Single Set Challenge: 41515, 41516, 41517

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Single Set Challenge: 41515, 41516, 41517

Postby darksyntax » Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:25 pm

My Single Set Challenge build from the Flexers, the third tribe from Series2 Mixels.


Left to right:
MFZ-41515 "Kraw" aka "Scrambler Gazelle" with Ijad power generator station
d6W d6W d6Rd d6Rd d6G d6B d6Y d8Rr d8Rr
MFZ-41516 "Tentro" aka "Hi-Leg Razor"
d6W d6W d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd
MFZ-41517 "Balk" aka "Tigercat"
d6W d6W d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6Y d8Rr d8Rr


- I was looking forward to these more than any other Series2 MIxels and I was NOT disappointed. The parts lists in all three are possibly the best of any Mixels Tribe so far. I great mix of snot, clips/bars, with plenty of good sized bricks/plates for structure and a perfect amount of tiles/slopes. However, orange isn't my favorite color.
- All three of these sets are pretty much frames right out of the bag: a 6, 4, & 3 leg config's; all you have to do is rebuild the heads into a cockpit and systems. As such, I wanted frames with something different. 41515 was begging to be a more standard scrambler with all the hinges and two 4x4 round plates. 41516 was shy on parts for arms, so I compensated with legs and managed something rather close to a Hi-Leg. 41517 to was shy on parts for arms, but I knew I wanted to make massive guns; the body built itself as I started using up pieces.
- The 5-wide set-up on the Tigercat was from necessity due to the wide hinge/balljoint plates, but it resulted in some interesting shaping with a L-bracket centered on the two middle anti-studs of a 2x3 plate.
- You can see from the left over parts, there's still plenty to work with for systems and loadout changes. I easily made a little sky-lifter system for the Razor.
- Mixing these three sets together should yield even better frames or system options. Mixing the claws and white toothplates could make a vicious hand-to-hand Scrambler.
- I was really pleased with my Naga SCC of 41509, but less so with the other two blue Mixels. Here I was able to pull off three frames that I think stand toe-to-toe with my 41509; I'd gladly drop these on the table to play along side any canon frame.

C&C solicited as always!
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Re: Single Set Challenge: 41515, 41516, 41517

Postby gusindor » Fri Sep 12, 2014 10:27 pm

These are really good, if you told me they weren't SSCs I'd have believed it. I especially like how different they are from the Mixels that built them.
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Re: Single Set Challenge: 41515, 41516, 41517

Postby Lorc » Sun Sep 14, 2014 4:52 pm

Those are really nice-looking frames. It's interesting to see the different ways people SSC the same sets.

That's a particularly cool-looking station. Great use of those snaking black pieces. The tigercat is my favourite though. The double-barrelled arm guns are nice enough but the missile/sensor racks put it over the top.
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