consist of three companies, the 1st Paws, 2nd Paws, 3rd Paws and analog for the Teeth. Each company fields twelve 'Frames, sorted into three lances of four each, named Command, Right and Left.

Nomenclature would be as such:
Lunar Wolves, 3rd Teeth, Right-Four - This is the fourth 'Frame of the second lance of the third company of the Teeth. Comm Handle would be "Three Tee, Arr Four", if the whole battalion is fielded.
Lunar Wolves, 1st Paws, Command-One - This is the first 'Frame of the command lance of the first company of the Paws. Comm Handle would be "One Pi, Cee One"; "Pi" to avoid confusion with "Tee".
Regular Comm handles are One, Two, Three, Four at lance level, and Cee One, Ell Two, Arr Three (etc.) at company level.

This total of 72 'Frames, plus auxiliaries, aerospace craft, armor and more cover the needs of the Conclave in hotspots all over the system, although most of the hot engagements happen on VPrime. The Conclave is able to field the Lunar Wolves with fast response times due to their own naval support, making them one of the best equipped military factions in the system. The only downside is the low number of pilots capable of working up to the expectations set to become a Lunar Wolf - there aren't alot of them. Because most of the 'Frames are muscle-fluid cylinder steered, pilots don't change their 'Frames, so there is also no use to have standins or replacements.

  • Company Name: 2rd Teeth, Command Lance
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | VIJ-14 Evangelist
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VIJ-13 Acolyte
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VIJ-13 Acolyte
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VIJ-12 Messenger
  • Company Name: 3rd Paws, Right Lance
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VIJ-11 Revelator
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VIJ-11 Revelator
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VIJ-12 Messenger
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VIJ-12 Messenger
Currently, the Conclave employs VMMC (Vesopia Mechworks Military Contracts) personell for garrison duties, in exchange for technological advances.

Furthermore, there is an elitist branch of the Ijad on Vesopia that is a lot less tolerant than the general population. These conservatives are calling themselves The Assembly of the Most Understanding Council. Their goals are to defend the Ijad of Vesopia, drive off the SU and quench the resistance of the independant colonists. They are prone to violence and do not shy away from making their discontent with a given situation heard.

  • Company Name: Councillant Jenaya's Court
  • Unit Composition:
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6Y d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VIJ-04 Hierophant
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VIJ-03 Custodian
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VIJ-03 Custodian
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d6G d6W d6W | VIJ-01 Elder's Eye
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d6G d6W d6W | VIJ-01 Elder's Eye
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6G d6W d6W | VIJ-02 Mediator
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6G d6W d6W | VIJ-02 Mediator
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6G d6W d6W | VIJ-02 Mediator

The Colonists of Vesopia. "We are here to free ourselves."

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by Ced23Ric
6. The Independence & Salvation Corps, and 'Sliver'.


When Vesopia was colonized, a considerable portion of the people arriving in the far system went there to escape the Union. To escape the oppression of an empire that outgrew itself and now hounds the galaxy for resources. These men and women considered Vesopia a new start, the possibility to life their own lifes, far away from the Terran overlords. But, just as things usually go, that dream was eventually shattered. While Vesopia was almost left to itself to build up and reach the point of self-sustenance, as soon as they started to produce more than they needed, the Solar Union came to collect it's tithes. First, it was simply seen as repaying for the jump start, and while early voices already complained, no one stood up and interfered. But when the SU established the Tithe Bureau and stationed Marines on Vesopia, those people seeking their independence revolted.

A grass roots movement followed, that eventually solidified into The Independence, a conglomerate of workers, miners, foresters and other blue collar persons. At first, the protests were political, and the resistance was expressed in strikes. When the export numbers of Vesopia Two dropped below what the Tithe Bureau expected, the situation was assessed, and as knee-jerk reaction, marines were deployed to break up the strikes. In what is now infamously called the "Bowdenheim Massacre", SU military was greeted with stones that effortlessly plinked off their armored 'Frames. To reassume control, the leading 'Frame, piloted by then-Captain Avery Ontario executed one of the speakers of the protesters right then and there. Using 'Frame weaponry against humans was already deemed excessive, but gunning down the unarmored non-combattant drove the crowd into a wild frenzy. Soon, molotov cocktails flew, and Ontario's company began terminating the protest with extreme predjudice.

Some got away, and those that did, spread the story. Ironically, in her attempt to quench the fire, Captain Ontario set the smoldering coals ablaze. The Independence' ranks swelled, and people began to fight back, repurposing industrial 'Frames, stealing SU material and sabotaging their supplies. The conflict between SU and TI lasted two years, then the Ijad came and many people looking for a way out joined them. Eventually, the TI understood that the SU was the lesser evil - or at least, weaker. They officially declared a cease-fire. When the Ijad offered the TI to join them, an outrage ran through their dwindling ranks. The idea of trading one overlord for another oppressive force was preposterous to the independent colonists. Out of these events, the Salvation Corps was born.

Working under the guise of an entirely different faction, the SC is the hardened core of The Independence. People that lost their families to the fights, people whose homes were flattened, and people whose anger surpasses cohesive thought. Ingenious and relentless, they acquire gear like magpies, and have hidden cells all over the inhabitated Vesopia system. The Corps doesn't use any insignia, has no rank system and operates without guidance from any higher authority. Every cell has its own plans and agenda, and they lash out at both SU and Ijad sites, boobytrapping patrol paths and ambushing transports. Sometimes, adjacent cells coordinate their efforts for pillaging runs to replenish their resources. Because of their lack of formal military training, SC pilots are often erratic in their behaviour, and use improvised weapony.

Persons of Significance:

Erin Hernsworth
The spokesperson of the TI, Hernsworth is a former worker's union politician, who has taken it as personal responsibility to lead the exploited people of Vesopia into freedom from oppression. He has no compassion for either Ijad or SU, and although he is a fairly level-headed man with a lot of charisma, his agenda is clearly to get rid of both. He is one of the reasons people are still joining TI, and he is not above face-to-face conversations to convince people to defend themselves against tyranny.

Lisa "Revenge" Powells
Leader of one of the most notorious cells of the SC, Powells has lost her father during the Bowdenheim Massacre. She has sworn revenge on the SU, and Avery Ontario in particular. Her cell is nomadic, following her as she follows Ontario. Rumor has it that every member of her cell is without relatives, and all of them had to swear on their lives that they will rather die fighting than let Ontario get away with what she did to the people of Vesopia. Piloting a stolen Bullfrog 'Frame, Powells is a combattant to behold. Yet, she is known for her outbursts of hatred that far surpasses the general discontentment TI members have in common. She has personal goals in this conflict, and is driven to see them fulfilled.

A creature of some renown, the 'Frame pilot known only as Sliver is as elusive as impressive on the battlefield. Piloting a 'Frame that is completely uncommon to the system, Sliver appears only at nighttime, where his (or her) black and dark-grey 'Frame blends in with the surrounding. Leading covert strikes at high value targets, Sliver has not been captured yet and is on the Ten Most Wanted list of the Union. The exploits of the sneaky pilot include the destruction of an entire Union base, the slaughter of about a hundred marines in their barracks, and a strike at ambassador Rockheart's personal hovercraft, which she only survived by a hair.

Current Activities:
TI currently searches for more members, and actively tries to save people from the Ijad infestation. In their eyes, these people have been misled and are brainwashed, and they need salvation. Furthermore, the TI officially maintains a cease-fire with the SU, but inofficially works on driving the Union off-system once and for all. They maintain anything but friendly relations to the Ijad, but many TI or SC members are sleepers, working their dayjobs in the factories, only to bring home parts, munitions or blueprints as needed for their efforts.

The agendas of the SC cells are so diverse, it's hard to summarize what they are up to. The constant state of chaos in their overall state makes it nigh impossible for both Union and Ijad to guess their next move. In general, the SC cells hit targets of opportunity, and mobilize fast. Communication is often simplified, codes are used that change constantly and differ from cell to cell. They have taken the position of guerilla warfare and indulge in it to full extent. Regardless, the Salvation Corps is often outgunned by their adversaries, so they usually only attack when their can gather enough forces to be at nummerical advantage.

Military Capabilities:
The Independence officially has no standing army, but can activate many of the wide-spread labor 'Frames and pilots if they need to do so. The Salvation Corps has a few 'Frames of their own, often stolen from either Union or Vesopia Mechworks, but no Ijad designs - those are to alien for them to just snatch and train, so they keep to the more human designs. Estimates of their available capabilites range somewhere between one hundred to two hundred labor 'Frames all across the system. The primary diminishing factor is the lack of organization, which makes them a lot less dangerous - but also, harder to catch.

Within the SC, there are many misfit groups that aren't technically a part of any organized force, but pursue their own agenda. One of those groups is The Brotherhood, a band of ragtag 'frame jockeys in stolen, repurposed and scratchbuilt 'frames that roams the lands and pillages SU, Ijad and VMW storage facilities, leaving destruction and chaos in their wake.

Their leader is the charismatic and brutish Caleb "Rubberducky" Duckstein, a former 'frame mechanic turned marauder. Along with him are Steve "Scum" Svenson, an arsonist that pilots a stolen ST07j Chub with tanks full of napalm and a massive flamethrower. The third of the group, John "Jay-Dub" Couling, does sensors and surveillance for the group. He scopes out areas, forms plans of attack and is most likely the smartest of them all. Regardless, his sadistic behaviour made this guy just as infamous as the rest. Roger "Milkshake" Little is the fourth of this band, and the youngest of the bunch. Enarmored with the lifestyle of The Brotherhood and somewhat of a pet-brother to the rest, he is target of constant ridicule and is pretty much the runt of the brothers. He strives to impress Caleb, which only leads to him performing randomized acts of violence and mayhem, always looking for recognition with the others.

Another force that recently emerged on Vesopia Three are the Nightraiders. It seems like a group of marauding bandits has gotten their hands on 'frames that are nowhere known in the system, and they use their outstanding speed to raid SU and Ijad installations alike. The Independence officially claims to be oblivious to the activities of the Nightraiders, and even Salvation Corps members are puzzled about their origins.

  • Company Name: Nightraiders
  • Unit Composition:
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VT22xs Minx "Sliver"
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VT22a Minx "Grunt"
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VT22a Minx "Grunt"
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6B d6G d6W d6W | VT22d Minx "Plasmajack"
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6B d6G d6W d6W | VT22d Minx "Plasmajack"
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6G d6W d6W | VT22e Minx "LRBM Carrier"
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6G d6W d6W | VT22e Minx "LRBM Carrier"
Another Salvation Corps affiliate unit are the mercenaries of Rabbit Jackson, known for two things: horrendous prices and prime condition gear. These guys are operator as all hell. Using complex squad tactics, superior technology and, combined, over 130 years of military experience, these former UMFL and TEM soldiers of fortune are the go-to guys for any sort of wetwork. Rumors have it, they formerly worked for the SU as a team of high-rpofile hitmen, but parted ways when they realised the financial potential of the private sector. As their private endeavours continued, the Jackrabbits started pillaging and plundering for their own gain, off-duty. With a reputation of being the lowest scum when it comes to their ROE, these mercenaries are probably one of the hardest units active in the Vesopia system. According to sightings, they even operate two starships, but no sighting has been confirmed so far. If these rumors would be true, it would explain how they got in-system and ferry their 'frames around.

  • Company Name: Jackrabbits
  • Unit Composition:
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | ST07mh Chub | Rabbit "Jazz" Jackson
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | ST07mh Chub | Ethan "Hands" Rising
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | ST07mg Chub | Brad "Big Dog" LaTour
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | ST07mg Chub | Johan "van Hawk" Broersma
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | ST07mg Chub | Clayton "Firetruck" Wismer
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d6G d6W d6W | MHI-AF_01 Kraehe | Grace "Amazing" Jolicoeur
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Ra d6Rd d6B d6G d6W d6W | ST07mh Chub | Lucas "Dart" Rocks
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Ra d6Rd d6B d6G d6W d6W | ST07mh Chub | Tom "Tomcat" Cunningham

The SU Representatives. "We are here to maintain order."

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:20 pm
by Ced23Ric
7. Solar Union Tithe Bureau & Peacekeepers, and the Serpent Legionaires of the Rattlesnakes.

When the starsystem of Vesopia was colonized, the prospectors were taken by surprise how much raw materials the three planets in the quasi-habitable zone offered. Labeling the system as a high-priority opportunity, many colonists were shipped of to Vesopia, and a Stargate was soon built to accelerate the expansion. In the beginning, Vesopia's massive resources were shipped back to other colonies or even Sol itself, fueling growth for others aswell, until a shift in strategy allowed for the Vesopian colonists to use their resource to build up their own system. The Solar Union, with a longterm plan, let the people go about their business aslong as tithes were paid and the allegiance of the population was clear. Left to itself with minor influence by the SU, Vesopia grew at a mindboggling pace.

When The Independence rose to become a considerable influence, the SU representatives brought in TEM troops to quench the riots and protests, only to disperse them, pushing the resistance into an unorganized, decentralised structure of cells and pockets, that subtley worked in the dark instead of facing the SU at eye-level. It appeared as if the system was complacent again, safe for a few misled elements easily kept in check. Nevertheless, the resentment was only suppressed, not eradicated, and when TI mounted an assault on one of the SUs TEM bases, the SU troops were taken by surprise, resulting in heavy losses. Reinforcements arrived, and TI was fought back, but the SU became wary of their shaky stand on Vesopia.

To make things worse, when the Ijad came from the moon and started to spread on VPrime, attempts to cleanse the parasites, warn the population and outright witchhunts with Cleaning Teams only stoked the fires of rebellion. Eventually, TI convinced such a big portion of the colonists to join the resistance, that the SU had no other choice than to permanently install enforcers on VPrime, to retain the ability to react to all the fires buring across the globe. When the TEM presence on VTert was wiped out by the concerted effort of multiple teams of diggers hollowing out one of the floating bases, the SU gave up on VTert and concentrated all efforts on VPrime, only to lose a lot of ground again when VMW and the government of VPrime gave up their SU allegiance and proclaimed themselves as people under the watchful eyes of the Ijad Conclave of the Risen Moon.

Persons of Significance:

Katharina Rockheart
The de-facto ambassador of the SU on Vesopia, Katherina Rockheart is a lady in her mid-forties, well-versed in conversation, with traditional values. She firmly believes that colonies need to respect their origin, fall in line and show obedience. On the political parquet, she is considered to be very able, yet held-back by her stout and unwavering loyalty to the Union. Rumors say, she sees Vesopia as her Sisyphussian Punishment, where she needs to face her own failure to keep the colony complacent and obedient. Regardless of any suspected self-flagellation, Lady Rockheart is a politician of old, and her voice is firm and proud. She might just be the reason the SU still has not retreated from Vesopia - either that or the massive resources.

Avery "Icebreaker" Ontario
Spearheading the Peacekeepers, Colonel Ontario is the daughter of a house with long-standing military history. She acquired her nickname during the Trewaldt-campaign, where she made an entire batallion march through subzero temperature to shield their thermal emissions and then strike the adversaries from an unexpected flank, taking an otherwise well-defended pass with only a few casualties. Her will to bend odds and consider limitations only as challenges brought her to her current station. She reigns over her soldiers with ironfist, and many say they fight for her because they are afraid to fight against her. It takes the calming voice of her council - mostly older men in their late fifties - to bring the hotshot Colonel to slow down and not succumb to her anger that Vesopia dared to seperate from SU control. Despite her rank, she is still on active field duty.

Robert P. Jensen
Director of the SU Tithe Bureau, Mr. Jensen is the bald number cruncher that controls what flows through the gate. Being stationed here has pretty much ruined his reputation, a fact that he is very well aware of. Regardless, he attempts to fulfill any assignments the SU relays to him, but with dwindling resources and influence of the SU on VPrime, it becomes harder and harder every day. After two attempts on his life, he lives an isolated existence somewhere in the mountains by the starport, and only leaves his residence for official events at the starport or the Tithe Bureau HQ close by.

Patricia 'Sunfyre' Porterhouse
Born on Mars, heir to a family of nobility and military renown, Patricia Porterhouse is a ranking Lieutenant of the Serpent Legion, and has high values on honor and fighting prowess. Dispatched with the Rattlesnakes, she is here to end the persistent attacks by the Salvation Corps and 'Sliver' on installations of the SU. Ordered to blend in with the Peacekeepers, Porterhouse took the fight up with Ambassador Rockheart and shrugged the order off - all of her Serpents are still sporting the black and sandgreen of their Legion. Much to the further chargrin of ambassador Rockheart, Porterhouse flaunts her nobility and portrays with reckless emphasis the superiority of her blood and origin. The Rattlesnakes have yet to strike at 'Sliver', but their beginning results against the much less trained SC already show a decline in attacks - and much of that is thanks to Sunfyre's brutal combat style that only ends with the outright annihilation of her targets.

Current Activities:
Nowadays, the SU keeps up their three bases in a triangle around the starport of VPrime, with dense and brutal border patrols. Constantly under attack by TI saboteurs, the SU representatives have become paranoid, but their agenda is clear: Fight the Ijad invasion, quell the fire of rebellion of the TI and reclaim Vesopia for the Union. Yet, without many allies, the SU is hiding in the mountains around the starport, keeping a close eye on their perimeters. Without any considerable war effort, it is unlikely that the SU will regain control of VPrime, let alone Vesopia. A small, but well-armed naval fleet protects the transit gate vigilantly, another reason the SU is still here.

Military Capabilities:
With about 100 'Frames, organized in neat groups of eight, every SU bases has two companies of defenders in 'Frames, leaving three company of eight and two companies o six 'Frames to exact strikes upon hostiles, patrol in between bases and guard the starport. Additional land- and airborne assets such as tanks, helicopters and jets further augment their capabilities. Yet, with the situation as-is, the Tithe Bureau relies on the few mining operations in their region of control and delivers only a marginal output back to the Union. Their standing fighting force is known as the "Peacekeepers", a troop of battle-hardened veterans that attempt to uphold SU control, despite overwhelming odds and a backbone that does not support them.

One of these mobile companies is the 13th Guard, under the command of Lieutenant Ashley Vale. Her main focus is fighting the Salvation Corps and chasing previously engaged elements that were driven off by the base defenders. Equipped with highly mobile ST07 mW and mX Chubs, she has command over a handful of hardened warriors with excellent gear. Her command is aided by Lieutenant Dorian Esteban, who commandeers the artillery attachment of the 13th Guard.

  • Company Name: 13th Guard
  • Unit Composition:
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | ST07mw Chub | Lieutenant Ashley Vale
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | ST07mw Chub | Staff Sergeant Robin Seeberg
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | ST07mw Chub | Sergeant Zach Ambercroft
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W | ST07mw Chub | Sergeant Timothy Ulrichs
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W | ST07mw Chub | Corporal Vincent Wyoming
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | ST07mx Chub | Lieutenant Dorian Esteban
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | ST07mx Chub | Staff Sergeant Bink Carmichaels
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | ST07mx Chub | Sergeant Florence Giabene
  • Short Bios:
    • Lieutenant Ashley Vale
      Vale leads her augmented lance with a gentle hand, and the men under her command know to appreciate this. Coordinating her troops with precise tactical information, she is not one to stay out of fights. Her "Carnivore" assault rifle gives her the torrent of bullets to make that point clear to anyone under the wrong assumption that she is just piloting a C3 hub.
    • Staff Sergeant Robin Seeberg
      A seasoned veteran, Seeberg pilots the only 'frame in the lance to sport a supercharged engine. He usually darts across the battlefield, laying down supressive fire as Vale's right hand man and adds missile hits to hostile targets to seal the deal. Under coverfire from his "Predator" assault rifle, safely protected by his "Ramport" stormshield, he advances and goes to where his assistance is needed.
    • Sergeant Timothy Ulrichs
      The drill instructor for 'frame-based melee, Ulrichs sports the same stormshield and assault rifle as Seeberg, but adds a massive "Broadsword" combat blade to his loadout. He moves slower than Seeberg, but is lethal should anyone let him get close.
    • Corporal Vincent Wyoming
      Equipped with the same weapons as Ulrichs' 'frame, the Corporal is a young, but fierce combattant. Ulrichs would have (or allow) it any other way. Instead of a stormshield, he uses a "Stalwart" combat shield that can be attached to the shoulder for storage and thusly allows for supported or kneeling fire with the "Predator".
    • Corporal Zach Ambercroft
      Augmenting the lance is the freshly promoted Corporal Ambercroft, who has yet to prove himself. Regardless, his test results and training performance is promising. His loadout is identical to Wyoming's 'frame. Recently, his kill-rampage and outstanding performance against all odds have promoted him to the rank of Sergeant. He is now Seeberg's wingman.
    • Lieutenant Dorian Esteban
      Lt. Esteban is the Sub-CO of the artillery support lance attached to the 13th guard. Piloting an X-Chub, he usually occupies himself with targetting data and coordinating the strikes of his trio with the rest of the 13th. A gentle man with a reputation of having lost some sense of reality, Esteban is still a capable tactician, if overly romantic about his profession.
    • Staff Sergeant Bink Carmichaels
      "Binky", as he is called, is a senior NCO that was part of the X-Chub project with VMW. He is a firm believer in the SU cause and fights to reclaim Vesopia for the Union. He has requested several times to try out his proposal for short-range missiles to allow the ST07x to partake in close-range engagements, but has been denied up until VMW and Vesopia defected from the Union. Now, he wants to change this to get another shot at his ideas for the missile platform.
    • Corporal Florence Giabene
      The young - and goodlooking - womanizer Giabene joined the Union because of the uniform. His intententions were to woo women with dashing looks and shiny medals, but instead, he ended up in the 13th as an artillery pilot. He is a bit of a thorn in Esteban's side, but usually performs well enough to avoid disciplinaries. As he has consistently underperformed, he has been demoted to Corporal.
Recently, the SU efforts on Vesopia have been bolstered by a small, yet battle-hardened detachment of the Serpent Legion. The Rattlesnakes arrived on Vesopia Prime to support the SU Peacekepers on their hard-pressed mission on Vesopia Prime, led by one Lieutenant Patricia 'Sunfyre' Porterhouse. Her XF13b Elder Naga is a beefed-up version of the venerable XF13 Grand Naga by Skunkworks. Her company also fields one WT04-F HiLeg and an extensively reworked Scrambler. Lt. Porterhouse is more than capable of steering her experimental 'frame and her command is as resolute as any Serpent Legionaire officer's. She leads the Rattlesnakes with an iron fist. Their distinct contract objective is to deal with the ongoing harassment by 'Sliver' and the constant acts of sabotage by the Salvation Corps. Ordered to vanquish and not negotiate, the hot-headed Sunfyre is more than eager to burst into battle.

  • Company Name: Rattlesnakes
  • Unit Composition:
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W | XF13g Elder Naga | Lieutenant Patricia "Sunfyre" Porterhouse
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | ST13 Castellan Yuan-Ti | 2nd Lieutenant Alison Blakes
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | ST14 Bloated Asp | Corporal Kevin Limestone
    d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | ST14 Bloated Asp | Corporal Michael Norton Overend
    d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W | WT-04F HiLeg | Sergeant Gerbrandt Himmels
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6G d6W d6W | ST15 Green Mamba | Sergeant Major Christopher D'Arny
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6G d6W d6W | ST15 Green Mamba | Staff Sergeant Emille Fieullet
    d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | SLC Heavy Scrambler | Sergeant Inasha Jacobi

Where's the fight, and why is it there?

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8. Theater Overview / Battle Reports.

Regions of Conflict:

Places of Importance:

Personal Feuds:

Semi-Permanent Battlefields:

The Conglomerate. "We have a solution for that."

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9. Vesopia Mechworks & Subsidiaries, and the VMC Combat Groups:


Being the major company construct in the entire system, VMW is pretty much everything. With the trust group seperated into many subsidiaries, like Vesopia Vehicle Works (VVW), Vesopia Mechworks Military Contracts (VMMC), Vesopia Consumer Products (VCP) or Vesopia Lunar Shipyards (VLS), VMW is the biggest industrial player present. Despite it's enormous size, the company is interestingly run by an elected board, which is in turn installed by the people of Vesopia. Even since the Ijad took over, non-Ijad supporters are allowed to vote and are accounted for, as VMW and it's employees follow the mandate of the masses ever since the conception of the company when the local industrial need for 'Frames could not be met in a financially sound way by Stargate Transit anymore. Nowadays, VMW is almost everywhere, being more than company, and closer to an expression of the people living in this star system. In the ongoing conflict, VMW sides with the Ijad. After they decided to shift their allegiance, the Solar Union has bared all VMW products from using their transit system, declaring VMW a company "gone rogue" and "non grata"; a fate VMW takes with calm acceptance, considering that there is still so much more to explore and build.

Much of the technology VMW brings in from outside sources is delivered by VTA - Vesopia Technology Acquistions. Basically a polished, politcally more correct version of an industrial espionage department, VTA has the reputation of getting technology one way or another. With kraken-like tendrils in almost every major industry, and endless chains of informants and - often unbeknownst to them - leaks in other companies, many a breakthrough has been soon met with a VMW counterpart, often strangely close to the original. VTA never sleeps.

Curiously enough, because of it's size, VMW can afford to be as close to a non-profit organization as possible. Their employees receive housing and sustenance, medical support and more, and every external amount of money VMW takes in is used to purchase technology or licenses to further the company's growth. Oddly enough, VMW is built in such a autark way, that they don't need external influx to keep their operations alive. Everyone in the systems needs Vesopia, and Vesopia needs everyone. Like a symbiotic relationship. VMW is less of a place to work, but more of a task for a greater whole. The almost religious structure stems from the first days, generations ago, when VMW was concepted as a "for the people, by the people" company, because they needed more heavy machinery that would come through the TTA Gate. Nowadays, VMW has not forgotten this principle and upscaled it. By the hundreds if not thousands.

VMW is responsible for many designs that are home only to the Vesopia system - and with the current embargo by the SU, will be remain limited as such until the Transit Gate is taken over by either the Ijad or the TI. But, before the embargo was raised, several of their more common designs would be shipped off-system, so it is entirely possible to find VMW merchandise throughout known space. An examplary list of their products contains:

VMC Combat Groups:
With such a vast industrial support, VMW can field it's own mercenaries. Organized in combat groups, Vesopia Military Contracts offers their well-trained pilots and their equipment for garrision duty and patrols to just about anyone. Before the SU closed the transit gate for VMW, they would even translocate to nearby systems to support local efforts. As a matter of fact, there is currently the VMC CG #13 stuck on Orion 6, and the VMC CG #07 on Odvisteurla, both with 3 lances of four 'frames each, plus some support vehicles - VMC tries to negotiate a passage to bring it's men and women home, but the SU denied all appeals so far. The VMC has only one rule - it does not fight against itself or civilians. Other than that, the VMC is pretty much free of convictions or politcal allegiances. With the recent rise in Ijad influence, though, several CGs have chosen to avoid conflict with Ijad that they can relate to.

    • Company Name: VMC Combat Group #7
    • Unit Composition:
      d6Rd d6Rd d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03c Light Gadian | Private Dana Richards
      d6Rd d6Rd d6B d6W d6W | VMW-03c Light Gadian | Private Homer Unabington
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03a Gadian | Lieutenant Ephraim Sussex
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03a Gadian | Staff Sergeant Finder Townsworth
      d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | ST07x Chub | Lieutenant Irina Vex
      d6Ra d6Ra d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W | ST07x Chub | Staff Sergeant Gianna Sicaldi
    • Company Name: VMC Combat Group #11
    • Unit Composition:
      d6Rd d6Rd d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03c Light Gadian | Private Abel Ornston
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03b Gadian | Lieutenant Xavier Monroe
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03b Gadian | 2nd Lieutenant Zeke North
      d6Ra d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VMW-03a Gadian /w DMR | Sergeant Bert Pondersen
      d6Ra d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VMW-03a Gadian /w DMR | Corporal Christine Quidtch
    • Company Name: VMC Combat Group #12
    • Unit Composition:
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6Y d6G d6W d6W | VMW-03 Gadian (customized) | Colonel Karen Lumbert
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03 Gadian | Lieutenant Minerva Novoskaya
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03 Gadian | Sergeant Olaf Peedrson
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03 Gadian | Sergeant Qui Rinahaito
      d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d6G d6W d6W | VMW-05 Archer | Staff Sergeant Sergeij Tshenkovanova
    • Company Name: VMC Combat Group #47
    • Unit Composition:
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr | VMW-03b Gadian | Lieutenant Sarah Eversman
      d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W - d8Rr d8Rr | VMW-03a Gadian | Sergeant Toby Furter
      d6Ra d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VMW-03a Gadian /w DMR | Corporal Ulaf Jacks
      d6Ra d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VMW-03a Gadian /w DMR | Private Victor Kimberly
      d6Ra d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W | VMW-03a Gadian /w DMR | Private Willow Lindsheim

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Great Ijad name, I have been doing the slow burn trying to think of a cool name for some.

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Did... did I read Elder Brain... Oh God, terrifying flashes of Mind Flayers are going through my head.

That little nerdgasm aside, I really love what you have here. You have a perfect example of how each side looks like they could be the good guys [except really the Union, but one can make an argument], but all of them can easily be seen as the baddies.

Oh man... I ...I love it. And I want to know more about the Salvation Corps' Silver. :O (Not a request, just showing my piqued interest)

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Ced23Ric wrote:the two outer most planetoids are permafrozen, close to and around -200K.

One minor quibble, 0K is absolute zero and the lowest possible temperature in the universe (at least as we currently understand physics) so -200K would actually be impossible. -200C (or 73K) would still be pretty damn cold.

Otherwise, this all looks great. Far more thought than I've applied to anything yet. :)

Ced23Ric wrote:Slip of mind. You are obviously right. I meant -200°C. *goes on to edit original post* Thanks for pointing it out!

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'Nother edit this time.

Editted the 13th Guard and the Raiders, added the Jackrabbits incl. some fluff.