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Postby gusindor » Sat May 11, 2013 11:01 pm

Amplified Remote Manipulator mobile frame, built to handle extremely heavy or hazardous objects, including weapons too big for other frames to even lift, let alone wield. The lower body, upper body, and cockpit interior can all rotate independently of each other, or the flick of a switch can 'lock' any two or all three sections together. The single arm can rotate 360 degrees and is ambidextrous, controlled by a joystick with a trigger for each finger. The legs are fitted with wheels to move around, and the frame only 'steps' to get over obstacles, although some pilots simply vault over.

Fresh from the factory, folded for transport.

Heavy labor is their main use, especially loading and unloading cargo. They're also good for construction.

Fighting an experienced ARM pilot is not recommended.

Height: 7 bricks tall, not counting the arm
Articulation: Ankles, hips, waist, shoulder, elbow, 2nd elbow, fingers
Hardpoints: Studs/holes on fingers, stud on top of head, you could swap out the 2x1 plate in the body
Cheats: None
Custom pieces: None
Other features: Arm has a really wide range of motion

Mine's bigger.

Built for Frame Chef.
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