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ACTV-01 Shieldboat , Melocotón Indepence Front (Bauser) by mfer, on Flickr

In SC 242 the Residential Authority on Planet Bauser commissioned the Volante Vehicle VVorks back on the home Planet Melocotón to develop a 'hover sled' transport analogous to the ACT-02A 'Chub Tub' widely fielded by the Solar Union. This native transport had the stated purpose for transporting Shieldbug Mobile Frames across the thickly powdered 'metallic snow' fields on Bauser's Venus-like surface.

Volante delivered 24 ACTV-01s and they served as a helpful transport in Bauserian mining operations. When the MIF invaded from Bauser to Melocotón in SC 246, the ACTV-01, or 'Shieldboat', proved even more effective on the mossy plains of Melocotón. This was something that was intended by the MIF all along.

(Want to know more about the Triangular War and Melocotón? Check here!)

The concept is very much taken from [Soren] 's excellent ACT-02 Chub Tub.

I have built this to function as a Station. The engine on the rear of the craft is mounted on a 4x4 platform; this comprises the Station. The rest of the vehicle is under 3 bricks tall so it's non-cover, making this equal to any other basic Station without additional cover.
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