[Single Set Challenge] 30050 Republic Attack Shuttle

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[Single Set Challenge] 30050 Republic Attack Shuttle

Postby Comm_Nagrom » Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:51 pm

so I completely forgot i even HAD this set until i was sorting through my bookshelf to find room for some new books, and i just figured, what the heck, i might as well try my hand at the single set challenge

for reference this is the set i'm referring to

and THIS what what it built!
I'm actually quite proud of this one, i didn't think he'd look alright but he came out GREAT!
here you can see how the "gun" attached to the main section of the frame
before anyone asks, yes those front legs are SUPER wobbly but i thought this looked better than any other design i came up with
here is a nice shot showing his second cockpit for the gunner (because why not right?)

for this guy i'm thinking stats of d6Ra d6Ra (for the back cannon) d6Rd d6Rd (for the mini leg guns) d6G (because 4 legs) and d6B (for all that extra leg armor)

thanks for checking it out everyone and C&C welcome as usual
it appears that i am much better at making modular designs than making original creations... wait a minute...
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