last of its kind,MegalodonClass GsdfV Nebuchadnezzar

This forum is for any non-Frame, non-Alpha Bandit creations that will be rolling dice during play.

last of its kind,MegalodonClass GsdfV Nebuchadnezzar

Postby h pidy » Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:02 am

One of Four ever constructed, The last ship of a losing battle. Armed with X4 (TKO) Particle projection cannons mounted on the hull, X4 (last call) high out put beam cannons next to bridge, X5 80mm(badger) ciws, x24 s2s missiles tubes, 14x s2a missiles. Propelled by X8 Thermonuclear Pulse Thruster, x10 Smaller Thermonuclear Pulse Thruster. Large radiator fins include maxim fuel efficiency . But the main staying force is 100 plus frame capacity, be also a major design flaw is the one electromagnetic frame Catapult, And two angled standard wire type Catapults. But now it serves has the mobile command of the last of the grom sdf, which have turned to "privately owned security services provider"work until they find a new home or take back theirs
DSC03906 by harrydayiv, on Flickr
DSC03905 by harrydayiv, on Flickr
DSC03904 by harrydayiv, on Flickr

Designer notes"it is 8 studs longer then is surpost to be, but the Bismark wasn't surpost to exist either lol. it was built when alpha bandit was first announced!
I never said we did wrong when we kick out the SU, we should of signed up with the damn Freebirds. But we got greedy dealing with all three and now we pay for it in blood. When we found that lab we sealed our fate we cant run, we can barely fight back.
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