Mixels series 5 Single set challenge

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Mixels series 5 Single set challenge

Postby Lorc » Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:23 pm

All nine season five mixels for the single set challenge.


41539: Krog - "Redcap" remote sniper

Only three ball joints, two of which are awkward cross-pins. A nice selection of clips, but a shortage of bars to clip them to. I'd have had real trouble making much from this if it hadn't come with a nixel. I went with woodpecker-style legs and made some kind of gun-pod.
From the back you can see how despeate the waist connection is, but it looks symmetrical from most views. The splash of red is a fun coincidence and if I hadn't already used the name, this would make a fine woodpecker.
Two antennae for double yellow dice and the central beam cannon looks artillery-range to me. The black robot arms on its legs are removable and could be a green system.

41540: Chilbo - "Guy-Manuel" command frame.

Good parts-count including seven ball-joints! Seven! Even chilbo's *eyes* are on ball-joints! If you need more joints, Chilbo is your mixel.
This set makes a good 4-wide "mixel classic" frame, very stable and solid. Even enough pieces to give it proper legs rather than mixel feet. And unlike a lot of mixels, this set felt like it had multiple good builds in it. Another dual-gun build, but I think symmetry is important for SSC builds - it makes them look less of a kludge.
Those antennae on the cockpit are certainly yellow dice. The spikes could be another comms array, or maybe ECM or anti-missile systems.

41541: Snoof - "Natterjack" urban asault frame.

A low piece-count with two those two large unwieldy inverted bows. In general this season of mixels seems to have a lot more ball joints than previous ones, but even with five-and-a-half ball-joints I can't recommend this set for parts
I was comitted to using the large inverted bows as legs, which limited what I could do. Ended up with some kind of squat frame with the arms mounted to the legs like a battletech design. A distinctive look if nothing else, and I think the guns turned out quite nice for an SSC.
For systems I see a radar dish and dual direct-fire guns.


41542: Spugg - "Meteor" mobile launcher

Spuff is by far the cutest of this season's mixels. But he only brings a few SNOT bricks, two grey 2*1 vertical clips and a scattering of nice slopes. Lots of large plates and blocky pieces - not a good parts set by any means.
The frame went through a few versions, starting over every time I ran out of key bricks. Ironically, the final version has a very low piece-count with lots of the set unused. Another stocky, stable frame.
The missile pods on the arms are about as simple as weapons systems can get, but I like the look. I'd run it as a bare-bones double-artillery frame, but you could angle them forward for direct fire and interpret the yellow "moustache" as an armour system.

41543: Turg - "Torville" fast-response urban interdictor

For such a static mixel this had some nice pieces. Lego packs these mixels with transparent cheese-slopes that are hard to use on frames, but Turg has a few opaque mango cheeses that would be handy if you're making yellow frames. Lots of clips, bows and two of the new double-bar plates. It's also the tungster with the nixel.
Despite expecting difficulty, this set came together nicely. The manipulator arms are only for show, but they give it a more mechanical/industrial feel than most frames. Given the skate-feet, I think it's meant to operate on roads.
This frame obviously needs a green dice, represented by the removable thigh boosters. Direct fire cannon, though if you angled it upward it would make fine artillery. On the left shoulder is a pod that could be sensors or chaff.

41544: Tungster - "Bandersnatch" psychological warfare frame

Pieces of note: five ball-joints, four of those lovely overhanging-teeth pieces, four lamp holders, two 2*1 brackets and six 2*1 bows. Quite a nice set of parts in the abstract but i had trouble pulling them together into a frame. Someone more creative than me might have been able to put those wings to use, but everything I tried looked silly.
So, another mixel classic with a nasty-looking claw and a combat shield that could be rebuilt as a doofy rocket launcher if you preferred. Spikes could be antennae or perhaps armour, but in my mind they're just decoration. This frame is so over-the-top spiky and vicious that it must be deliberate. Its meant to for getting up in an enemy company's face and tearing into their frames and their morale.


41536: Gox - "BFL4" lumber frame

Nothing to shout about in these pieces. Lots of black 2*1s with lengthwise bars, and two three-piece ball-jointed arms. This is the nixel set so that's a few bonus parts. I'm not a fan of metallic Lego pieces so other people might get more from these sets than me.
Gox's legs are already the start of a decent frame, but I tried to be different. Didn't feel like there were a lot of options here. Long grabbing arms and short stubby legs says industrial frame. This was probably used for moving lumber around and is only being taken into battle out of desparation. It used to have searchlights for a yellow die, but they looked so much like eyes that it spoiled the look of the frame.
Stats are pretty obvious. Dual melee weapons. Even though it's a quad, those legs are too short for any green dice.

41538: Kamzo - "Aperture" all-terrain firepoint

Lots and lots of large bricks mean I can't recommend Kamzo for parts. Plenty of gunmetal bows and gold studs if that's your scene.
I had no idea what I was going to do to make a frame of this. Foptunately all the duplicate parts made it easy to make three identical legs and a pod-shaped body. The weapon was the tricky part and definitely the weakest part of this build. Surprisingly happy with the body and legs though - if I came up with a good way to mount guns then this could be a good look for a company. Though not in these colours.
One movement system and one artillery system. Nothing fancy.

41537: Jinky - "Bucktooth" mobile cannon

Wow. This set did not want to be turned into a frame. Can't recommend it for an SSC or even for parts. "Bucktooth" is just a big chunk of plates with some ball-jointed legs. Not much to be done with those exhausts either. Anybody who makes something of this set has my respect.
If you really have to, you could field this as a double-artillery frame with an extra green die (remove the cog-bearing bricks on the thighs when it loses the system).
Unimpressed with the Klinkers in general. Shame, since this season's frosticons and lixers have been great.
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Re: Mixels series 5 Single set challenge

Postby Mantisking » Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:33 pm

You've got some really good builds here. I have to stop looking at other people's SSCs before I review the sets. It puts too many ideas into my head. :D
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Re: Mixels series 5 Single set challenge

Postby darksyntax » Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:14 pm

Nice frames! Clever hips in the Redcap, I like that leg-arm config on the Natterjack, and lovely legs on the Torville. Helpful reviews, too.

Series5 has been pretty good for SSCs so far; at least I was pretty happy with mine. I'm looking forward to cracking open the Lixers to finish things off.
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