Single Set Challenge: 41518, 41519, 41520

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Single Set Challenge: 41518, 41519, 41520

Postby darksyntax » Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:24 am

My Single Set Challenge builds from the Glorp Corp, the first tribe from Series3 Mixels.


Left to right:
MFZ-41518 "Glomp" aka "Dodo"
d6W d6W d6Rd/ d6Ra, d6Rd/ d6Ra
MFZ-41519 "Glurt" aka "Moa"
d6W d6W d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6B d6G
MFZ-41520 "Torts" aka "Emu"
d6W d6W d6Ra d6Ra d8Ra d6B


- 41518 seemed to have the most potential (clips, handles, balljoints), and I did manage a bi-ped humanoid frame (albeit a rather poor one), but it was unexpectedly difficult to work with. I scrapped the bi-ped and reworked it into a chickenwalker with an interesting octagonal shape.
- After 41518 I was expecting 41519 to be a real challenge as there were few cilps/handles and no balljoints, but this one fell together fairly easily. For being really simple, I like these legs a lot. 41519 is my fav of the Glorp Corp.
- The three big pcs and the very limited clips/handles and balljoints in 41520 took some working around. I managed to cheat a hipjoint look from the two SNOT brackets and make the legs look taller and more articulated than they actually are. I like the almost sportscar look of this, but it's not really much of a frame.
- I really do not like pc 98348. I tried to like it and tried to work it into several weapon and leg designs, but for as useful as the anti-stud hole and short handle look, the snake-whip section is not standard bar diameter and the curve and head are at odd angles. My desire to use it further deteriorated with my wife mentioned it looked a little phallic.
- Photographing black still sucks.

C&C solicited as always!
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Re: Single Set Challenge: 41518, 41519, 41520

Postby Lorc » Wed Oct 22, 2014 2:26 pm

These are quite marvellous. Those mixel sets make for a great colour scheme. The first one is the standout to my eyes, but I'm a sucker for shoulder-mounted MFRLs.
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Re: Single Set Challenge: 41518, 41519, 41520

Postby dnehelix » Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:17 pm

I really like these a lot. It's a shame my unit colors are blue, otherwise I'd integrate these into my company in a heartbeat.
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