Mobile Frame Hangar

27 April 2014

For those that haven't been following the news, Alpha Bandit is now Intercept Orbital, and has been successfully funded! Stay tuned for a new draft of the playtest rules…

14 April 2014

Some more work on the Hangar, adding in a number of my Alpha Bandit designs. Jaegers and Ijad.
I've been doing some playtesting with the Version 0.3 Rules (which have evolved significantly since), and I have to say that this game it a lot of fun!

25 March 2014

The Alpha Bandit Kickstarter is now live! They have lots of great rewards beside the book itself, so go check it out!

24 March 2014

Doing a little reorganization of the Hangar, now that Alpha Bandit is on the scene. We need a starship repository now as well! Some links may not work for the first few days.

16 February 2014

At long last I've found a little time to devote to hobbies (and updating websites!).
…and there have been a few exitingdevelopments in the last few months, including the start of playtesting for Alpha Bandit, the game of starship combat in the Mobile Frame universe.
You can find the link to the playtest document here, talk about it here, and share ship designs here!
Wolverine Class Frigate

06 January 2013

Some of you may have noticed that things got awfully quiet here after spring of last year. Well spotted.
Rowan Thomas Schoonmaker was born on July 4th, and he's been monopolizing my time recently (to put it mildly).
I'll be continuing updates after a while, but I take fatherhood very seriously, and that's my current focus! Thanks for your patience.

27 May 2012

Due much to the efforts Wordman (for the LDR files) and a host of very talented desginers, there's a bevy of new designs in the Hangar.
On a personal note, I'm very happy to say that I have a bunch of bricks on order to make a huge Ijad force. Can't wait!

27 May 2012

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day in the US, and I can think of no better way to celebrate then adding a bunch of new designs to the Hangar and a few new blog links as well.
There's a flurry of playtesting, questions, and Play-by-Post on the Forums, and the results of many of these will find their way into the next draft of the rules, so it's worth contributing!

05 May 2012

More new models in the Hangar, but more importantly, I've given folks proper credit for their designs! Enjoy!

22 April 2012

Things continue to develop, and there are plenty more rule previews in the Forums
I've added a few designs to the Hangar, including the first of a series of modular terrain tiles for my game board!

17 April 2012

While it's hard to wait all the way till June (ish), there's so much fun to be had designing frames, vehicles and terrain, that I suspect it will fly by.
In the meantime, there's plenty of good discussion in the Forums, including lots of great peaks at the rules and the design philosophy behind them.

I'm slowly adding to the Hangar, and if you'd like to share your design with the community, just drop me an email

08 April 2012

It's been quite a few weeks!
There's been an outpouring of support for the game - it has octupled its goal thus far, and a thriving online community has developed all over the web. See the Links page for some of the fun!

and I've got the first LDRAW files up in the Hangar for those who want to see how some of the great designs you've seen out there are built.

25 March 2012

Not long ago, I discovered a new Kickstarter project: Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack
What? A game that combines LEGO and giant robots!
I knew this was something that I had to support. Thus Mobile Frame Hangar was born!
As I get the code written, this will become a repository for LDRAW files for those that wish to share their creations.
In the meantime, pardon the dust...