Single Set Challenge: 41507 Zaptor

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Single Set Challenge: 41507 Zaptor

Postby M3tschenniy » Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:01 am

A tad late to the Mixels SSC Bandwagon, but nevertheless, here it is: A Single Set Challenge for 41507 Zaptor
DBE-07 Petuh von M3tschenniy auf Flickr

DBE-02 Petuh sideview von M3tschenniy auf Flickr

This is probably my first SSC which I'm going to use as a game piece without adding anything (Except maybe 8 1x1 round tiles to cover the studs on the rocket pods). The Loadout is currently d6Ra d6Ra d8Ra d6B d6Y

C&C welcome as always ;-)
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