Cheap Dino-Themed Mini Sets: SSCs

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Cheap Dino-Themed Mini Sets: SSCs

Postby Hackjob » Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:48 pm

Hey all, I just can't seem to keep from stopping by the local dollar store to see if they have anything good for MF0. These look to all be from the same manufacturer, but they have some different lableing. They each retail for $1 plus tax, and sometimes they are on sale. The block quality is way below Lego, however these have been better than some other similar cheap sets. I now have to put every new set I get to the Single Set Challenge. As has become my new thing, they are in 4p scale.

This set was the first one, and I figured, well even if it's crap, it's only $1. Turns out the pieces were decent quality, and a decent selection of clips and other good MF0 bits, it's almost a frame on the box and I had to build a quad to get away from the joints they made. I picture it as a Swarmer loadout. I revisited the set later and got an alternate Soldier build. This set was good enough to convince my to buy others if they showed up.

This set looked promising, but was harder to get a build from, the first is a lousy Soldier build, but I'm pretty happy with the second try. It's core is the "big" claw piece, it has hands and hard points. It's a small frame, but not power suit sized. With the drone it's a classic Spotter d6Y , d6Y , d6B , d8G

This set had a great looking dinosaur, but I had a hard time making anything else. I finally came up with a labor frame crane/towtruck/recovery vehicle. It just trundles up, grabs ya, turns it's head around and pulls ya out. I suppose it gets d6Rh d6Rh , d6B , d8G

I'm pretty happy with these sets, I used all the pieces and and at $1 each I spent under $3.50 for a playable Frame Company (no stations). I would have to recommend these sets as a decent way to get into the game, you could buy eight for under $10 and have a good pile of bits to make a company (maybe I'll do that). Again, the quality is not as good as Lego brand, but better than some I have seen and pretty good for the price. As you can see there are a fait amount of single stud connectons and they hold together well. C+C always welcome!

Here's more: my Flikr
Even more... my Imgur
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Re: Cheap Dino-Themed Mini Sets: SSCs

Postby Vitoria » Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:40 pm

Those Block Tech sets are appearing here in Brazil as well, they're really nice for their price.
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