Vesopia Mechworks: VMW-02 Bullfrog

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Vesopia Mechworks: VMW-02 Bullfrog

Postby Ced23Ric » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:59 pm

VMW-02 Bullfrog Combat Frame



When Vesopia Mechworksstarted out, they were a complacent, loyal SU company, producing 'Frames to meet the demand of the growing colony. One of the first military 'Frames VMW produced was the Bullfrog. It still sees wide-spread use, for the simple reason that it is built to last. Durable internal structure, using endosteel reinforcements, allows a Bullfrog to surpass other 'Frames in age with ease. Built with the rough climate of Vesopia Two and Three in mind, the general concept was kept simple. Most systems to be installed with a VMW-02 mean replacement of existing systems, as modularity was a low priority when the Bullfrog was concepted. Nevertheless, the 'Frame accepts all standard SU weaponry, due to his exchangeable manipulators. Using the Soldier configuration as a base, the Bullfrog can be equipped to suit any task, although it excells as a line-trooper. Which is exactly what it was meant to be.

Now that VMW has switched allegiances to the Ijad, Bullfrogs are not in production anymore. Yet, the SU has about forty of these, half of them mothballed in the SU base on Vesopia Prime. The blueprints are available, should any other manufacturer intend to refabricate this 'Frame, as the SU lays claim to the design. People with deeper knowledge about project Bullfrog know one tiny tidbit, though - the center-torso is a reverse engineered XF-14 Copperhead, that somehow ended up in possession of VMWs R&D department. This secret is kept under wraps though, as VMW intend to continue a neutral coexistence with other manufacturers, regardless of political conviction. Rumor has it that Elliott Farscamp, lead scientist of VMW, is the reason the company always keeps their doors open for friendly research exchange.

VMW offers seminars on the finer details of gyroscope adjustments for any buyer of at least five Bullfrogs. Since the production of VMW-02s has stopped, it would most presumably require at least an order of ten to start the production chain again. Chance are higher to acquire a mothballed VMW-02 from the Solar Union on Vesopia Prime.

Preinstalled Systems:
The Bullfrog has build in reactive armor, which can be stripped down, should other system be more important. But because these armor plates are part of the integral structure and the gyroscope is calibrated to deal with the additional load of the armor, it is not recommended to do so without proper knowlegde of the 'Frame. No other systems are preinstalled, as the VMW-02 is intended to be a simple 'Frame, able to carry mission-critical equipment and adapt via different weaponry.

L2R: Front, Side, Back, Angle

Technical Schematics
LDD File for the Kit | Partslist!

Additional Systems:

d6Y Communications Uplink.
Snapping on to the short-range radio of the Bullfrog, a long-range Comm Uplink can be added, transmitting targetting data back to a lance or HQ. With this system installed, the Bullfrog can also maintain a close-range aerial surveillance, although 'Frame pilots reportedly never use that function. An upgraded system with longer range was in development but was ultimately shelved indefinately when VMW joined the Ijad.

d6G MDTS - Multi-Directional Thruster System.
The MDTS are a combined system usually found on 'Frames for city fights, but for the Bullfrog, they are the underline to the name. Instead of gentle strides, a doubled quadruple-jet array propels the 'Frame forward, generating enough thrust for long jumps. The system lacks fine tuning, in comparision to newer iterations, but the violent thrust development actually proved very usefull on the floating rock station of Vesopia Two and Three.

Weapon Systems:

d8Rr d8Rr DSRR - Discardable Short Range Rockets.
For self-defense purposes or to further augment the firepower of a given 'Frame, DSRR can be mounted on hardpoints on each shoulder and either arm.

d6Ra d6Ra VLM - Variable Load Mortar.
The mortar concepted for the Bullfrog can be loaded with different shells, for pin-point fire, fragmentation/area saturation, thermite or signal effects.

d6Rd d6Rd 50mm DU-Assault Rifle.
Firing depleted uranium rounds in 50mm caliber, this assault rifle is both durable, easy to service and packs a punch. The rifles shipped with the VMW-02 are imported from Orion 6, a trade connection that is currently interrupted.

d6Rh d6Rh FAFM - Fully Articulated & Formed Manipulators.
Developed for the VMW-02, the FAFM system gives the otherwise less nimble 'Frame the means to grab smaller things, latch on to hostiles and rip them apart. The system later saw a revival on the VMX-04 Sutoraikā.


Loadouts (see here for reference)

d8Rr d8Rr d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6G d6W d6W

Other loadouts are possible, but have not been asked for by the Solar Union. It is fairly likely to see Bullfrogs in the field, equipped with different systems, to match a pilot's personal taste, though.
Image Vesopia - An Ijad-controlled system, where SU and FC are still fighting.
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Re: Vesopia Mechworks: VMW-02 Bullfrog

Postby Dukayn » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:51 pm

Oh, that assault rifle. Nice designs as always.
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Re: Vesopia Mechworks: VMW-02 Bullfrog

Postby randolph » Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:09 am

++ to the rifle, and I really like those "single-serving" rocket packs.
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Re: Vesopia Mechworks: VMW-02 Bullfrog

Postby schoon » Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:29 am

Going to have to steal that manipulator design - nicely done!
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Re: Vesopia Mechworks: VMW-02 Bullfrog

Postby The Trilobite » Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:33 am

Thanks so much for putting up the LDD file and a parts list. I like the way you do the zoom in on the different components and sub-systems, too, for a nice, clear view.

It'd be awesome to see a group of bullfrogs operating together in some brick terrain.
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