GPV-399 PILL BUG apc

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GPV-399 PILL BUG apc

Postby h pidy » Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:41 am

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The Pill Bug is a force multiplier vehicle, why spend a frame when you can send a couple Pills with supporting infantry. It can handle most ruff terrain. Most roles on the modern battlefield, from antiFrame to humanitarian are included. Our largest current buyer is the Grand Republic of Miners out a long the ijad front. they primary use it has the back bone of their SDF. Due to the easy modifying nature of the GPV, costumers tend to modify them in the field to suite their needs. we can take those customs variants and put them into full scale production. Armor consists of Kevlar sandwich between steel/titanium hybrid. Mated to a Thorium powered fuel cell makes sure it doesn't hit you in the pants with fuel costs. All of our vehicles include basic NBC protection, ac/heaters, combatnet support, foodheater/waterboiler.
these are our listed variants.
GPV-399b This plain apc seats eight 2 + 6
GPV-399FS Armed with a 20mm auto cannon. 3+ 5 cap
GPV-399FA Carrying cap removed, add a twin barrel auto mortar with a 18 rounds per minute firing rate. seats 5
GPV-399MGS A rifled 100 mm cannon or a 90mm rail gun, no carrying cap
GPV-399AA 30mm Vulcan cannon, x2 star kill radar guided missiles
GPV-399E Engineering vehicle/ recovery
GPV-399C Chemical resistance vehicle
GPV-399CaC Command and Control
GPV-399me Medical evacuation
GPV-399af Anti frame missile carrier
manufactured by Bull horn trucks incorporated 8989 duster road, planet hope, haven cluster,
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