RV-111 Razormaw

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RV-111 Razormaw

Postby ttibke » Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:56 pm

My first original design. I like the Ijad idea that they might've bonded with other more animal like aspects, so I like to think at least some of their frames would represent that.

First draft of this, so used parts I had leftover from the couple of Rock Iguanas. It looks cool in these colors, but I'd probably use more of the white/blue or white/green colors if I had a choice right now. Never been a big fan of prehensile tails on frames, but this is what I had. The blade thing looks pretty cool anyway.

One thing I am definitely not happy with is the core. It's way too fragile. I need something better. Posibly just a row of travis bricks and/or headlamps. Something tighter. Any suggestions would be cool. Or even better, try one out yourself.

Here's the .LDR file for this with the usual shifty/missing parts issues. Feel free to clean it up. I'm only good with Lego Digital Designer it seems. http://www.facebook.com/download/364201 ... maw%29.ldr

RV-111 Razormaw (Side) by ttibke, on Flickr
RV-111 Razormaw and Friend 2 by ttibke, on Flickr
RV-111 Razormaw by ttibke, on Flickr
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